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Chapter 98

Report Chapter

Chapter 98: Status

After “that”, the chasing beastkins returned home in the afternoon.

The beastkin commander refused them to approach his tent. The Report became a Yelling Report at a sufficient distance.

And immediately, a new chasing party was formed.

If the human hunter use sneaky tactics like this means that they aren’t in a state to fight properly.

The second party is focus on maneuver ability, only a few experts, 12 beastkins were selected.

It’s not like the beastkins thought that the escaped hunters were no big deal with 12 members, in reality, they could not afford any more.

The interceptor team who came home yesterday evening still suffer from injures to move at full speed.

And now, 20 more members are out of war potential.

Those who are good at watching or gathering information than battle etc. must keep guard this place in case of emergency.

Major of beastkins left are workers, not only their fighting power is low but their first priority is digging the site.

They also can’t let female or children go either. Even if the hunter’s combat strength is low.

Besides, there’s no way that the Beastkins who prouds of their strength would stay behind and let noncombatants, women and children fight.

It will take two days to get out of the forest for a weak person, non-hunter.

Nearly half a day has already pa.s.sed since they escaped,

If the beastkins pursued with full power, catching up isn’t difficult.

Normal humans won’t have physical strength if they don’t rest when running away. And the hunters must take care of all prisoners, they will hardly have any strength left to fight like normal

The commander who thought so and give order to 12 beastkins chasing party.

The captain of the first party had warned them repeatedly about「Place that should never be approached」

「… It’s about time and be careful everyone … Gu~haa!」(2nd chasing leader)

The 2nd leader roaring to warning everyone.

「Avoidance! Big turns and detours!」(2nd chasing leader)

Even they are still have some distance but their sharp nose still catch the stinky odor, and they feel like vomit already just with that.

The beastkins greatly make a detour and wasted a considerable amount of time before discovering the smell of the humans who fled again.


Meanwhile, the 「Red oath」take another break to restore everyoe’s stamina.

And Mile finally can ask about the circ.u.mstances from the captured hunters.

Because moving at night was bad, they took a lot of short breaks.

We can force moving when we are tired, if any of us get hurt, our moving speed will rather be slower.

Finally the second long break, Mile distributed good digestible food and water taken out from storage. The long rest became a light meal and explanatory meeting.

Explanation was fone by the guild staff Teffie.

According to Teffie’s story, the lord makes a request to investigate the forest errors.

And the survey team was a.s.sembled. The leading is Doctor Kulereia, the scholar elf who are experts on forest ecology and her a.s.sistant, escorts hunters, and staff member Teffie.

Although funds are paid by the lord, but the investigation team is hosted only by the guild.

Teffie thought that the lord seems like planning to press the responsibility to the guild in case of something happen rather than leaving discretion to the guild. 「Red oath」somehow is convinced.

And since Doctor Kulereia was the only woman in the investigation team, Teffie volunteer to accompany as a guild employee.

She also heard from her father, the guild master about 「Red oath」

「And when we were investigating, we were caught and surrounded by a large number of beastkins」(Teffie)

「… 」(Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

Four members of「Red oath」are listening careful to the story.

「That’s all」(Teffie)

「Huh?」(Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

「That’s really everything happen」(Teffie)

「Short! Description, ultra short!!」(Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

The girls are somewhat disappointed.

「Oh, what are those beastkins and what are they doing over there?」(Rena)

Rena pushed further.

Yes, we must not confirm it before we can talk.

「Well, even if you asking me … we was catched and can’t ask them anything

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Do you think they happened to hold an important conversation in somewhere we can hear…」(Teffie)

Mile, unlike commanders of beastkins, had estimated that everyone would take around a day and a half to go to that 「Village in front of the forest」.

Her estimate was more accuracy because she was there.

It can’t be helped that the beastkin commander mistook the estimate.

He never knows that there’are the leading hunter can scout in the night even surpa.s.s beastkins. Also she has sufficient water and food, and she doesn’t need to carry them as baggage. She can even use marking to lead everyone in the darkness, etc.

Furthermore, 1 day and half is the result of Mile asking variously thing from Dr. Kulereia, a.s.sistant, and Guild Staff Teffie that cause the speed decrease.

「Are the elves living in the forest?」(Mile)

「Do you understand the meaning of serving as a field-word doctor a.s.sistant?」(Mile)

「Is your father the one who arrange your future to be a guild employee, I mean you have qualifications of rank C hunter for the time being, is not it?」(Mile)

Guild Master, uhm… (are…) what did he was called again …

Mile was judging that it would be difficult for everyone who had escaped on the verge of being worn out in need of sleep to continue walking to the village with insomnia, so far they only have breaks not sleep.

Although we are still able to keep waking up, soon due to fatigue the hunters may start falling. If that happens, the speed of progress will decrease greatly.

We have to take a long break and take a nap.

If the trace is lost completely in that trap and the tracking ability is lost.

The time loss due to returning to the excavation site and changing to another team will take another half a day. If there is no effect so far, it will take several hours to recapture the smell.

Actually, that「trap」was way more effective (super effective) than the Mile’s imagination, but Mile never knew it.

Anyway, I want to earn as much distance as possible before everyone’s fatigue reach its peaks.

After escaping, we walked all night and the next day until sunset without any beastkins catching up. We can manage to take a long break, to have a decent meal and take a nap.

The next day, as soon as it became bright enough to walk, we will immediately travel and going through 「Village in front of the forest」 aiming for Hermolt Town at once and intending to arrive at the town in the evening.

In this situation, the village is never a safe place.

If a lot of beastkins attack the village, the villager will suffer .

Rather than involveing ​​villagers in danger, we will aim straight to Hermolt Town.

Those captured hunters get to eat a lot of warm meals after a long absence, lying down and taking a nap.

There’s someone still still awake, staring at vegetables and meat that remain fresh for some reason.

That was Loli-grandma, Doctor Kulereia

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