I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

Tanaka Yu - 棚架ユウ

Chapter 958

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958: Giant Antidemon

A shadow that seemed to be a gigantic creature suddenly appeared from beneath the earth. However, the full extent of the creature’s body was still unknown.

Perhaps due to the low humidity of the continent, the dust cloud was dense enough to persist for some time.

Slowly, but surely, the dust started to clear. Revealing the ident.i.ty of the shadow within.

Finally, we saw it, the figure of a giant antidemon. Its shape was similar to that of a swordsman-type, just ridiculously huge.

However, something was off.

The giant antidemon remained seated on the ground, holding its knees. Moreover, it was surrounded by a strange, viscous liquid.

The figure almost looked like a baby protected by amniotic fluid in the womb. Could this really be a baby antidemon? It seemed unfinished somehow……

「Izario, what’s that?」

「No clue, I’ve never seen an antidemon that big before. Pretty sure there wasn’t anything like this in the records either.」

In other words, this was the first sighting of a super-sized antidemon. I think this finally proves the current antidemon season was out of the ordinary.

「What do we do?」

「All antidemons must be destroyed, of course. We don’t have much choice.」

「Nn! Got it!」

What, wait! At least pause to think for a second! What if we accidentally wake it up with our attack?!――On second thought, the guy next to us was a divine sword wielding Rank S adventurer.

If this man can’t take the antidemon down, no one can. When Izario decides something needs to die, I doubt anyone or anything is capable of stopping him.

Izario said all antidemons must be destroyed. Therefore, destroyed they will be. Despite the shabby appearance of the man before us, his words become fact.

『Fran, we need to avoid getting caught up in Izario’s serious strike.』


Fran also trusted Izario’s judgment, nodding in agreement to my words.

「First, we’ve gotta get in close. I want to know what’s going on before I take him down.」

「Okay. Urus.h.i.+, let’s go.」


Fran jumped on Urus.h.i.+ again, as Izario launched his magic board.

「I’m gonna go max output. Can you keep up?」

「Urus.h.i.+, don’t lose!」

「Woof woof!」

Urus.h.i.+ and Izario’s magical tool blasted through the light clouds of dust still dancing in the air. I thought Izario’s tool would be pretty slow, but he managed to keep up with Urus.h.i.+’s max speed.

His ridiculous acceleration was all thanks to shooting flames from the rear of the board, the same principle as the flame spell Vernier. That said, it’s amazing he could maintain his balance the entire time.

「Now it’s overflowing with more antidemons!」



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There didn’t seem to be any obstacles, so we thought it would be easy to reach the giant antidemon……

It was still floating in a mysterious liquid that seemed to defy gravity. Seeing it this close reminded me of a fetus again.

Fran and Izario shared the same thoughts.

「A baby antidemon?」

「I’ve never heard of such a thing…… Besides, he’s way too big to be a baby.」

「Mmm……? He’s sucking power out of me.」

『Me too!』

「Must be this guy’s doing. He’s sucking mana from not just us, but everything here, including the earth itself.」

Izario was completely right. The giant antidemon seemed to be drawing huge amounts of mana from his surroundings, with an ability similar to Magic Plunder.

That said, Fran, Urus.h.i.+, and I were relatively unaffected, while Izario seemed to be completely immune.

This type of ability barely works against the more powerful opponents. Though the giant antidemon had an immense amount of mana, it seems like its abilities were no exception to this rule.

「Seems too dangerous to leave alone. We don’t know how far he can grow.」

「……So, we take him down?」

「Yeah. I’ll be using a bit of a flashy move, so you might want to stand back.」


If Izario says he has to do something flashy, it must really be dangerous.

『Fran, let’s get really far away. Even more than last time.』

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