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Chapter 444 - Elf Village 10

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Chapter 444: Elf Village 10

「Ah, that’s fine on it owns…」(Mile)

「That’s fine?!」(Maevis)

Ignored Maevis, Mile continued…

「Uhm… the Elder accidentally leaked it… Ah, no, it’s nothing!」(Mile)

Mile dismissed it in a hurry.

Yes, the Elf Trio, they didn’t hear the story at that time.

And as one might expect, Mile wouldn’t let the Elf Trio hear it.

There was a certain thing in the world that “better not listen”.

「… The “S rank secret matter” I heard earlier.

I knew the existence of such a thing but I didn’t even know what it was, so I thought it was strange …

What on earth did you hear?


Cléreia has hope that she can grasp the weakness of the Elder, but of course, Mile couldn’t speak.

For Mile’s group who aren’t Elves, it can be said that the punishment decided by the Elves has nothing to do with them.

And in the first place, the information, that Mile got, was not obtained from the Elves, but was taught from that “Artificial intelligence“.


「It is a prohibited matter!」(Mile)


「That’s a secret!」(Mile)


「Frankly! Can’t you guess it yet!」(Mile)

「I don’t understand!」(Clé-Reia)

Then, Cléreia was somehow deceived by Mile and got stuck in a quagmire of unknown meaning…

* * *

「Well, he didn’t speak anything anyway, so it’s useless to ask me about it…

While the Ancient Dragons and Fairies spoke to me.

Do they have a different way of thinking, or is there a more important secret?

Ah, the Ancient dragons didn’t always tell me everything.

There are times that they have no problem telling me.

I haven’t lied, but “omit” or “intentionally misunderstanding” is a common practice in such cases…


After the Cléreia’s Trio left, Mile was resting, muttering about that.

In fact, everyone was quite tired… Mentally.

The real purpose of Cléreia’s Trio’s request for Red Oath is also “safe”…

For the Elf Elders, it may be difficult to say that it’s “safe”, but …

In the end, Red Oath just kills some time until the return trip…

They should have been able to relax after this, but there was an unexpected pitfall there.

They stood out way too much. And because Elf boys began to think about marrying a human girl, whether they were married for the first time or remarried.

There was no end to the male Elves speaking to them as for Red Oath is at hand, young, cute, seems to be able to make their own money and protect themselves.

「Why don’t you become a hunter with me, Mi-chan?」(The Elf who Mile doesn’t remember his name)

A male Elf who looks like a boy sparks his teeth (Kirakira) as he says that.

「Is that the magic that makes your teeth glow?

…or rather, you called me with “Mi-chan”?!

Besides, regardless of you can become a hunter or not, we are already hunters and mid-level at that!!

And, speaking by a guy who makes his teeth shine and give himself the right to act familiar with others…

A stalker man who is attached to Dr. Cléreia no less!!


Yes, Mile’s group has heard a storm of complaint from Cléreia for many years receiving damage by this man.

… Of course, Mile didn’t remember this man’s name.

「And you just told Dr. Cléreia how you love her just before…」(Pauline)

Pauline supports Mile from the side.

「Anyway, when I met her, I heard that Mile-chan has a large storage capacity, so you can easily earn money with her.

…No, did you think that “she will make money for you”?」(Pauline)

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Liberk is overtly upset by Pauline’s point.

This is not something that can be managed by dealing with small tricks, but a structural failure …

So, there’s nothing Mile’s group can do.

In the first place, if something can be managed so easily, it would have been managed a long time ago.

Even though they grow up in a closed society, they live many times more than humans,

And it’s not that there is no interaction with humans, there must be some people in the village who have lived in human cities.

There was no way for girls aged 14 to 18 to solve what the Elves couldn’t solve for centuries.

「Can you somehow…」(Elder)

「U~mm, even if you say that」(Mile)

Mile’s group feels sorry for them, even though they have no such responsibility.

And even they are thinking about it seriously, but they can’t think of such a good idea.

So, when Mile tried the ultimatum…

「I’m ready! ( 整いました! / Totonoi Mas.h.i.ta! *)」(Mile)

T.N: A cliché that the entertainer Nezucchi declares when he devises a mystery related to the subject.)

Mile raised her right hand and shouted.

「「「The final act of the day (大喜利かッ!)」」」(Rena’s Trio)

And, of course, Rena’s Trio knew those words from “j.a.panese f.u.kashi Story” that unfolded every night reflexively shouted so.

Hearing that, Mile has a wicked smile. (Like Emperor from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of The Jedi.)

(Good good, the Propagation is going well…)(Mile)

Mile then announced a good idea to save the Elven Village.

「Ninja Village … No, it’s Operation “Elf Village”!」(Mile)


…Ninja village.

The concept has been heard by Rena’s Trio from Mile several times, and somehow grasped it.

But no one knew what Mile was thinking right now.

Even if Marcella’s Trio was here.

Those who have the best understanding of Mile (Adel) would probably have answered:

「…No one would understand with just that!!」

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