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Chapter 435 - : The Elf Village

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Chapter 435: The Elf Village

「That’s right.

They have been living in human cities.

Young… Loli Baba… no, Elf Women.

It seemed like they wanted to return to the Elf village after a long time…」(Guild Master)

「Nominal? So is there another real reason?」(Meavis)

It is natural to be worried if the Guild Master talks like that.

So, of course, even the obedient Maevis also questions the Guild Master.


「Ah. Nothing, it seems to be matchmaking」(Guild Master)

「「「「…………」」」」(Red Oath)

「Young elf wife?」(Mile)

「All of them are still single!」(Guild Master)

Mile “Boke” and the Guild Master “Tsukomi”.

It seems that she is quite well-trained.

Was there such s collection of books in her parent’s home of her past life…

「Anyway, only a few elves live in the human city. It’s even less when it comes to unmarried Elf women.

And as you know, the long-lived, warm, and thoughtful elves are respected by us humans and are an important alliance race as a “human species” including dwarves.

It would be big trouble if something happened to them while they are still traveling in the human territory realm on the way home.

…Do you understand what this means?」(Guild Master)

Nod* Nod* Nod (Koku Koku Koku)

「That is why. Please accept this request」(Guild Master)

While applying pressure that he won’t take “no” for an answer, the Guild Master staring at Red Oath after saying that.

He would be desperate if the girls refused this request…

「Uhm, is this the order from Guild Master?」(Mile)

But right there, Mile asked a “Simple question”.

「No, isn’t it the nomination from the elves themselves?

Even if they are V.I.P to all human beings,

Why should one Guild Master bear the heavy burden and responsibility for a small amount of commission fee?

I’m neither a lord nor a king…」(Guild Master)

「「「「True enough~!!」」」」(Red Oath)

* * *

On the way back from the Guild Branch.

「But even among the elves,

The name of us, Red Oath is spreading…」(Rena)

「But it’s amazing! If our popularity increases with this condition then when I found my company…」(Pauline)

「When our name is known to the Elf, the probability, that the knights will come to recruit, will increase!」(Meavis)


Rena, Pauline, and Maevis are delighted to hear that they are nominated by the elves.

Of course, the girls were happy to accept the order.

Mile tilts her head a bit pondering.

(Why, nominal from the elf…

Young, Elf young women who know us and are single… ) (Mile)

Mile gets an idea.

…or rather, it’s too much of premonition…

* * *

「We are the clients!」

[simple_tooltip content=’Chapter 96 ‘](Kulereia)[/simple_tooltip]

「「「「It came out*!」」」」(Red Oath)

(T.N: this is the j.a.panese-only joke. It often uses to say “the ghost came out”)

…Yes, of course, the Elves that appeared at the meeting place on the day of departure…

「Doctor Kulereia…」

Chapter 105‘](Kulereia)

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「Etoul and Shararil, it’s been a long time…」

And it seems that there’s no road in the forest for the horse-drawn carriage.

Of course, it’s also strictly prohibited for hunters to hunt or collect near the Elf village.

「…And, although it’s not prohibited to leave the village and live in a human town,

The elders don’t like it and are too noisy…

So, we have to accept the conditions that we will go back to the village regularly to report and to meet the men.

Elven villages are much smaller than human towns.

Originally, we knew all the young men in the surrounding villages!」


In the carriage, unlike the last time they met, Dr. Kulereia explains how to go back home this time in a way that like a j.a.panese schoolgirl.

At that time, the doctor was in the position of “a researcher who is performing the job that she received”.

Now that she is just an “Employer who hired Escorts”, is that why her att.i.tude changes?

But the Red Oath has somehow guessed the true age of Dr. Kulereia, who speaks like a young girl, so, they have a subtle face.

…No, it doesn’t look strange…

…From her appearance…

「Therefore, I will report on my research results and whether I am living seriously,

Convincing the elders and making Otou-sama (esteemed father) feel at ease…」


While saying so, Dr. Kulereia looks at Mile with a dubious eye.

And the eyes of Etoul and Shararil also shine mysteriously…

(((Ah, these elves…))) (Rena’s Trio)

Rena, Maevis, and Pauline somehow found out why this escort request was appointed to Red Oath.

Yes, besides the financial problem, the reason why Dr. Kulereia, Etoul, and Shararil formed a group despite their bad relationship…

In addition, they probably pressured the guild not to refuse this nomination request…

「I know. It’s important is to rea.s.sure your father (Otou-san)」(Mile)

And Mile, who has an extremely different value of intelligence when her head is clear and dull.

(T.N: Mile isn’t always average, she can be min and max as well)

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