I Said Make My Abilities Average!


Chapter 9

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Friends 2

When Adele returned from the lobby with the chairs, traces of the drawers open were erased, and tear marks were also gone.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting!….”(Adele)

‘Oh… don’t worry about it, so, let’s talk about some stuff.”(Monica)

Okay? Well, let me set up these chairs then~. And let me sit on the bed, phew, even if this room is big, there isn’t enough room to set up 4 chairs side by side, huh,

“Yeah? What is it?”(Adele)

“Well, since you came here without pa.s.sing an exam, are you from n.o.bility?”(monica)

Well~, I don’t want to throw any lies now, because that’s not what friends do, right? So let’s be honest about it.

“Yeah, I am, but I can’t really say what family though, because i’ll probably get killed. Well my father remarried and has a wife now, which also includes a step-sister as well.”(Adele)

Hm? Monica seems to be making a strange noise.

“I-is that so…, um, so are you really good at martial arts and magic?”(Marcela)

What’s up with these questions? Sure are weird. I noticed Oriana hasn’t talked yet.

“Huh? No, i’m average, also for the placement test, I scored pretty normal really.”(Adele)

3rd POV

Is this child alright?

Is what the group of 3 were thinking, as they noticed that there was no way they were going to believe her, as the person in front of her in the placement test, is the top of the first years, did she actually suppress her true power?

Does she have to hide it because she can’t show that she is more capable than the step-child?

“R-Really… so it’s pretty average, huh.”(Marcela)

“Right! Very normal!(Adele)

“ “ “ …………..” “ “(Trio)

The group finally remembered their purpose for being here.

And if they don’t carry the original purpose…

“Hey, you seem to have a good relationship with the boys”(Monica)

Adele bit the bait.

“Really, does it look that way? The truth is, I don’t talk with boys very much, not even to my father, as i’m not very good at it. But before I get to a relationship, I want to settle down first, you know? I don’t want relationships now really, but maybe in the future, when i’m an adult….(Adele)

“ “ “ Huh..?” “ “(Trio)

When the 3 were stunned with this answer, their intentions felt they were in trouble.

There was some silence.

And then they scrambled in thought to make a connection to another different topic.

“O-Oh, well, are you going anywhere tomorrow?(Monica)

“Well, since tomorrow is a break day.. ..I will work my part-time since i’m essentially broke, and with whatever I have, I will somehow manage to buy at least 1 underwear!”(Adele)

When Adele said this cheerfully, the 3 were no longer in their limit.

Oriana is trembling with a purururu face.

Monica, having a red face, is holding back her tears, while biting her lip.

And for Marcela…she is desperately trying to keep her calm.

“W-Well, it seems to be getting kinda late, seems that we have to go now…..(Marcela)

“Yeah, if only time went more slowly….”(Monica)

“…..Oh, right!(Adele)

The 3 girls then left her room, seeing Adele cheerful as she sees them off.

“Hooray!, I have experienced the visiting friends event! My friends have increased by 3!”(Adele)

Meanwhile, in the corridors, there were 3 girls heading back home, speaking of nothing, just silence.


1st POV

“Oh! It came, it came…”

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When I leave the windows open, this black cat always comes..

Even if this is still somewhat of an elite school, we still sometimes have to pay for weapons and gear…..

The smell of the amor is a bit much, but I can’t say anything.

“The truth is, we are suppose to teach you the basics first, but I want you guys to have a mock battle first, and figure it out yourselves. So, anyone with experience, come forward!”(Abe)

With his directions, several boys went to the front.

“All right, now, who’s first!”(Abe)

Regrettably, none of the boys budged.

When Abe tried to nominate someone…

“I’ll go!”(Kelvin)

Kelvin was one step ahead, huh.

“All right Kelvin, since you were first, you can pick your opponent.”(Abe)

They also call everyone by their first name, since being from a n.o.ble family doesn’t get you any favorable points.

Kelvin seems to be scanning everyone, but everyone diverges there eyes.

Everyone knows that Kelvin is one of the most experienced.

He then pointed a finger

“You! I’ll spar with you!”(Kelvin

“…..hm…Huh? Me?”(Adele)

I was the one who was pointed at?

“W-Well, I don’t have that much experience…”(Adele)

Come on sensei, look at me looking at you! Help me!

“Alright, it’s been decided! Adele! Go spar, because it seems interesting!(Abe)

Because the rumors of Adele also reached the teachers at the school, Abe wanted to see this first hand.


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