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Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Request Completed!

Kingdom – Forest Village

The village elder had contacted the lord and guild around before noon.

The evening of the next day, the transport team organized by the guild branch arrived at the village at the request of the lord.

They will depart to the capital early in the morning of the next day.

All the members of the transport team were hunters, and the leader was a guild senior officer. It seems like he was a former B rank Hunter.

And maybe the lord isn’t as bad as the girls thought, because he didn’t use his own army nor doing thing such as 『Steal credit!』And the『Red oath』girls were a little relieved.

On the contrary, because the other party is also hunters and guild official, the girls will be easier to deal with them. The hunters who have their friends injured and killed by Wyvern are somewhat frustrated but they are thankful to the girls.

“…Some parties were crushed by this Wyvern and it will be dangerous if more stupid parties come for revenge, thank you for capturing it.” (Guild Officer)

The guild Officer that’s also the commander of the transport team said so, lowered his head and signed the request completion certificate.

Because the girls handed the Vyvern over to the guild, the request is now complete. It was somewhat better with 『Red oath』compare to an extra request 『You will need to deliver the Wyvern as it is if you want it alive completion certificate』

The responsibility now will be on the guild side.

Thus, 『Red oath』has completed achievement of the request by A evaluation『delivery by Wyvern by alive』 without taking care of transportation …

“So this person is?” (Guild Officer)

A commander of the transport team sees the bound man next to Wyvern and he asking.

“I am a Boon Clift (ブーン クリフト: Būn kurifuto), I used to work in the royal palace as a court magician before.” (Clift)

“Eh? Uhm, you mean that’s Boon Clift court magician, do you?” (Guild Officer)

The commander of the transport team asked with surprised voice.

“To think there’s someone still remembers my name” (Clift)

He speaks with humble word but his expression completely betrayed it. It is the so-called

“Actually, I was living in the mountains and studied about Wyvern. Like how to make him understand what people say, or asking him not attack people.

If I finished that result, the villagers in the territory of Wyvern won’t be attacked anymore.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Wyvern had cause some casualties by counterattack against those who trying to kill the Wyvern …

I would like to make use of the research results for this territory and kingdom …” (Clift)

Actually, that man, Boon Clift was asking Mile and other girls.

He want to tell the truth to the transportation people, so please don’t stop him halfway. He promises he will not tell a lie. The girls can point out if there is a lie after he done talking. Also, after that, he want the girls to testify only the objective facts they actually heard, not their own speculation.

Indeed, the majority of the information the girls got is from this man talked unilaterally.

It was fair and convincing to talk about only the facts that the girls actually heard.

And until this moment, there’s still nothing to point out that he’s telling a lie.

“… and, when the results have been improved to some extent.

The Wyvern was caught by these girls there and was about to be killed.

I tried to buy it with money, but they give priority to the requests they received.

Our Negotiation has not been established, when being told that it will be kill …

So I tried to save him.

No, that’s not it, I am sorry! So, I’m trying to trick the girl and planning with this Wyvern to defeat the girls to escape.

If anything, I think I will take this Wyvern to serve for the lord to make up for everything he has done…” (Clift)

…Certainly, there is no lie. At this point…

“That’s it” (Clift)

“…Huh?” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

The『Red oath』is surprised with the too simple explanation.

Indeed, there’s no lie. But … something was off.

“…” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

Guild officer and hunters were also looking complicated.

Even there’re some hunter who died or injured and were forced to retire from Hunter career but now that they heard everything, they can’t just simple kill the Wyvern.

“… is that true?” (Guild Officer)

The guild officer ask the girls about it and『Red oath』can do anything else but confirm it.

“Well, even everything he said is true … but there’s something I do not understand …” (Rena)

Rena answers with uncertain.

Because everything they are heard from him: is he want to get Mile’s body for his pet dog and the story about how he get 『Low Breath』as friend. But even the girls tell the hunters about it, he will like to argue as it was to buying time to free 『Low Breath』. And the girls don’t even know if his story was the truth.

Beside he acknowledge the attacks himself and even apologizing …

Of course, it is an illegal act to attack Hunters of the guild. But if it is only that extent, usually the Hunter parties or the Hunter Guild only talk about compensation and punishment.

However, because the perpetrator side is not a hunter this time, The Guild don’t have the authority to give punishment, and can only leave him to the hands of the lord or the country. But he already promise to serve the lord to make up for their sin, it seemed they won’t get heavy punishment.

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After a while, eventually, that old man, the court magician Boon Clift, was decided to accompany the transportation team as a third party with good faith, not as captured criminal.

Before noon of the day, the 『Red oath』arrived at Hermolt Town and was processed at the guild branch there. The details were reported direct to the guild master.

And, the girls received a reward with the additional fee from the lord.

The lord is usually stringy for paying money also showed a good spirit this time.

The guild officials and hunters of transport team arrived later, fell asleep as they were tired after eating until full at the inn.

And the next day, they went back to the kingdom’s capital.

“Well, it’s been a while, will you tell us some『j.a.pan f.u.kashi talk』again?” (Rena)

Although everyone asking for a change of pace, Mile can’t come up with a good story does.

(Uhm … are there … anything good …

Low Breath, Urashima Taro, 『Ura』the back,『Shima Darou 』is it a stripe? No … No.

Low Breath, Urashima Taro, 『Ura』the back, gami Mitaro … , no no no!

Let’s get away from Low Breath!

Sales girl princess 『売り子姫: Uriko hime』 …,Comiket 『コミケットか: komiketto ka!』

Woman without buying 『買わず女房: Kawazu nyōbō』 …, Hankura bride!『ハンクラ嫁かっ: Hankura yome ka~tsu!』

A hardened old man … Do you have a “soft old man” or something?

Torotoro’s old man and …) (Mile’s inner thought) (Sorry I can’t get the puns well)

“Not yet?” (Rena)

“Please start aready!” (Pauline)

The girls begin demand, Mile getting more and more impatient.

It was a slump (スランプであった: Suranpu de atta). Pathetic(哀れ: Aware), Mile.

(Dr. Slump『Dr.Suranpu 』, Pathetic-chan? (哀れちゃん: Aware-chan), no no no no no no!) (Mile’s inner thought)

Five days to the Kingdom.

I wonder if Reni-chan is safely to operate a bath. Would she become a black company that handles orphans?

For the moment of peace of midday waiting in the kingdom, the four go forward.

Leaving behind the vast mountainous area behind it …

“Are you still thinking?” (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

“Well, please wait a little more!” (Mile)

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