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Chapter 465 - Engraved 4

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Chapter 465: Engraved 4

「So, other than folklore,

How did the Elder look like when he was young?」(Mile)

『I forgot』(Elder Ancient Dragon, E.A.D for short)


『Can you still remember such Ancient everyday things even if they left a big impression on you?

It’s hard to understand what happened when it was commonplace, and what it was like because various memories were messed up.

Do you remember what your 3rd birthday supper was?

Do you remember how many breads you have eaten so far? (Marisa: 13, I prefer j.a.panese food)

We have a lifespan that is dozens of times longer than you.

Are you confident that you don’t forget any little thing from the old days?』(E.A.D)


Besides, the brains of dinosaurs must have been very small.

Even if it’s the Ancient Dragon, the brain might be just as small.

And if it squeezes out more intelligence than humans, it may be that the brain is at full capacity and doesn’t have much capacity left.

(I have to work hard so as not to put too much strain on my brain …)(Mile)

『You’re thinking of something ridiculously rude right now!』(E.A.D)

「Eh? How did you…」(Mile)

『I knew it』(E.A.D)


And Mile’s group managed to calm the Elder and he told the girls various things that he could talk about among things he remembered.

However, the credibility of the other stories was quite doubtful, except for “Tradition” which is a rhyme and easy-to-remember sentence, “Unforgettable”

No, it’s not that the Ancient Dragons are lying or that they are offended.

It is unavoidable that the memory content wears out in a vast amount of memory, mixes with other memories, and gradually changes over the years… especially for those who don’t have letters…

The Ancient Dragon is an intelligent race that has letters.

In fact, they have something like a symbol mark that represents an individual, and if so, it wouldn’t be strange to have letters.

… But they have a fatal problem in manipulating the characters.

That is the size of their body.

The shape of their hand and fingers is also not suitable for holding a writing instrument. At that size, it’s not possible to hold a quill and write letters.

… Make a large writing instrument that fits the size of their hand, you said?

There’s no bird big enough to make a quill of that size, and even if they shave a log, they don’t have the ink or paper to soak it in.

The parchment made from a whole sheep isn’t productive and the Ancient Dragon doesn’t have the dexterity to make such a thing.

… After all, it’s a race that relies on their foolish power in both magical power and physical power.

It was unavoidable that it had to be done on the practical side, not on the mental side.

After all, in order to leave detailed and accurate information to posterity, letters were indispensable…

* *

「How about something like this ……」(Mile)

『U, umu, not half bad…』(Ancient Dragon)

The Ancient Dragon seems to be satisfied with the carving on his claw of the little finger of the left hand.

He is the lowest individual in the hierarchy in this group. (Mile does him first)

First of all, carving from the lowest ranks, listening to everyone’s impressions and requests, and start the next work.

Therefore, it was natural that the superiors would come later.

And although the Ancient Dragons don’t have the ability to come up with artistic designs on their own…

They just didn’t have that habit until now, well, they might do it in the future…

But it seems that they have enough ability to “see good things and be impressed”.

And it seemed that he could criticize it and express his impressions.

『Next is me!

I want something that is a little calmer and emphasizes dignity.

I’ll leave the details to you, I won’t complain about the finished product』(Ancient Dragon)

「Understood, I’ll do my best」(Mile)

They don’t make very detailed orders, they give hẻ a rough direction, and they won’t complain afterward.

…They say thanks.

For Mile, it’s very easy to do.

As expected, it’s hard for Ancient Dragon.

And Mile gets to work again.

As expected, Mile also took a considerable amount of time to make more elaborate carvings than the last time while listening to the order, with each of the eight old dragon’s claws and horns.

In the end, it became a long time with food and sleep.

As expected, it’s not possible to carve something that looks simple or cut-off than the one carved to everyone in the warrior corps…

By all means, it would be bad if it didn’t look better than those from before.

Mile also considered the position of everyone in the warrior corps.

For the Ancient Dragons, a little waiting won’t hurt so they don’t mind,

As for the Beastkins, they are attracted to Pauline’s cooking with Mile’s ingredients,

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So, there is no problem “No matter how long it takes”

Well, it was quite interesting for human beings to talk about Ancient Times as a small talk, saying, “Oh, that looks interesting, so I went to see it.”

Yes, when Mile was carving their claws and horns, Mile was always talking to that particular Ancient Dragon other than the Elder, just as the hairdresser talked to the guests.

To be honest, that was much more interesting than the story of folklore.

In particular, Mile, as the writer “MiAMi SatoDelLe”, that information is a treasure trove of valuable material.

The other three were also enthusiastic about taking notes, so perhaps they’re going to make an autobiographical story that they plan to write after becoming a hero (Maevis), an A-rank hunter (Rena), or a legendary merchant (Pauline).

「Shall we go home?」(Mile)

「「「OOh!」」」(Rena’s Trio)

It wasn’t their job as hunters, but it was enough with dragon claws, shavings of horns, and a dragon’s jewel.

No, Red Oath has earned an unbelievable amount of money for one night and two days.

However, the girls aren’t in trouble with money, and they don’t want to make a lot of noise when they are just an average C-rank party. So, for the time being, the claws and shavings of the horns and the dragon’s jewels will be gathering dust for Mile’s item box.


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