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Chapter 73

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chapter 73: Earl vs Master

This time, Mil… Evening Dress Mask is the one who attack.

It is a high speed combat.

Mile ready her sword and quickly dashed to attack the Earl’s left flank.

And the Earl who receives it with his sword bounces back.

Mile swings the sword again to attack the Earl.

After that, intense sword clash continued.

Because the Earl have a dignified straight-ahead match as a knight, so rather than moved around like the battle with Guren, Mile had change to more suitable power to face the Earl.

There was not much movement, a fierce battle that continued between attack and defend using swords.

It seemed to be a disadvantage for a hunter with small build, but it had nothing to do with Mile.

Originally, her sword skill as a hunter was also poor, so it didn’t matter much how she fought.

Speed ​​and power. It was only what Mile pursuit.

On other hand, the Earl began to feel impatient.

It was because the skill of the opponent was very poor.

Usually, the swordsman has decent sword skill can’t win against a very skillful swordsman. He can overcome by technique, exceeding speed, exceeding judgment and reading your opponent movements before hand.

However, amateur make unexpected movements. You can’t read their movements. Although amateur is inferior in technique and speed but there’s a high chance they can land an unexpected blow on you.

And his opponent has amateur sword skill but she swings sword with the speed and power exceeding the expert.

It was dangerous. It was a terribly dangerous opponent.

A moment of careless will becomes a fatal injury, a powerful high-speed consecutive blow that he can’t read the movement ahead at all.

The Earl had to keep concentrating, which forced him to exhaust abnormally.

If it is normal amateur, he just need to bait his opponent to attack and quickly counter blow to defeat them.

However,the small girl in front of him block all his attack. Why? how can she react to all his attacks while her skill is poor.

The battle continues and the end can’t be seen.

The Earl gradually suffered from fatigue, and the impatience began to rise.

(In this way, equal … no, for real?

How can this little girl really all right with all this?

She kept attacking with ridiculous speed and power for a long time but neither her speed or power decrease.

Besides, there are no fragments of fatigue and impatience.

Well, no doubt, she was playing with me … , impossible, there can’t be such a thing!) (Earl’s inner thought)

Impatience and fatigue create disturbances and a gap in his defend.

*Ga chari* (SFX)

“U~u …” (Earl)

The part near the handle of the blade was struck and Earl dropped his sword.

The Earl wasn’t careless. He was beaten with a speed and heavy blow and his hands is numbed to the point he dropped the sword.

His sword was dropped on the ground.

Cheers are rising up from the audience.

As a knight, what a blunder. What a humiliation.

He can’t stop the flushing of his face or the trembling of his arms.

“Please, pick up as soon as possible” (Mile)

“What …” (Earl)

(She already win even without a victory declaration and it doesn’t seem like she makes fun of me.

If it is normal, I will hold my stupid pride, kicks the simulated sword and leave, but this time I didn’t go.

This battle is an important factor for my beloved daughter.

I can’t allow her to keep doing dangerous hunter operations as she is. Definitely.

I don’t doubt my son’s victory. And even if it is one thousandth, I can not ignore the possibility of exposing my daughter’s life to danger.

No matter how much hopeless this battle is, no matter how much I will be shame in public and show an unsightly figure, I can’t abandon this match.) (Earl’s inner thought)

The Earl picked up the sword and set it up again.

And after 30 minutes.

There was a figure of Earl Austin with both hands and knees on the ground.

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It was already his limit.

Parents and grandparents as well as the three older brothers were loving her.

As a princess of the Austin family, Maevis was brought up without any inconvenience. After watching all three elder brothers training with sword and she said she also want to try it herself.

The three brothers don’t agree to it, but they afraid to be hated by Maevis. So they secretly tried to help her practice only some form and unexpectedly Maevis was quite a talent, three brothers were surprised.

And since they don’t want their cute little sister to be attacked by a man. They teached her the necessary self-defense skills.

And when Weiln was alone, he can’t resist Maevis who came to ask “Ani-sama, I want to practice sword with you”, and he trained her variously with the eldest son’s privilege.

After that he found out that Maevis had also gone to other brothers and she was doing 3 times the amount of training he was thinking.

And in their knight ceremony, their adorable little sister is staring at ceremony with shining eyes. For their cute little sister to admired them, made them many times happier becoming knights.

At first they thought Maevis was only admiring them, they didn’t realize that she yearning to become knight herself. Further more, they fail to stop their little sister to run away from home, chasing her dream to become knight.

(…Failure. If I noticed it earlier, I might be can’t change Maevis interests, but at least I could have stopped her from running away from home.

It was a great failure.

However, I will not fail this time.

I will take Maevis home. In the name of the eldest son of Austin) (Weiln’s inner thought)

“Had you been well, Elderst Ani-sama?” (Maevis)

Brother and sister face each other in the center of the stadium.

“It’s about eight months, we’ve been missing you a lot …

However, I will not be able to get hold back today.

I will be careful to my utmost not to injure you, but it may hurt a little bit.” (Weiln)

Maevis smiles bitterly with the words of Weiln.

“Elderst Ani-sama, I will not be a child forever,

I’m a leader of a C rank hunter party 『Red Oath』

I will show you what I have become!” (Maevis)

When saying so, Maevis pulls simulated sword.

Weiln also pulls out the sword.

“Let’s fight” (Maevis + Weiln)

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