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Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Circ.u.mstances

“Three years ago …” (Mad scientist)

The old man started talking suddenly.

The『Red Oath』at first is blatant, but when they think about it,

it is a big welcome if they can get the explain about the situation from the other side.

Since they have plenty of time, they decides to listen carefully.

Even if it takes some time, the situation will not change.

“My beloved Elsie has died …

I managed to pick up the part where Elsie ‘s heart dwelled from his body, frozen and preserved, so I can somehow bring Elsie back later.

Unfortunately, with my storage magic that contains only a dozen kilos, I can’t store the whole Elsie’s body …” (Mad Scientist)

Apparently this old man seemed to have practiced 『insulate the outside and periodically apply frozen magic』that Mile use as an excuse for long-term preservation of rock lizards with storage magic.

Even though the capacity is small, and can only be used by top magician.

It seems this old man has quite excellent talent.

“After that, I had to get a new young and healthy body,

but I live in the mountains so it’s inconvenient to find or carry …” (Old man)

It suddenly became a disturbing story …

“During that time, I came up with the idea of ​​using a Wyvern to secure means of transportation” (Mad Scientist)

(Oh, that’s where the story goes … …) (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

Four people who are finally able to see the story.

“So, I struggled to find Wyvern’s residential area, invaded the nest after the sp.a.w.ning season.

I entered the sh.e.l.l of an egg that had already hatched and closed the lid.

When the parents came back, I will comeout of the sh.e.l.l. Just like chicks, Wyvern mother with low intelligence has a habit of thinking that what comes out of her egg is her chidren” (Mad Scientist)

(Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey !!) (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

Four girls protest in their heart.

“And before I knew it, I ran away for my life” (Mad scientist)

“Of course, You come to the weirdest places ~~!!” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

To the four people shouting, the old man becomes depressed.

“… I do not want to remember …” (Mad scientist)

“Ah, I see …”

(Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

The girls were convinced.

“And when I end of with heavy injured and blood loss. A certain devil found me and helped me …” (Mad scientist) (魔族: Mazoku = devil race)

“Wait, a devil?” (Maevis)

Maevis raises her voice as she surprised.

Devil race live mainly around the northern end of this continent, far away from the area around us where humans live.

And their land is separated by a large mountain range running between the human settlement area.

Although it isn’t something that can absolutely seperate the two race. There’s no one trying to go beyond it, unless there’s a reasonable reason, because it require a considerable hardship.

Beside, the devil race and human race do not compromise.

Acttually, even if they were called devil race.

It does not mean that they are worshiping the devil king and trying to destroy humans.

Simply, their race is a bit different. And magical power is bigger than humans in general.

That was it.

From the origin of the name in the first place mean『Race excelled in magical power』 or shorten as『Magical tribe』or『Devil』

There’s no difference with human being as well.

Together with beaskin, elves, dwarfs, there are totally 4 humanoid races.

And if you asking why only the devil race were removed.

Simply『jealousy』 , That was it.

Magical power stronger than humans, Body more robust than elves, dexterous hands than dwarves.

It seems that they used to live together long ago, but it isn’t certain when they started to live separately.

However, something must be happened at that time, no one knows the reason, but each other’s feelings were bad.

By the way, despite weak magical powers, the beastkin are more likely to become hostile than the human. Because of that, the beastkin also doesn’t come to the town of the human very often.

And, for these circ.u.mstances, Maevis who is a former n.o.ble and a reader knew to a certain extent about the races, but commoners like Rena and Pauline are hardly aware of it.

At best, they only know the Devil is a bad guy who uses powerful magic, the Beastkin is mostly violent.

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It is impossible for Devil to be here, so everyone were surprised.

“Yeah yeah!” (Rena + Maevis + Pauline)

Apparently, it seems to be an Egyptian idea. Those things that Mile has read so far have not been written …

However, if you think about it, because it is 『Heart』(『心臓』)in j.a.panese.

Maybe the old j.a.panese thought that the mind was in the heart.

Indeed, it is the heart that is throbbing when thinking about inappropriateness, not the brain.

Apparently, the brains of Mile seemed to be safe.

It is a story of if a sufficient amount of blood is sent in the transplanted heart.

“How about doing it, It isn’t bad deal for you, isn’t it?” (Mad scientist)

“It isn’t just bad, but it’s the worst! Who in the right mind would accept it?” (Mile)

The girls don’t even know what the man is saying anymore.

They thought that Mile was the weirdest, but it seems that old man is far beyond her.

And then, the old on knee begging.

“Please! I also would like to live with a pretty Elise!

And listening to his bark everyday with this cute voice …” (Mad scientist)

“A DOG!?” (Mile)

Mile’s cry sounded.

“Why do you transfer the dog’s heart to a human being!

If it is a dog, you should move it to the dog’s body!” (Mile)

“Well, no doubt, that was certainly the case, but you are perfect for the image of Elsie …

Besides, the girl’s body will be more interesting, various …” (Mad scientist)

“It’s not funny at all

Besides, with the dog’s heart it can’t support human body or otherwise!

What would happen when he want to go to the toilet, what do you do?“ (Mile)

As Miles said so, the man thought of something while staring at Mile.

“Do not imagine it ~ !!” (Mile)

Mile was out of breath blew up and it seemed like she somehow knew a little of Rena’s feeling.

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