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Chapter 437 - : Elf Village 3

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Chapter 437: Elf Village 3

Then everyone walked all day long, and in the evening…

「We arrived.

This is the “Village” of our clan.

We all get together at some kind of event, and we don’t usually have that many people,

A majority of the members of the wise men’s a.s.sociation, the decision-making body of the clan, are residents.

There is also a general store, well, it has a function as a village.

It may be a little different from what humans think of “Villages”」(Etoul)

Etoul said that and explained.

In front of Red Oath was an irregularly built village with dozens of wooden one-story houses.

And even if we say “wooden”, it’s not a wooden house that humans think of, but a log house that is more natural, mainly made of logs and partly used timber.

It wasn’t something about the size of the building or the scale of the village.

It’s just a village where you just want to avoid the wind and rain. They live in harmony with the natural environment instead of fighting it.

「This is the village of the elf…」(Rena?)

「It’s kind of nice to have a life that blends in natural…」(Maevis?)

「As I imagined」(Pauline?)


Little did humans know about the life of Elves, as humans are rarely invited.

It’s no surprise that all members of Red Oath were moved.

「It’s a boring village with nothing.」(Kulereia)

「It’s boring. So boring. n.o.body wants to spend their lifetime in such a place!」(Etoul)

「Yes, I want to live in an exciting and fun human city!

Then, choose a mountainside, build a mansion and invite my spouse to live together!」(Shararil)

… And then, the Elf women told their real thought.

It was ruined in various ways…

There was no gatekeeper in the village to keep an eye on the people who went in and out of the village.

“Isn’t it a little dangerous in the depths of such a forest?”

So Mile asks, and Etoul replies “we are always prepared to deal with monsters and animals”.

Apparently, there seems to be some kind of detection method to keep watch but it seems to be a secret.

If defense details are revealed, the effect will be drastically reduced, so it is natural to keep it secret.

Only idiots can speak about such a thing.

And when they enter the village…

「Oh, Kurereia-chan, Etoul, and Shararil!

I see. It’s that time…」(Elf)

Apparently it’s well known that the Elf women come back regularly,

A pa.s.s by Elf about over 20 said so and welcomed with a smile.

…It’s just only Mile’s group thought this Elf man seems to be about 20 years old,

But at least he’s a lot older than Dr. Kulereia, so his actual age is…

「And those kids are “that”?」(Elf)

And Elf man seemed to get interested in Mile’s group and asked so.

「We are “that”?

What do you mean?」(Rena)

「Is there any pre-existing information about us?」(Pauline)

「… Is that a problem with hunters?」(Maevis)

Rena, Pauline, and even Maevis were looking at the Elf group with suspicious eyes. No, it may be more correct to say that it’s staring eyes.

After all, even before Red Oath received the nomination request, their information had been disseminated in advance.

And it has nothing to do with the request they received…

It’s the betrayal act toward hunters.

As soon as the clients “Violate” the contract, it’s not strange to have a hostile relationship.

Look at each other’s faces, the four members of the Red Oath jumped back and got away from the elf group (including the man).

Rena and Pauline put their right hand on their canes, and Maevis is holding her sword handle.

Other than Mile, Rena’s Trio thought it was an excuse to request escort but it seemed that they didn’t think that the Elf women have planned with the Village in advance.

And if the villagers can capture Mile, they could hear about Mile’s special magic and abilities… the secret of Mile’s family…

By the pattern of the Elf women so far, it was an unavoidable act.

Yes, Red Oath never attacked suddenly, but it was normal to be wary of being “attacked suddenly”.

「「「Ah」」」(3 Elves)

And the Elf trio seemed to have noticed something is wrong.

「No no no no no, that’s wrong!

Actually, I’m not planning anything weird!」(Kulereia)

「Yes yes, that’s right!

We elves are a proud race, we don’t trick humans!」(Etoul)

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「It… it’s a misunderstanding!」(Shararil)

If it’s bad, the merchants involved this village may be considered as enemies and all orders may be rejected.」(Rena)


The elves were stunned when Rena pointed out.

If that happens, they won’t be able to shop in human cities or buying from a retailer, because it involves “commerce”…

If they said that selling things to Elves will turn the Hunter Guild into an enemy, no one can risk it because of a small number of sales.

Even though they live a life much like being self-sufficient in the forest, it doesn’t mean that elves don’t shop at all.

After all, they want to use metal tools for farming tools and weapons for hunting and they can’t let go of other human tools that they are used to.

And sometimes the tools break, and sometimes they want new products.

They also want to buy rare foods and seasonings.

…In other words, it would be a big deal if the elf village was cut off by the merchants in the town because of themselves.

「「「…………」」」(3 Elves)

The Elves didn’t think it was that bad.

However, why did they think so easily, even though the three of them would have been quite active in their actual age and should have known the contraindications of hunter’s rule to some extent?

On the contrary, Rena’s group was more surprising.

Rena’s group also thought that the escort request was nominated because they wanted to take Mile to the Elves village, but they thought it was the intention of these three Elf Women and

they were just trying to get Mile to teach them a lot about magic.

Well, that’s not a big deal.

After teaching Mile a lot about the Elf Village, Mile will “Is it okay to teach me this much?”, then as a thank, Mile will teach them a little within the acceptable range.

And if Rena’s Trio thinks it’s overkill, they will stop it themselves.

Yes, they were thinking so.

However, the Elves should negotiate with Red Oath beforehand.

And if Mile was brought in by instructions from the village leader, not by these three Elf women’s intentions… In that case, the story is completely different.

It is completely a “trap”.

「「「……」」」(3 Elves)

The elf who seemed to be overwhelmed by what they were trying to do.

「「「…………」」」(3 Elves)

「「「………………」」」(3 Elves)

They stopped near the village entrance and were all stunned…

「For the time being, why don’t we listen to the story first, is there somewhere we can relax?」

And everyone nodded to Mile, who was the first party or the victim, and who was most qualified to complain at this place…

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