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Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Awaken

◎ Talesu Town – stadium – the day of fighting

Weiln stepped in suddenly.

(My cute little sister’s party is very popular, but that is not the case. The life of my beloved little sister is at risk everyday if she keeps being a hunter. I don’t want her to continue working as a hunter.

And, to avoid scratching her cute face even if we make a mistake, I will aim at her torso sideways.) (Weiln’s inner thought)

Gī ~in! (SFX)

“Huh…” (Weiln)

“What’s the matter, Eldest Ani-sama?” (Maevis)

(It was impossible for her to receive my slash with one hand.

At least, Maevis 8 months ago wouldn’t be able to prevent even 70% to 80% the speed and power of the current slashing.

Why can she easy receive it?) (Weiln’s inner thought)

Gin gin gi~n! (SFX)

“Im… impossible …” (Weiln) (Ba… bakana)

(There are a few people in our clan’s knights can prevent my three consecutive blows.

And It was easily repelled and handled.) (Weiln’s inner thought)

“Impossible…” (Weiln) (Ari en)

Maevis talks to Weiln who makes a foolish face.

“Eldest Ani-sama, it wasn’t only you who works hard and is strengthening on a daily basis. I also have been training with people far more exeed Chichiue or Ani-sama’s power and speed everyday.” (Maevis)

“What …?” (Weiln)

And Maevis states the decision blow.

“Eldest Ani-sama, I was told that you are the strongest in the territory because right now Chichiue due to his age doesn’t have his normal physical strength anymore. But actually, Eldest Ani-sama, your strength in our territory is only the second best.” (Maevis)

“Who are the best then?” (Weiln)

And then Maevis pointing to her face with the thumb of hre left hand.

“Huh…?” (Weiln)

Weiln looked at Maevis and stunned that can’t say anything.

◎ Talesu Town – stadium – yesterday

No matter how much special training Mile gives, Maevis can’t get too much strengh in just one night.

Mile thought that it will be difficult for Maevis to win her oldest brother with decent means.

So this time is an exception. Mile decided to refrain from using it but right now she has no other choice.

Yes, it is a nanomachine.

Mile called out to nanomachine and asked questions in her head.

(Why can’t Maevis use magic?) (Mile’s inner thought)

The nanomachine is really happily that Mile rely on it after a long absence.

“E? Attually, she can use it” (Nano)

(What!?) (Mile’s inner thought)

“There are various reasons for those who can not use magic.

Maevis falls under the “low effective thought wave”.

In other words, there is a problem with the ability to radiate thought waves outside the body.

Apparently, many clans seem to be in the same state, so it’s genetic …” (Nano)

(Then you can help her use magic?) (Mile’s inner thought)

“No, because there is a problem with the function to radiate the thought waves outside the body” (Nano)

(… can she radiate in the body then?)

“That’s right. Isn’t that wisdom obvious?“

(Ahhhh, be quiet!) (Mile’s inner thought)

Then, as a result of hearing various questions from the nanomachine, Mile finally understands everything.

For Megis, the output of the thought wave is weak, and the part which radiates it, the one corresponding to the antenna in the radio wave is not functioning.

Therefore, it is impossible for Maevis to release the thought wave out of her body. That’s why she can’t use any magic.

However, even without an antenna, a signal still flows in the circuit. In other words, although weak, the thought waves are spread throughout her body.

That means:

(If there is a nanomachine inside her body, they will react.) (Mile’s inner thought)

“Normally, we nanomachines don’t staying in organisms … It’s uncomfortable” (Nano)

I could understand the feelings of the nanomachines when It said so.

Besides, there’re instructions for them from the Creator to stay out of the body of the organism.

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“However, there are several cases where nanomachines exist in the body of an organism.

Even that skill named “G.o.d Speed Sword 1.4 times”. It’s only mean Maevis is 1.4 times faster comapre to before she learning from Mile. But original, Maevis doesn’t have so much speed, even if she got a bit faster, that was all she can do.

If her opponent are the bandits, she can fight with several of them at the same time, but when she fights with soldiers or a knights, it will be different.

Last time we fight the soldiers, Mile had put a pointed pebble is in our opponent’s shoes or even the shoe sole was sc.r.a.ped diagonally.

And even if there was only one opponent, if it was a skilled soldier or knight, it will be hard for Maevis to win.

So Mile decided to lend a hand to Maevis who was struggling with her lack of power until now.

“Uhm, about that, Maevis …, tomorrow, you must win by any any cost, aren’t you?” (Mile)

“Yes, that’s why I am doing special training now, aren’t I?” (Maevis)

Maevis reply to Mile with a dubious face.

“Well, actually, there’s a way for you to win, but …” (Mile)

“What! Is that true? Please tell me, how can I do that!” (Maevis)

Mile is quite taken aback with Maevis vigour.

“Well, that’s the way to strengthen the human body, but that might be against to the pride of Maevis as a knight …” (Mile)

“I don’t care! This is my last change to chase my dream.

Anyway, if it can help me get stronger, I will accept it somehow!

Well, please tell me! How can I do it?” (Maevis)

Mile thought that Mavis might refuse with “It’s a cowardly measure as a swordsman, it isn’t my real power, I can’t accept it.” But looks like she worries over nothing.

And Mile explained to Maevis how to strengthen the body.

Mile thought it will be troublesome to explain everything, so she only told Maevis that Meavis can control her body with her own will power as the “secret of human body strengthening”.

In that case, it might be easy for Maevis to accept it as a skill acquired by training.

Maevis stared at miles with a sparkling eyes and listen to everywords.

After explanation, it is practical training.

Balance of strengthening, balance of power, grasp of speed.

Maevis kept falling over and scratch many times after failing to grasp the feeling.

And Mile had healed her every single time.

And when the surrounding began to get dark, Pauline and Rena came back,

they saw Maevis with full of confidence and smile really happy.

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