I Said Make My Abilities Average!


Chapter 7

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Chapter 07 | Cla.s.s A

Here’s one for the weekend.


07 – Cla.s.s A

It was the next day of the placement test.

It is the long awaited day for the payments for educational materials.

I didn’t really want them early really. I just wanted to get the clothe early, that’s all to it.

2 sets for winter and summer, and 2 more sets for exercise.

With this, I could worry less about not having enough clothes.

If it’s a uniform, it won’t be strange or an issue if I use it frequently.

Even when I grow, when the size doesn’t fit anymore, I can exchange it free of charge!

But if people exchange it a lot, then in the end, you will end up getting used good, but such a thing doesn’t really bother me.

I have decided to place my damaged plain clothes in the item bag, just to preserve it.

Since I can’t carry all of it at once, I decided to split them, and used one of the uniforms at once.

I was paid a huge amount too. But I think that’s a good thing, because I feel the rush of being a new student here.

“Can I be able to make 100 friends!?”(Adele)

Later on in the afternoon, I went to the bulletin board, which has announced the cla.s.ses.

We also divide the cla.s.ses, lined up, and practices the entrance ceremony. Tomorrows the real deal, and we start meeting up tomorrow as well. So after this schedule, actual cla.s.ses start next week.

And as expected, I was put in Cla.s.s A

And I don’t mean the alphabet A, but let’s say it is because it is the first to learn in this country.

And so, the practice ceremony was over with nothing special.

There were some parents that showed up, but mostly, none showed up for the majority, including me. As this could mean, the parents didn’t have enough time or there weren’t enough people home, or that they were just a “trifling child.” Of course, me included.

I also ended up in the entrance ceremony of the upper-n.o.bles. And the difference was little, but there wasn’t much because it seemed like there wasn’t low-cla.s.s people in it, like the Ekland school.

When the ceremony was over, we were led by a teacher through each cla.s.sroom.

My chest is filled uneasiness. Will I be able to find a friend? I hope I don’t become like my past self.

“h.e.l.lo everyone, I hope you are having a fine day, My name is Abe von Burgess, I’m in charge of cla.s.s A, and will take care of you first years. Since I will also be in charge of year 2 by next year, I hope you do well, or else you will be dropped from this cla.s.s”(Abe)

The teacher talking looks about 30 years old~, he’s also, st.u.r.dy and tough looking.

Rather than calling him a teacher, he seems like an older brother type in a hunter’s guild really.

The reason he’s here is to take care of the bratty n.o.bles that don’t know a single thing about equality

“Then, we’ll do self-introductions first, i’ll start of with you guys then.”(Abe (a.k.a Vampire Hunter))

“YES! I’m Marcus ,I am the third son of the Buick company . Also an Imperial City native , some things that I do ……”(Marcus)

Self introductions has started with the boy in the top left row. And with typical self-introductions, we follow the names of 12 boys, 18 girls and the grand total of 30 people, with cla.s.s A alone.

It seems normal that the girls outnumber the boys though, because usually, the boys will stay at home practicing martial arts, while the girls will take education and take lessons to be lady like to have a good record.

To be honest, I can’t for the love of G.o.d, remember a face or name of a person, but since I want to make many friends as possible now, I have to make an effort! So let’s take a close look!

For some reason, there cheeks blushed(T/N: wasn’t sure whose cheeks blushed) and trembled like they were upset about something. That’s weird?

“My name is Kelvin von Barium, my specialties a sword, and my hobby is also the sword, as for why i’m here, is to become strong!”(Kelvin)

Hmmm~, that self introduction was something, indeed, I’m somewhat intrigued. Just a bit. It was said that he’s a boy that self-proclaimed that he was the top.

Hm? For some reason he’s glaring at me.. Why is that?

As self-introductions continue, it’s finally my turn!

“h.e.l.lo everyone! My name is Adele, no specialties whatsoever, just an average girl you could find anywhere!”

3rd POV

( ( ( (What a lie!!!) ) ) )

It was at this moment that everyone’s hearts were one

But it was a cla.s.s where everyone would get along.

The calm girl. The schoolgirl that shot a powerful top-rank magic without chants.The one who is the top of the cla.s.s, said her introduction calmly without a worry.

The girl that caught up and stopped records rivalry with 5 of the n.o.ble boys.

Perhaps she holded back her true power, and letting the boys safe face, maybe it is a cultural thing from where she came, or….

This fact was already spread out through the student body when the tryouts have finished.

Adele was always a poor actor, she hasn’t notice that her power she was using in the tryouts were more than an average girl her age. As if anyone would believe she was just an average girl, in cla.s.s A.

1st POV(Adele)

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After the self-introductions, it was the orientation. We were told the rules of school, from the teacher, ways of learning and skill training, which will begin next week after the day break.

In my past life, no boys would talk to me, other than the “please show me your homework” phrases.

I ran back to the dormitory, and went to the restrooms, I tried to view my reflection in this bad mirror, which is just brushed metal.

Hmmm, I think my heights a little lower than standard. Silky silver hair, which I inherited from my mom. It seems that I have a face with a sense security and confidence?

……Are you popular? Am I popular?


I ran out and evaded everyone’s eyes.

There is no way that I’m popular! Because I am an ordinary girl, one is enough for a boyfriend! I don’t want to be chased by so many of them!

I try to shake my head with these ideas.

But it’s strange. My chest is also small.

Even in this world, a girl can start developing early from the age of 7~8 years-old. If I began to grow from age 8, then by 18, I would be at size C. But.. there doesn’t seem to be any sign.

Was it because, when my mom died, and they have been taking a meal from me for 2 years, is my growth behind schedule? It’s like an [elf].. or..[dwarf]…, no, that’s impossible!

Wait, [humans], [elves], and the [dwarves], are considered part of the same family.

If G.o.d made them all the same race.

That means that the average is….

No, no, no, even though, [elves] and [dwarves] and are few and in between compared to humans. It should be less affected if it’s the average.

….When it’s ordinary.

If it’s the ordinary?

Like, for example, if I take the average of the [humans], the [elves] and [dwarves], did you think I would re-examine everything because it would be easy?

Who’s a fool to think the average of it was just 3 numbers?

Wait a moment. waitamomentwaitamomentwaitamomentwaitamomentwaitamomentwaitamomentwaitamomentwaitamoment!!!!

There’s no such possibility. No such reasons.

I head to my room while thinking in deep thought.

What about [Orcs], and [Goblins]…..


It was then and there, where Adele struck her head repeatedly against the wall, she was immediately restrained by a schoolmate pa.s.sing by.

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