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Chapter 6

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06 I am an Ordinary girl 2

The day after Adele’s first day of work.

Today is the day that the test that decides the division of cla.s.ses for the n.o.ble children is held.

Even if you say n.o.ble, it’s just the ordinary n.o.ble children, my step-sister Prissy goes to the advanced school; Adorei. The children coming to Ekland school are mostly very poor n.o.bles, with no chance to inherit, or become useful in a political marriage, or they’re not particularly promising in comparison to a child of a moderate merchant family. Still, it prepares them for the future by letting them make connections with powerful merchant families, and is a situation where a girl should try to ingratiate herself with the son of a successful merchant family.

However, even if you tell a ten year old that they’re probably not going to understand.

In particular, when one is a n.o.ble, one sees themselves differently from commoners, and the child is usually absorbed in a sense of ent.i.tlement.

As for Adele, she was feeling relieved that she was not out of place among the others.

Compared to what Prissy was given everything was lower quality. In addition to the considerable trip on the stagecoach, my clothes resembled that of a daughter of the lowest and poorest n.o.bility.

Moreover, after the last incident where she “washed her clothes with water…”

They only didn’t become completely wrinkled because a kind lady lent me a change of clothes.

First of all is the written test.

A brief history of the country, the name of the king and other great people, knowledge of neighboring countries, Manners and etiquette, arithmetic, common sense, etc…

The knowledge of Adele before the awakening was considerable, the problems were easily solved for the current Adele who can instantly recall all the details. …Because her family was ignoring her Adele spent most of her time in the study.

As for Arithmetic, using the memories of her previous life, it was child’s play.

Adele solved each problem using her full strength. She has to be in the highest cla.s.s. If the cla.s.s level is too low she’ll become too bored.

Diligent study falls under the ‘ordinary’ category. Though there will always be someone who is number one when it comes to tests.

To tell the truth, the level of cla.s.s you’re enrolled in is decided almost entirely with this written test.

It’s hard to teach when the level of the students in the cla.s.s isn’t nearly even. For example, when middle school and high school students are mixed together it’s hard to teach both at the same time.

On the other hand, the practical skill is different. A cla.s.s of only amateurs and a cla.s.s of only experts, it is extremely difficult to teach both. This is because everyone needs help.

If the cla.s.s has people mixed from amateur level to expert, the instructor can focus on those needing help and leave some of the work helping the amateurs to the experts. Moreover, by seeing the expert train amateurs, the instructor can think of ways to teach the experts.

In other words, in magic and martial arts when the cla.s.s isn’t divided by skill level it’s convenient for the instructor. For the skilled student it’s also quite easy, but it’s annoying and inefficient for their training.

On top of that, even if you can’t use magic you still have to take the magic cla.s.s.

In the future, there is a possibility of having a magic user as a subordinate, and/or, if they become a soldier, there are also times when a magic user may become their opponent.Knowing about magic becomes necessary, even if you can’t use it yourself.

After the written exam is the physical ability exam.

She has no real intention of joining with a sports scholarship. It’s just necessary to show that one is healthy and can partic.i.p.ate in martial cla.s.ses without any problems.

Adele carefully picked up the indicated equipment. Very carefully.

It’s absolutely important she not give a weird result here.

That’s because, Adele is supposed to be a “very common ordinary girl.”

Therefore, she carefully noted the numbers of the child in front of her and adjusted her results to match them. With that you should be able to think she’s an “ordinary child.”

And last comes magic.

About thirty percent of people can use magic. The people who can make a living with that is about one in three. In other words about one tenth of people. For the remaining two thirds who can use magic they can at least light a campfire or don’t have to carry a water bottle. There’s some degree of convenience to it.

As for Adele before the awakening, if she trained she could have barely made it within the 10% in the future, it was to such a degree/level. Still even in this world there are some people that are favored. Anyways if Adele takes a carriage/wagon that travels to the desert, if something happens she has a better chance to return alive. Enough for it to become the source of a meal.

However, the magic of Adele today…

For safety, it would be better to not practice magic at all.

But then it becomes inconvenient. Because it’s not so bad with effort, I want to practice just a little. In addition, if I pretend to not use it all, when I carelessly use it by chance, the case comes out and I’ll fall into an unavoidable scary situation.

Afterall, Adele could use it before, so as expected this would be a wise policy.

Adele who thought as such, carefully watched the magic that a person in front of her used so as to carefully regulate her own trying to get it to be approximately equal.

(Because power is 1/6800, and the power is human average, I will try for around 1/10,000, fine tuning it and lowering it further to the strength of the one before!)


The fireball of exactly the right size fires, and Adele sighs in relief. You can’t call it a fireball spell, it’s on the same level as a gloomily burning coal.

… However, everyone including the teacher was staring at Adele, with their mouth half open.

“That, That magic was without aria….”

(…. Ah, I forgot the aria….)

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Actually the spell’s aria is unneeded as long as the thought waves are sent. For people who can’t imagine a logical image that conveys the chemical, energetic, and molecular changes the aria [Swirl flame, gather and become one to smash the enemy!] directs the thought wave instead.To that end, it was easy to speak aloud and make the intent certain.

Why! For what reason!

Kelvin bore a grudge against the unfairness of the world, his mood stormy.

However, he understood rationally that it couldn’t be helped. There was no other way.

The financial burden of sending the child to an advanced academy is by no means small.

Including the large entrance fee, tuition of three years, teaching material expenses, food cost, boarding fees, clothes fee, and so forth for seven people… It cannot be taken out at all. Probably, they fell into considerable distress at the fourth son’s school expense.

Still, the lower cla.s.s academy’s expenses are around 1/10 of the senior inst.i.tutes, when compared. And he is the son of a maid.

The lawful wife, without complaint or ill intent, had apologized. If I were to complain about it, I would be punished.

Ok, I’ll become the top then!

I’ll become the strongest and show up those in the advanced school!

I am confident in my body that I had my elder brothers train. First, I’ll show you my power in the tests for admission!

Kelvin thought so. However, it is…

After he put out his highest record the girl who stared at it gave the same record and showed the best run.

Though he did his best to break his limit, that girl who watched him handled it the same number of times/ Moreover, even though she looked like she could do more, she’d suddenly act like she was tired suddenly and stopped at the same number of times as him.

The javelin, long jump, and push ups were all the same.

Everything was being stopped according to my record. Although I still appeared slightly ahead.

Moreover, the use of the magic…!

s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t!

Don’t make light of me!

I’ll pa.s.s her. I will exceed that woman!

Kelvin von Barium.

It was the moment when the goal of his school life for the next three years was made.

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