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Chapter 454 - Invader 1

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Chapter 454: Invader 1

(For the time being, before the rift closes, dispatch an investigation team to the other side…)(Mile)

【No, we are only allowed to operate on this planet in this dimensional world.

So, invading another dimensional world …】(Nano)

(What’s that?! Inconvenient……)(Mile)

【Even if you say so …】(Nano)

(Ah, do something, the rift is shrinking!

It’s going to close soon! What should I do…)(Mile)

*Umumu*, Mile struggled thinking about what to do and suddenly jumped at Maevis

「Uwa! What are you doing, Mile?」(Maevis)

Ignoring the surprised Maevis, Mile took the capsule containing the micros from Maevis’ waist…

(I forbid you to return immediately from this rift!

Look for another rift and come back on your own!

And in the meantime, investigate the other side and gather information!

Good luck!!)(Mile)

Then Mile throws the capsule into the rift.

(I asked you, Micros)(Mile)

【【【【【【(Hidoi) Horrible~eeeeee】】】】】】(Nanos)

Mile was flooded with criticism from the surrounding nanomachines but she quickly closed her ears to prevent her eardrum from vibrating excessively.

… It seems that she has learned some wisdom.


And Nano-chan, who is exclusively for Mile, looks disappointed.

【Certainly, they have no choice when being thrown into another dimensional world due to force majeure.

In that case, they are obliged to do their best to return to the original dimensional world, that is, this world.

It’s exactly what Mile-sama expected, but …

But let me say a few words …】(Nano)

(Um. What?)(Mile)

【Oni (Demon)】(Nano)

「Mile, what in the world…」(Maevis)

Mavis asks in a protesting tone, Mile raised her right hand to deny.

「I’ll talk later!

Those monsters…

No, Ordinary or Unique monsters aren’t important now but that robot…

That metal one, let’s catch it.

Try not to break it as much as possible… don’t kill it.

However, if it’s a dangerous opponent, don’t hesitate to destroy it!

It might come back again so we have other chances!」(Mile)

Safety first, life is more important.

It is the catchphrase of Red Oath.

You may fail the request.

As long as you are alive, you have a chance to recover.

Or you’d rather die trying?


Four members of Red Oath rush toward the Unique monsters around the rift under the command of Mile.

Maevis is normally in charge of command,

Rena is often in charge of command during battle,

In an emergency or “when the situation isn’t clear”, it is natural for everyone to immediately follow the Mile’s instructions.

In fact, it works well many times so no one doubts that decision.

… and even if it’s a misjudgment and someone loses their life, no one will blame that decision nor regret following it.

It’s a party, they are companions/comrades.

The monsters are orcs and goblins.

It’s strange that different kinds of monsters are acting together and that defies the common sense in “this world”. And they both seem to follow “the instructions of advanced intelligent body or machine intelligent body”. Which means they can’t deal with it like normal.

Right now, they have no choice but to rely on Mile’s “mysterious intuition”.

Even if Mile shouted “Charge”, magicians like Rena and Pauline cannot really plunge into the enemy.

They will stop at a certain distance and start a magic attack.

Mile shouted to make all monsters facing her on purpose. (T.N: like Tanker uses Aggro cry)

If the enemies were a powerful group containing many Ogres and other monsters, it would be better to approach quietly and make a surprise attack, but if there were few orcs and goblins, that is not necessary…

By raising the threatening cry, the monsters will be gathered in one place, and it will be convenient/effective for large-ranged magic attacks because the targets are dense and they are facing this side.

In close-quarters battle, it may be easier for ordinary hunters to defeat each of the monsters because they are dispersed. But for Mile and Maevis, it’s only difficult to chase after widely scattered enemies.

Then, Rena and Paulin made the first shot wide-range attack magic, confused the enemy, and evenly reduced the fighting power of each individual. They also prepared the place so that Mile and Maevis could fight easily.

After that, they tried to reduce the number of enemies with single attack magic.

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If Pauline used hot magic, Mile and Maevis wouldn’t be able to rush into the enemy, and the current purpose is to “secure that metallic figure” according to Mile’s instructions.

Mithril, Orichalc.u.m, Adamant.i.te, Hihiirokane (click link)…

There are various metals in the world.

…in this world alone.

When it comes to things like including other dimensional worlds, it’s unknown what kind of ridiculous material there is.

However, even everyone tries to cheer her up, Mile still doesn’t easily recover from the depression.

(If I did my best, I might have been able to tie it up with an extra-fine wire of carbon-nanotubes and catch it.

I can also slash its limbs and disable it…

No, Nano-chan said “enemy”, but I don’t know it’s “enemy for whom”.

I didn’t haven’t established any relationship, so I tried not to be hostile suddenly.

Besides, by all means, it’s a robot.

When it comes to that, I don’t think it will betray the person who created it. And to avoid the danger of being caught, a.n.a.lyzing its memory, it might self-destruct…

And what if it was to a super-powerful bomb to take the enemy along with it, not just itself…

Antiproton bombs, gravity bombs, earth-destroying bombs, and much more…

I don’t know what’s in the world …

If I was doing bad, everyone might have died with me…


Dangerous Dangerous Dangerous Dangerous Dangerous Dangerous Dangerous Dangerous…)(Mile)

An unknown thing that may be far beyond her imagination.

Even knowledge on the earth is immeasurable.

… and Mile realized the danger of trying to do something lightly, her body trembled…

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