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Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Fishing

The next morning, everyone gathered for breakfast stared at the 『Red Oath』.

Bart + Maevis + Mile + Rena + Pauline

“What are you doing, what is it …?” (Brett)

Brett, the leader of 『Flame Wolf』somehow get heavy breath. Others are similar.

Only the client and Bart, the leader of the『Dragon Breath』remain calm, it seems they have known.

And what they saw …

Miles and Rena are wearing Ekland School’s uniform

And Pauline also wore Ekland school’s PE clothes.

It was a plan of Rena for thieves fishing.

While Mile was still in school, she was in school uniform all the time except when she was in bed. And when the uniform become small, she has traded it with larger one a number of times. The last one she trade is a little larger and it was the only one would fit Rena’s body.

And Maevis-san was aware. Although she was pretending like she don’t want to but Rena actually pretty happy. (T.N: something like “I’m the one who propose this so It can’t be help, I’m only wear it because I don’t want only Mile become the bait alone”)

And only Pauline was unfortunate.

While she is still a child but a certain part of her body is really big. She can’t fit with any of Mile’s uniforms, she can only wear PE clothes, the only one that can expand.

Even so, Pauline who was wearing it was …, it was a bit too lumpy here and there …

“Fu, fue ~e~e~e…” (Pauline)

It’s the only good clothes that Mile has, that can make them a bait to lure bandits.

Rena’s cheek is a little red and Pauline’s face is really red as she’s embarra.s.sed. And Maevis is wry looking at them. Mile is just smiling happy.

After the meal, everyone clean and prepare to depart. Each member of the『Red Oath』 is sitting respectively on each carriage. (to lure bandits)

“Thank you for your consideration” (Mile)

The old man, who is the owner of the leading carriage smiled as he at Mile, he responded with laughter.

“Oh, don’t worry and thank you for the meat yesterday” (Merchant)

And while they are travel, Mile was learning how to manipulate the horse-drawn carriage and talking various story with the old man.

“No no, I was retiring long time ago. I knew Amuros is suffer a lot from bandits and I also heard that a group of my friends are gathering carriages to help Amuros. It is a dangerous road, I thought it would be better if for an old man like me die than the young merchant.

They are also thinking the same with me, 4 out of 6 retired old friends of mine.

Also, my daughter and her husband are doing business with Amuros. If they get attacked by the bandits, it will be serious.

I thought that I had lived long enough and I have no regret in life. And finally, we can do something worthwhile in the last days of our old lifes. The G.o.ddess is also doing something stylish. Fu ha ha ha!” (Merchant)

“A ha ha…” (Mile)

Mile thought while she wry reply to the old merchant.

(Sorry, but I will not let you or anyone to die here, please look for another place to die)

There were several reasons why Maevis, Pauline, and Mile became interested in this request. Of course there is something about Rena, but it did not change everyone’s mind just for that reason.

First, the reason why request fee was cheap for danger level.

This is because the budget was limited as a whole merchant group aren’t travel for the profit purpose. And many goods with low profit margins were loaded, they only carry the most necessary items to Amuros where merchants have stopped.

No matter how we look at them, they can’t do things like that as merchants, business that risked their life with no profit from the beginning.

Next, it is a question of whether to take escort for the purpose of killing thieves.

The merchants’s purpose to take escort hunters are “to kill the thieves”, not to protect the merchants or goods. This request is deemed to recuit “an escort but also a request for subjugation”.

Of course, we are still not sure whether thieves will attack or not. If that happen the merchants will trade with Amuros like normal, and thieves aren’t working every day. Also, we don’t even know the thieves have already moved to another country. In the end, the probability of being attacked is slightly higher than the ordinary escort request. It was completely depend on luck. Regarding that point, the three people have their own thoughts, and they decided to accept the request.

Regarding “Cute clothes strategy”, Maevis who is vanguard and a swordsman so she can’t fight in a skirt with no armor protection, it also take a lof time to wear armor, excluded the fact that Mile’s clothes can’t be worn.

Rena and Pauline are also wearing because they are magician, it isn’t take long to wear their robe over the uniform. Especially Mile, her body is st.u.r.dy than even armore.

Rena has no right to deny because she is the one who propose this strategy.

And Pauline was unable to escape, she became a companion for the other two with full power. And it was a catastrophe that there was only exercise clothes that she is able to wear.

Maevis was pretending like other hunters by herself.

So in the early moring of second day, Rena, Pauline and Mile are clothes that Mile provide.

The reason why they didn’t wear it from the first day is the thieves will not come out near the kingdom capital. But of course the main reason is that Mile don’t want anyone in the Kingdom suspect her to be a Ekland student.

As they practiced fast wearing protective gear many times beforehand, and it was okay if they didn’t receive a surprise attack. Well, originally the magician doesn’t have melee battle and the leather or robe armor can’t block attacks from swords and spears anyway.

While Mile is talking with the merchants, there’s a response to the search magic that was secretly developed.

(Well, this is … Orc, six of them)

Mile jumped from the coach to the top of the horse-drawn carriage and signaled to the rear carriage with a hand signal.

The following carriage slowly stopped, Mile, after confirmed it, jump off to the Carriage and ran forward.

(… there!)

Mile hide behind big trees and looked at the situation.

As expected, 6 orcs. If we keep traveling as we are, we will encounter them soon. There is no choice but to fight here.

As Mile thought so, she take out the sling shot from the item box, grasp it on the left hand and take out the iron b.a.l.l.s just like pac.h.i.n.ko ball with her right hand fingers.

(I wonder why the iron b.a.l.l.s I ask nano-machine making is same with the Iron b.a.l.l.s use in Pac.h.i.n.ko game … maybe because of my past life memory have some affect on my command to nano-machine or something)

Well, there’s no use thinking about something like that. I put an iron ball in a sling shot, aka: 『pac.h.i.n.ko bullet shooter』.

The reason I’m not using pebble this time is because orc have quite thick skin and meat, unlike small animals. I’m worried that pebbles will be crumbled and dispersed in the meat because the meat was thick. No one want to eat meat with sand on them, and we don’t have a decent dentist. I wonder if healing magic will restore teeth? Or after the old ones are missing and the new ones will grow? In any case, Mile doesn’t want to try it.

No, maybe a stone can be chewed? Digestive, absorption and become nutrition …

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As it gradually became a scary idea, Mile quit thinking.

“Are you saying, to you, 6 orcs are the same with a small horn rabbit? You are only Rank C, aren’t you?” (Bart)

And when Bart is still talking, someone tap on his shoulder.

“Leader, even if you want to warn her but all the orcs was hunted by this child alone, isn’t that enough to convince you about her power…” (Vera)

After Vera said so, Bart looks at his left, the orc’s bone attached meat that was grilled. Other people already the third one, and in a fews minute, next one will be grilled soon. (TN: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Bart, How dare you scold our G.o.ddess, let her eat dinner)

“I’m sorry … I signaled the carriage behind, but I forgot to contact the carriage on which I was riding …. I’ll be careful later …” (Mile)

Bart’s sermon has finally reached its end, and Mile seems like reflects from her mistake.

Bart doesn’t do this to bully Mile. Three parties have joint duties are with command and operation, he warn Mile only because he want she to be careful. Hunter shouldn’t rush in the enemy alone withour comrade’s help, that was common sense. Because Mile understand it, Mile obediently apologize. By the way, her party members didn’t protect her.

“If you understand then it’s alright, you can eat now, it was the orc that you hunted after all” (Bart)

Mile finally got permission and began eating orc meat. But this time, sub leader of 『Dragon Breath』, Karam, a swordsman the same as Bart come to ask.

“Hey, where did you learn that sword skill, how can you cut all three orc at the torso in half with one slash?” (Karam)

Karam keep staring at Mile waiting for her answer.

“Well, I cut the torso because I can’t reach their neck …” (Mile)

“That’s no what I mean! are you trying to avoid the question ?” (Karam)

When Mile was in trouble, Vera came out to help.

“Well well … that child is in trouble, man who is too persistent will be HATE” (Vera)

Karam-san is depressed to Vera-san’s word, to the point he could not raise his head.

“I am saved … Thank you Vera-san!” (Mile)

Mile was relieved and I thank Vera for her help … but …

“Okay, don’t worry about it.

By the way, from what I saw, you grasp the sword and slash all of them in one hit. And I already saw the corpse with fire magic, ice magic, soil magic, wind magic but neither of them will leave a scar like that …

Did you use a strange remote weapons or something?“ (Vera)

“This is bad! (Mazui!)” (Mile)

When Mile retreats, her back hits something soft.

When Mile looked back while sweating, Jeanne the magician has a full smile, grasped Mile’s shoulders.

“It’s magic, isn’t it? To think you have such interesting magic.” (Jeanne)

“Ah!” (Mile)

It seems like Mile won’t get orc meat anytime soon.

“I wonder where did I go wrong” Mile wonder.

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