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Chapter 430 - Miles Decision 3

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Chapter 430: Miles Decision 3

The item box is asking nanomachines to take items in and out according to specific instructions by Mile’s wave thought,

It may be called a kind of magic because it’s “a phenomenon is caused by nanomachines”,

Strictly speaking, it is a little different from ordinary magic.

Therefore, you need “Authority level 3” or higher so that you can directly communicate with nanomachines,

Moreover, you need to understand the s.p.a.ce-time and the concept of frozen time in order to use it as a storage s.p.a.ce.

Then why can Mile teach it to Marcella…

Yes, of course, because there is “Pre-negotiation”.

From the past experience, this time the recruitment was done through the Mile-exclusive nanomachine.

『I’m looking for nanomachines that are highly suitable for synchronizing with the thought waves of Marcella’s Trio, you will be attached exclusively to Marcella’s Trio.

The term of their whole life.

Your mission is to put items in and take items out according to Marcella’s Trio’s thoughts when they show their intention to use the item box.

Also, when they are trying to check the contents, project the information on the retina in a form that makes it easy to see the storage list』(Mile’s recruitment notice)

And, then a stampede/flood of registration.

Mile asked this to be a “request” and a “recruitment”, but for nanomachines, it gave them great entertainment that they are dying for.

The ridiculous luxury of experiencing together with particular humans through their lives,

This means that they were allowed to enjoy something that was impossible to experience until now.

It was also natural that a huge number of nanomachines would apply.

And if that many nanomachines apply, there will be many individuals with very high tuning apt.i.tude and tuning efficiency for each member of Wonder Three’s thought waves. And a considerable number of “exclusive nanomachines” was chosen.

To Marcella’s Trio, Nanomachine is the “spirit that controls magic”, “the essence of magic”.

In other words, Mile explained the magic principle in various ways so that people in this world can understand it.

So for item boxes as well, Mile explained in various ways, as a result, “Marcella’s Trio can convey appropriate thoughts to nanomachines”.

And directly from Mile to nanomachines, a detailed and concrete instruction “What to do if Marcella’s Trio thinks of using the item box”

In other words, the guideline is set by Mile’s order, so even if Marcela’s Trio’s thoughts are somewhat uncertain, it works without problems.

Long story short

Mile gave advance instructions for nanomachines. And a large number of selected nanomachines, which are extremely efficient in synchronizing with Marcella’s Trio’s thought waves, will always accompany them.

A detailed explanation of the essence of magic and item boxes taught by Mile.

With these, Marcela’s Trio can use the item box for the first time.

So, even if the existence of the Item Box is revealed, it won’t be available to others.

This was exclusive for Wonder Three.

Storage magic is the magic that creates a small dedicated s.p.a.ce for each individual based on individual thought waves.

However, the item box opens the gate to the different dimension world and puts things in and out of it.


(I feel bad if I give you too much trouble.

So, you don’t need to prepare 3 different dimension worlds for Marcella’s Trio’s Item Box. You just need to prepare a linked-one for all three people) (Mile)

Mile didn’t think that would be easy to prepare a frozen s.p.a.ce-time world so she suggested preparing one world instead of three.

Actually, there are quite a lot of them…

But the Nanomachines, of course, followed Mile’s instructions.

And with that, Marcella’s Trio can easily learn the magic of Item Box. So, they can carry a sufficient number of clothes, soaps, towels, even laundry tubs. As for water and hot water can be easily prepared magically. The three could easily maintain their clean appearance at all times.

* * *

After a week.

After spending happy days with Mile (Adel), Wonder Three is returning to the Kingdom of Brandel.

They became hunters so that they could travel with Mile, without Mile, the lives as huners are really risky.

If it wasn’t for Mile, it didn’t make sense for them to live like that.

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Their reason they planned to travel and not returning to the country is to consider Miles’ position,

「Those four can’t stayed at Rank C forever.

After the minimum number of years has pa.s.sed, they will be promoted immediately.

Then, when they reach A rank, their purpose has been achieved, Maevis-san will become a knight, and Pauline-san will be using the funds she has been saving up until now to establish a company.

In other words, Red Oath will be dissolved.

Rena-san will also be able to achieve her goal of becoming an A-rank, so she won’t be disturbed by the other two trying to make their dream come true.

Obviously, Adel-san would lose her place.

Adel-san’s whereabouts are unlikely to allow her to do normal jobs.

And by that time, Adel-san should have a sense of responsibility towards her territory and peoples that her grandfathers and ancestors have protected.

No, of course, when we meet and talk with her later or in the letters etc., we will mention those to Adel-san to make her think so.

Then, Red Oath disbanded, she will return to her territory, and the rest was as planned.

Yes, we just need to wait for a few more years」(Marcella)

「I… I see」(Monica)

As expected, Marcella wasn’t the girl who gave up.

「Now, let’s stop by the guild, send a letter, and then head back to the country.

We have only reported twice so far, so it’s time to make the next report, and before we return to the royal palace, we should secretly meet with the princess at the inn of the royal capital to plan how to report to His Majesty the King. Sometimes it’s necessary to make sure that all of us will have the same explanation.

We should contact the guild frequently and wait for them to deliver the letters informing her about our return and the approximate return date before we really return」(Marcella)

「That’s true」(Monica)

「Well then…」(Marcella)

「「「Depart」」」(Wonder Three)

Then Marcela’s Trio are heading back to their home country.

Without understanding exactly what kind of state they are in now…

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