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Chapter 461 - Invisible enemy 2

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Chapter 461: Invisible enemy 2

Well then, please report」(Guild Master?)

Hunter Guild, Capital Branch of the Tyrus Kingdom.

In the conference room on the second floor of the main building, a total of 12 people were seated, including Red Oath, the Guild Master, the deputy Guild Master, three senior guild executives, and three clients.

Then, Mile nodded and started reporting.

As expected, Mile will be the one who handles the explanation for such cases.

“It’s Mile’s job for explanation and reporting when you don’t understand the situation well” is a common recognition of Rena’s Trio…

「The political situation in the neighboring country, the Kingdom of Obram, is stable.

There was no big confusion in the people’s minds.

The potential for rebellion and uprising of the people is “as much as this country now”.

In other words, it’s a very low probability and can be judged as they are in a normal state.」(Mile)

The clients nodded a little when they heard it.

Apparently, they seem to be somewhat relieved.

The girls have heard from the towns and villages where they stayed on the outbound and inbound trips. The girls also heard from the merchants and hunters while treating them free meals during night camps and breaks, and investigated them properly.

Of course, there were also stories the girls heard from the Rank-B party “Shining Holy Sword”.

Of course, besides the girls, other teams are also investigating Aristocrats, Royal palaces, and Politicians.

Everyone knows that this is nothing more than a “survey of public opinion on the street.”

「The reason why their country seems to be noisy is due to the new species “Unique Monster” that appeared in most of the monster types.

I think the guild of the Marein Kingdom has previously issued a notification regarding these new Unique species…」(Mile)

Hearing Mile’s explanation, the Guild top bra.s.s makes a face like “Speaking of which, it seems that there was such a report”, while the Clients make a face like not knowing what is it.

…They probably thought it was unreliable information such as “a strong monster variant has appeared” from a guild branch in another country, etc.

It probably stopped halfway without being transmitted to the top.

With a nonchalant smile, that information seemed to have been thrown away in the trash can.

It’s common.

「The cause is:

…we don’t know what the real cause is.

The “phenomenon” is that powerful new species of monsters are appearing irregularly and randomly in various places.

… Yes, “Appear”

Sudden Appear (pop-up)…」(Mile)

*Eeeeh*, Everyone besides Red Oath has a surprised face.

「It’s not a problem that the new Unique species only appear in a certain place.

Normally, this problem should be regional.

But in this case, it wasn’t so. It confirmed to have happened in parallel in various places.

In addition, the hunter guild, the royal palace, and the military haven’t been able to grasp the fact for various reasons.

Although the damage to hunters and villagers has escalated greatly. In the end, it led to great confusion, exhaustion spreading, and anxiety increasing in each area…

After that, the neighboring country has reached a suspicious situation that other countries start investigating them in secret. That is the current situation.」(Mile)

「「「「「「…………」」」」」」(Other people)

The faces of everyone in the conference room clearly expressed the relief that those monsters didn’t appear in their country.

And then un unfortunate news from Mile to all of them…

「And, as you know, in Gledmar, the dwarven village in the Marein Kingdom of Marein, this problem has first discovered and alerted to each country.

And we are also discovering new species near the capital of the Obram Kingdom.

If we compare the distance between Gledmar and the capital of Obram Kingdom, and here, the capital of Tyrus Kingdom…」(Mile)

While saying that, Mile puts her hand on her chest, and takes out the rolled map.

No, everyone here knows about the infamous Storage Magic from Mile, so she could have taken it out of the thin air.

But Mile was concerned with “stylish beauty”.

However, everyone who saw it had one thought.

((((((There’s no Gap or Cleavage for it!!))))))(Everyone)

Fortunately, Mile, unaware of everyone’s voice, spread the map on the table and continued to explain.

「…… This is Gledmar, where the first Unique species problem was discovered.」(Mile)

As she said that, Mile pressed her thump finger at the location of the village, and then …

「And this is the distance between this place with the capital of Obram Kingdom then our country…」(Mile)

As she said that, Mile spun the map with her thumb and index fingers fixed.

Her index finger, which was pointed at the capital of Obram Kingdom switch to the capital of Tyrus Kingdom while her thumb still remained on Gledmar.


Everyone on site who looked at it became silent.

Yes, there might a slight difference, but the distance between the 2 cases was almost the same.

In other words…

「Then, the possibility that the same problem may occur in this country, including the capital…?」(Client?)

「The possibility that it may happen is quite high …」(Mile)

While the “Clients”, who didn’t reveal their true ident.i.ty, still try to digest the information.

Mile simply replied with a ruthless answer.

「This is bad… d.a.m.n it…」(Guild Master)

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The guild master has just spewed vulgar words.

Suddenly Maevis asked Mile with a serious face.

「I do not understand well.

… But there is a good chance that…」(Maevis)

Yes, the Unique species that appeared frequently here and there …

In explanations to others, Mile sometimes use the term “new species” for the sake of clarity…

Needless to say, those cases have a connection.

Maevis asked Miles the question, “Is this what it is?”

“That thing”

Mile has once tried to break up with Red Oath and set out on a lone journey.

It seems to connect to “why the Ancient Dragons are investigating the ruins of prehistoric civilization”.

“Something” that the Ancient Dragons think they need in order to prepare for something.

Isn’t it related to that?

The Ancient Dragon is the strongest race in the world.

Magical power, Combat Strength,… and Intelligence.

If they feel like it, they can easily destroy or control humanity and reign over the world.

…But the Ancient Dragon doesn’t do that.

Only Young Ancient Dragons are interested in such boring things.

Humans do not intervene in the lives of ants or follow them.

Only infants who poke ant’s burrows with a stick will do such a thing. This might be the same.

Miles was thinking.

… Then why is the Ancient Dragon obsessed with the ruins of ancient civilization?

As expected, she needs to hear it from the Ancient Dragons again …

However, it’s not so easy to meet an Ancient Dragon.

「Ah, Mile-san, there is a letter addressed to you!」(Receptionist)

「Eh? Ah, yes」(Mile)

The receptionist called out to Red Oath, who was going down the stairs and about to return to the inn.

Mile received the letter and confirming the sender.

「Uhm, who is it, I wonder?

Let see… hey, this emblem is from Keragon-san!

Content: “Please contact me”!!」(Mile)

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