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Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Sales

The guild was in an uproar after hearing the fact that [Red Oath] held five rock lizards in their possession.

“Unbelievable… D-don’t tell me, all those came from girlie’s storage?”

To the slightly sstartled veteran hunter, Mile answered with an astonished face.

“Eh? It does fit? Is there something wrong?”


“P-please wait one moment!”

While saying so, the receptionist left her seat to consult with the guild master. This was different than the usual purchases. Even if the materials being sold were outside of what was expected, the guild would buy if it would sell, and that a profit that could be made.

Be it the skin or claws of the Rock Lizard, both material and food ingredient wise, it was without a doubt popular. Due to their dangerous habitats, and on top of that, transporting them from such a distance was troublesome thus there were not very many. It would definitely sell.

–If it were two or three of them.

However, since there were five Rock Lizards, the total purchase amount would be high. It was unsure if they would be able to sell everything before the materials start to degrade. That being said, overlooking such a profitable chance would be nothing but a waste.

To make such a decision, the overbearing responsibility was too much for the receptionist. Leaving it to her superior would be a far wiser choice.

“…..Please, come this way”

After a moment, the receptionist returned, guiding [Red Oath] to the conference room on the second floor. Waiting for them was the Guild Master and the sub-master of the Hunters Guild Kingdom Branch. (T/L NOTE: Correct me if I’m wrong here, it sounds weird)

“Come in.”

The four after entering the room, figured that it was an unspoken invitation to sit around the table. Along with the girls, the receptionist who lead them also took a seat beside the guild master and across from the sub-master. (TL NOTE: Think of it as oval shaped table.)

“Well then, I’ve heard the details from Lelia, but is it true? About the five rock lizards that is…”

Responding the guild master question, Mile confessed.

“Yes, in truth that was actually a lie… and the total amount wasn’t five Lizards….”

“A-as I thought so. Don’t scare me like that. There’s no way that storage magic could fit that amount.”

Following up with the sub-master’s comment, Mile told them the true amount.

“There’s actually twenty-six in my storage”


The sub-master smashed his face on the table.

“….So, are you telling me that’s the real amount within your storage?”


The guild master, the sub-master who just recovered and Lelia the receptionist confronted the four members of [Red Oath]. For now how would they deal with them. Rather, towards the owner of the storage magic, Mile.

” If what you say is true and that is the actual amount, you do know what the meaning behind those words are, right?”

“Y-yes… I want to quickly complete the transaction, but I’m not sure if we could sell them right away, or once we sell it the value may collapse…”


Mile and the others jumped at the bellowing guild master.

“Having such storage capabilities is the same as picking a fight with our business! I don’t know if I should call it luck or whatever, since you guys are rather well known after that graduation exam. I wouldn’t think there would be any sane man who’d try to pick a fight knowing that. After all, that fighting prowess on par with that [Mithril Roar] party even their leader acknowledged, also striking the interest of his majesty the King, and to top it off, the party that even her highness is cautious of. You wouldn’t think they were the ones to meddle with a Deadly Poison Horned Rabbit…”

From the words after ‘Her Highness’, the only one who didn’t see the guild master’s gaze directing at Mevis, was Mevis herself.

“Not to mention, the talk about being the saviours of the Hunter Training School when it was close to being shut down also circulates around. The graduates from the place, and the hunters who think that the school is important are all mostly on your side so to speak. You guys are living proof that the Hunter school is necessary, and your accomplishments to come…”

Rambling on as the guild master complements them, Rena, Mevis and Pauline were smiling proudly.

But only Mile has a dumbfounded look, with her eyes slowly turning white as her life drains away.

“And about that, the real problem, the ones with a few screws loose. In other words the idiots, the ones who know nothing about the graduation, or other countries as well. Well, for now it’s well known to the people that you can hold up to Five Rock Lizards from the fuss earlier. Seriously, why did you do such a thing… Ah, no it’s fine. If you didn’t say you could store that much, it wouldn’t be possible to make exchanges from multiple Rock Lizards. It’s going to be a ha.s.sle from now on, I can say at least that much. That being said, at least fool them by telling them the max capacity is only five rock lizards and other small items. I hope you can understand…”

Mile who was trying to make excuses was told by the guild master what she wanted to say. Five Rock Lizards is equivalent to roughly two tons. This was easily transportable by one horse carriage. This was not at a level where the kingdom or aristocrats would do anything in order to obtain. Besides, even though storage magic wielders are rare, each country would have people capable of using storage in the two digits. That is what Mile thought.

However, to Mile there were certain factors, or key words missing so to say. Things like [Secret] or [The horse carriage can’t pa.s.s]; [In a hurry]; [Escaping]; [Without any supplies]; [Military affairs]; or [The best any storage magic can hold is anywhere up to four to five hundred kilograms] or [Selfish] or [A cute girl’s-] where only some of those key words

If it were not a carriage but a person on a fast horse transporting two tons of goods, and to top it off, without standing out.

It was something no royalties, n.o.bles, even a kingdom would not want.

“Well, nothing will change even if I say something at this point. Be cautious, and if anything happens call for help, Got it?”

“””” Yes…. “”””

“Good, the talk ends here. Just be careful from here onwards, and don’t over do it!”


“Why didn’t you respond!”

Rena, Mevis and Pauline were all staring at Mile’s as the Guild Master shouted.

“W-why is everyone looking my way!”

“E-excuse, there’s something I would like to ask!”

Shaking off the stares, Mile asked the Guild Master.

“….What is it”

“Em, after this, are you buying five Rock Lizards every few days?”

“”” Eh…..”””

Indeed, it was back to that topic.

In the end, the guild agreed to buy five Rock Lizard every week. To buy them all at once, it would be absolutely impossible to sell them before they decay, prevent the price from collapsing, explain the origins of the materials and other reasons. If it were to be expediting for five days, rest for one and repeat, It was possible to explain anything with this schedule.

To begin with, the guild doesn’t normally disclose who delivered the materials. On the odd chance that an explanation was required no matter what, they were able to explain without any contradictions, it was nothing more than a safety measure. Otherwise, [Red Oath] could only stay in the capital for no more than one day a week.

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And for the Rock Lizards sold to the guild from Mile and the others, there was a condition where the materials no matter what, can not be sold to the Abott Firm or anyone related to them.

“What should I do?”

“Leave it be. A number of messengers will come, at some point, someone from Brother’s household will come to check on the situation. Until this just leave it alone. There’s no need for us to hurriedly progress things, to go out of our way and move.”

Mevis, smiling bitterly answered to Rena. A surprisingly mature reply.

“What about you, Pauline?”

“….The same. As long as I’ve decided to return, there’s no need for a reply.”

In Pauline’s case, there was no conflict within the family, as expected she may be worried about her mother or younger brother, her expression was gloomy.

“If you’re worried, it’s okay if everyone goes with Pauline. Her household is a certain town…”

“No, there’s no need for that. As a child of a mistress, I wouldn’t do anything out of question.”

“…Even so, don’t hold back on anything. After all, we are-”

“Comrades bounded by soul, the [Red Oath!]” – came a catch phrase like shout, influenced by Mile, Rena smiled.

“Well then now! For the next few days, let’s leisure take a break!”

“”” Ou~! “””

” ….Ah ”

“What’s wrong?”

Mile suddenly stood up, leaked out her voice, and in response Rena doubted herself when she asked.

“I forgot to exchange the materials other than the Rock Lizards…..”

“”” Ah… “””

In the end, they were discussing on how to make micro transactions without standing out. If they were to sell the materials along with the Rock Lizards, things from the Lizard series, demons and animals alike wouldn’t be strange at all. Mile’s Insulated, installed with a freezer function storage mage etc etc. (In truth it’s an item box with time freeze functionality.)

” We’re back! ”

“Welcome back~!”

The receptionist from behind the counter, Reni-chan returned the greeting.

“Here, this is a souvenir!”

While saying so, Mile pulled out the slightly burnt Rock Lizard tail from her item box, and with a light thud laid it on the floor.

” Uwaa! What’s this? ”

Even if it’s Reni-chan, it was her first time seeing such a large Rock Lizard tail left intact.

“Are you giving this to us? Fa~ther! come here!”

The father, while being a chef, and the mother as the innkeeper came, endlessly thanked Mile and the others while everyone brought the tail to the kitchen. For the time being, the inn will serve mostly Rock Lizard now.

“With this, I’ve earned myself quite the score. For now, you may even earn the favour of the other guests.” Rena said so with a little joyfulness, but Pauline who knew what it was to be a Merchant, and Mile who knew girl named Reni-chan well, shook their heads with a sorrowful face.

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