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Chapter 429 - Miles Decision 2

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Chapter 429: Miles Decision 2

(Chance!) (Rena)

When everyone was stunned by Mile’s insensitivity, Rena didn’t miss this great opportunity.

Yes, Mile current felt doubtful to Marcella’s Trio, their advantage up to this point has stopped, Rena tool this opportunity!

「Mile, you haven’t forgotten our Oath, right?

That day we swore that our friendship is immortal!」(Rena)

A blow of conscience!

Thinking so, *Mufufu* Rena smirks.

But before Mile responded, Marcella counter-attacked.


From the story we heard, wasn’t that oath something like “even if your roads are parting, you will never forget each other?”

In other words, you were already taking separation into account and there should no problem in doing so?」(Marcella)

「「「Ah…」」」(Red Oath)

Rena took a brutal blow!!

Certain, it can be interpreted that way.

*Gu~nu~nu*, Rena is bitting her teeth but she can’t come up with a good answer.

The Pauline…

「Isn’t that what we should say to you?

After the pleasant school life you spent together with Mile ended and you all separated into the paths you should take.

Shouldn’t you walk your own path with your friendship that lasts forever?

And now, you threw away your own path then chasing after a friend who went separeted way.

Isn’t it just annoying for those who are walking their new ways with new friends?」(Pauline)

「「「Guha~a!」」」(Wonder Three)

Marcella’s Trio took a brutal hit!

Then it’s a marathon race of attacking each other while vomiting their own blood.

It’s a battle to steadily wear out the spirit of your opponents.

Finally, Mile joined in with what she wanted to say.

「Please, stop fighting over me!」(Mile)

「「「「「「We heard enough of that!!」」」」」」(Red Oath + Wonder Three)

Mile often uses in such cases, 6 people tsukkomi in sync.

…It seemed like they reach the same thought…

「…Anyway, the one to decide isn’t us but Adel-san.

Now, Adel-san, please tell me clearly, which one will act with!」(Marcella)

Finally, Marcella called the ultimatum or prompted Mile to make a decision.

Perhaps she has absolute confidence that Mile will choose them.


「I’m sorry…」(Mile)

Mile bows her head down to Marcella’s Trio with a painful look.

「「「…………」」」(Wonder Three)

And the the flow of time became silence.

Time seemed to be freezed.

It only takes just over a dozen seconds and it feels like forever.

That time has pa.s.sed…

「As expected, it’s really so…」(Marcella)

「「「「Eh」」」」(Mile + Red Oath)

Marcella’s unexpected words surprised Mile and Rena’s Trio.

「No, I understood it right from the beginning.

Adel-san has been told many times why she can’t go with us,

but she has never been told why she can’t stay with Red Oath.

Besides, even if you choose us, it’s because you think about us but not your own wish, right?」(Marcella)

Marcella smiled and said so.

「I understood well.

Adel-san is such a person, so we became friends with Adel-san.

You always prioritize others over yourself.

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If you only have one loaf of bread, you will lie that you already eat and give it to others.

…Of course, this time, she makes sure that all of them need to keep this a secret…

First of all, the barrier.

Following that, various useful magics.

As for attack magic, Mile tells them to do their best with what they have studied.

Marcella’s Trio has no problem with attack magic.

Yes, just like at school, Mile had mainly taught them support magic,

but she was surprised that Marcella’s Trio had already developed search magic by themselves from her story.

But it was un outdated and less efficient version.

So Mile taught them the active sonar version, which is the latest version. Mile also taught the previous PPI scope (Plan Position Indicator scope) method properly.

Still, it was a tremendous talent to come up with the idea by themselves without knowledge of the modern earth like Mile.

Mile taught the PPI method because when focusing on a specific direction, it’s more convenient for “Sector scan”.

Yes, professionals are the ones who use it properly depending on the purpose.


「Then, finally, I will teach you the magic Item Box.

It’s similar to storage magic, but with a completely different principle.

So, unlike storage magic, some people can use it easily if they are taught, and some people are completely useless no matter how hard they try.

Also, it will be hard for others to know its existence, so just keep it an absolute secret and fake it to other people like an ordinary storage magic.」(Mile)

Marcella’s Trio nods seriously to Mile’s words.

Mile couldn’t overlook Marcella’s Trio struggling to carry their baggage and only accepting request with specific conditions.

So she decided to teach the magic Item Box. She wanted to at least make up for being unable to go with them.

For Marcella’s Trio, they will never betray her.

And even if they betray Mile, she will won’t regret teaching them the magic Item Box.

She is the one who chooses everything in consideration for the presents so she will never regret any consequences.

Besides, in the worst case, she can just instruct the nanomachines to reject their wavethought with higher authority, there won’t be any catastrophe.

That was her decision.

「Well then, I will tell you how to use it…」(Mile)

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