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Chapter 428 - Miles Decision 1

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Chapter 428: Miles Decision 1


Mile suddenly stood up and approached Marcela with an impatient face.

「Ah, how regrettable! How about another push…」(Marcella)

Then Marcella talked with a sorry face.

「In that case, here is another push!

Adel-san, we are all rear-guard magicians, so I’m thinking of adding another Vanguard member. I wonder if a catgirl will be good…」(Marcella)

As expected, Marcella was familiar with Mile’s weaknesses.


And then Mile flew away again to Marcella’s Trio…

But as expected, Marcella’s Trio really couldn’t do it.

They have bonded as cla.s.smates and best friends, who are strongly connected to each other.

Even they wanted to get Mile, they couldn’t accept the special condition of letting a stranger Catgirl join in.

Did Marcella just make a joke?

Or she just wanted to say the right thing to lure Mile in?

In any case, because of Marcella, Mile didn’t seem to return to sanity.

Marcella had made a painful mistake…

Because she knew a lot able Mile so she went too far.

(T.N: TL;DR: let’s get a catgirl, then, sorry that catgirl is a lie => anyone would be furious)

「……No, didn’t we talk the other day?

Unlike the Rena-san’s group that originally wanted to be hunters, Marcella-san’s group had no intention of becoming hunters without me, right?

Hunters are a dangerous job.

A simple mistake when doing a request may kill you, or you may get betrayed by your employer.

Is there a safe and happy way for my friends, who weren’t supposed to walk on it, to keep going on such a risky path for me, and do you think that’s something I can endure?」(Mile)

Miles asks that seriously, with a stern look.

As expected, Marcella’s Trio couldn’t do this lightly.

「…Tha… that is…

We also decided to become hunters by our own will, it’s the same as everyone in “Red Oath”!

We weren’t really forced to do it for Adel-san!

Besides, in a few years, we will go back to our country and find a good man to marry.

5 years later, we are 18 years old and even 10 years later we are still 23 years old.

By that time, if we had saved money and became rank B. We didn’t give up for many years and worked hard to complete the order of Her Highness, so there should be no problem with her… I think…」(Marcella)

In the last part, Marcella seems to be somewhat uncertain.

It wouldn’t be a problem, In fact, only Marcella’s Trio thought there shouldn’t be a problem with the other person.


Mile was surprised when hearing Marcella’s explanation.

「…complete the order of Her Highness?」(Mile)

「「「Ah…」」」(Marcella’s Trio)

*I messed up (Shimatta)*, Marcella’s Trio had a face saying so.


「「「……」」」(Marcella’s Trio)


「「「…………」」」(Marcella’s Trio)


「「「………………」」」(Marcella’s Trio)

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At first, Mile thought Marcella’s Trio had left the country on their own just to meet her. Then she felt relieved to hear that Marcella’s Trio legitimately traveled with the country’s permission.

「Then give me to the Royalty…」(Mile)

「No, that’s wrong!

That’s what a few years of free travel are for!

Since the royal family must get engaged early due to political issues, his highness, the Crown Prince, who is already quite late, will soon have to decide on a Crown Princess. And his Highness, the Second Prince will also have to decide his Princess in a few years, by that time, Adel-san will be safe.

You can’t refuse the royal’s order but they can’t force you to become a princess or mistress.

No, normally, your parents and relatives would never refuse, but Adel-san is “unusual”…」(Marcella)

「What… what do you mean by “unusual”?」(Mile)

Mile protests against Marcella’s “unusual” remarks…

「No, I mean, Adel-san has no parents left, and because you are the head of your family,

You won’t be compelled by someone else…」(Marcella)

「Ah, so that’s what you mean…」(Mile)

Miles seemed to be convinced by Marcella’s explanation which was made use in a hurry.

(Ah, that was dangerous…) (Marcella)

Somehow, Marcella seems to be able to prevent Mile’s anger from progressing to the next stage.

「…..So, what did the princes’ engagement, princess, and mistress have to do with me?」(Mile)

「「「「「「Eh……」」」」」」(Red Oath + Wonder Three)

Apparently, Mile did not even think that she was a candidate for Crown Princess or second Prince’s Princess.

It seems like Mile didn’t know that the royal family and the aristocrats aimed at her simply because of her abilities and the purpose of “connecting with the G.o.ddess”.

But in that case, Marcella herself also the same (average) as Mile, she didn’t think herself as a candidate for “Crown Princess or second Prince’s Princess”.

Well, Mile is a weak Viscountess without any backing, and Marcella is just the third daughter of the Poor Baron family.

Normally, they aren’t the person who would be able to marry into the royal family, so they didn’t think about it.

…Yes, if it’s “Normally”…

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