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Chapter 64

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chapter 64: Counter strike 1

“You …” (Maevis) (き、貴様ら: Ki, kisama-ra = a vulgar way to call “you”)

She was angry.

Maevis was very angry.

The other girls were watching the rage facial expression of Maevis for the first time.

No, it isn’t really rage because she was somewhat cool…

“You surprised me a lot …. And this dirt/sc.u.m make I suspect my family … Forgive me. Everyone.

I will slash them!“ (Maevis)

“No, Maevis!” (Rena)

Rena which stops Maevis who pulled out the sword.

“You can’t take all of them! We will leave you 2 of them. The other 3 are for us!” (Rena)

“… I understand” (Maevis)

Maevis trying to vent her anger on the men who dare to make her doubt her family for a moment.

Rena, Mile and Paulin were also angry to the point they leak out a killing aura.

“He~he, you are just a fresh C rank hunter girl gradute from school …

I have been a C rank hunter for 20 year…” (Man A)

Gyin! (SFX)

“Huh…?” (Man A)

The leader is stunned. His sword is knocked down by Maevis instantly that he can’t even finish his talk.

“Pick up” (Maevis)

“Huh?” (Man A)

“I’ll be waiting, pick up your sword quickly” (Maevis)

“Ku~!” (Man A)

While distorting his face to humiliation, the leader swiftly picks up his sword and steps backwards.

“Such a foolish girl! I will make you regret for let go of the opportunity!

Hey, you guys, do it!“ (Man A)

The leader shouting and one of his underling join him to confront Maevis again.

The other three confront Mile, Lena and Pauline one by one.

Mile was thought to be a swordsman because she has a sword, but she is only a child of 10 to 11 years old.

The other two are magicians, it is dangerous if they use magic, but at this distance the girls can easy be caught before they invoke the magic by stepping on as soon as the girls start casting.

Although Maevis is a strong enemy, she is a barely had any experience after all, and it’s impossible for her to compete with veteran two-player hook.

Yes, the men were thinking so.

Hi~yun (SFX)

Two slashings were simultaneously released towards Maevis.

But for Mevis who had trained to fight multiple enemies with the simultaneous attack of Mile and Vail, it was easy to find out the slight time difference.

Maevis shake her sword lightly to parry the leader’ sword. The leader sword was change direction become a hindrance his underling’ sword. The two of them keep slashing but Maevis completely blocks all their attacks without moving at all.

“Yaaa~…” (Man A + B)

The two who were lightly treated become angry and shower Maevis with simultaneous attacks but no even one hit.

A line was talked by that leader “I have been a C rank hunter for 20 years”.

That means he took more than twenty year but still not able to become B rank.

Normal C rank hunter will not do illegal work that doesn’t pa.s.s through the guild like this.

Because if they are catched, their hunter work will be gone and they will become criminal slave for the rest of their life. That only mean their abilies is the bottom layer of the C rank hunter.

Indeed, they’re only trying to boast.

On the other hand, a C rank hunter graduates from Hunter training school. The school only acept talented hunters and they have received severe training for half a year.

It is quite different from the regular C rank hunter who was promoted from ordinary D rank.

And among them, the four girl of 『Red Oath』were a “little” special.

And Maevis told the two men with coldly voice.

“Here I come” (Maevis)

The remaining three panicked.

As soon as the magicians start casting, they will kick the swordsman in front of them, hit her straight with the sword’s belly and push her down to the ground. The other two men will rush in to restrain the magicians.

It’s an easy task.

Even they thought so, their leader is struggle with 2 vs 1. The girl blocks all their attacks like children’ play. At this rate it will a matter of time before their leader lost.

Their only choice is defeat the three girls and come to help their leader. No matter how strong she is, she will not about to take 5 men at once.

“Well, let’s get started soon …” (Rena)

“It looks like these people only hunt other hunters, apparently they don’t know about us.” (Mile)

“It’s not fun to battle one by one, everyone, how about being each of us face 3 of them in rapid succession?” (Pauline)

“Oh, that’s a good idea.” (Rena)

Rena agrees with Pauline’s proposal.

“Well, let’s do it!” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)

Hi~yu Hi~yun (SFX)

Mile shakes her sword lightly, and the three’ armor fell to the ground.

“Huh!?” (Man C + D + E)

Three men who are stunned, they can not understand what happened.

It was Mile’s concern, she thought that Rena and Pauline will be a little hard to attack so she slash only armor only for fire magic to be effective … Actually, the two girls didn’t need such consideration at all.

Rena and Pauline’s casting was taking place in the moment while the bandits were stumping.

“Ignition!” (Rena)

Rena used the basic magic in the beginning, “Ignition” which is a useful life magic. But the magic Rena casts, it is somewhat stronger and 3 shots.

“Aaaaaaaa!” (Man C + D + E)

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And heads of three men were burning up like a torch.

“I have not heard about this … You are supposed to be a party of only girls in their teens. And you are just ranked C, so it should be easy to win … I was deceived, we are!” (Man A)

The leader said whining, but that information wasn’t wrong. However, only some important information was missing.

“Oh my, you are still kept them intact, shouln’t we give these insects some wound?” (Rena) (in raw really have 虫 mean insect)

To the voice hanging from behind, the leader get a scare out of him.

“It’s unfair if you don’t have the same wound as your friends, do you?” (Rena)

With Rena’ word, they can’t even scream anymore. they’re leaking a hoa.r.s.e voice as they see the figure of three friends who lost their hair and burned their heads …

“Hi~iiii…” (Man A + B)

Two people try to beg in a hurry.

“I will talk! I will tell you anything!” (Man A)

“Even if you said that you will talk about anything.

You’ve already spoken all of it, this time.

You were asked by my family, that’s mean Beckett’s chairman.

After mess up all my friend and you will bring me back home.

Is there any information else that we need?” (Pauline)

“Ah…” (Man A)

With the words of Pauline, the leader becomes panic.

He was stupid.

After playing with the girls and make them can’t keep being hunters.

Even if they were going to kill other hunters beside Pauline to keep the secret.

They thought if they didn’t live in the kingdom’ capital so their names aren’t known?

Were they rea.s.sured that there’s no ident.i.ty being leaked if they leave Pauline alive?

He already told the girls about their employer and their purpose.

It was also convincing that he was the bottom of C rank for more than two decades.

“Pauline, return to the guild. Explain the circ.u.mstances and ask for a carriage for escort

And if you say that you were attacked by C rank hunters. The guild will easier to check their infomation. And we also easier to explain” (Rena)

“Yes, I understand.” (Pauline)

After Pauline leaves the site towards the kingdom’ capital, Rena told Maevis and Mile tie up those men.

“Well, let’s start talking about how to blow up the Pauline’ parent’s house …” (Rena)

“I see, I thought that it would be such a thing, because you let Pauline contact the guild.” (Maevis)

“…Huh?” (Mile)

“Huh?” (Rena)

“Huh?” (Maevis)

Apparently, it seems that Mile wasn’t noticed at all.

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