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Chapter 427 - Joint Request 6

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Chapter 427: Joint Request 6

After all, after that, the “Red Oath” hunted normally without showing their Close Quarters Combat.

They didn’t encounter any suitable Goblin horde, Kobold horde, Orc horde nor Ogre hordes.

Anyway if they fight without magic, it will be hard for Rena and Pauline, who only used canes in melee combat.

Except for Maevis, on-one thinks that they could have better Close Quarters Combat skill than Wonder Three, so they stopped trying to force melee combat.

Regarding the transportation of prey, it was decided that Mile would store everything as “exclusion” for the rule “Mile’s exclusion from this hunt”.

If they didn’t bring back their prey, it would be a pity/waste for the fallen prey and Pauline wouldn’t allow it.

「「「…………」」」(Red Oath)

And at dinner, “Red Oath”, behaved normally, but somehow looked strange.

Tomorrow, they plan to go home after eating breakfast.

And arrive at the royal capital in the afternoon.

Of course, it takes a longer time than when they come, because six people other than Mile must carry sandbags as a weight subst.i.tute for prey.

With the direction of the commander (Mile)…

Red Oath and Wonder Three are eating their own food, but they are in the same place, sitting together around a bonfire.

They aren’t hostile or friendly to each other but they also don’t take distance.

If they do that, Mile won’t know where to sit.

Everyone could easily guess that she would stand alone in the middle (average point) of both parties, so both parties didn’t do that.

Still, even two parties are close to Mile they have only met each other once before. And Rena’s Trio was silently watching, so Mile could talk slowly with Wonder Three. In other words, it is not much different from the first meeting.

There weren’t many common topics other than the activities as a hunter, and the story as a hunter was difficult to talk about because of the compet.i.tion now.

And it’s the role of Mile, who is a mutual friend of both parties, to raise the conversation by giving both parties a safe topic.

(… Impossible! Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible~~!!) (Mile)

Mile couldn’t use such an advanced support technique.

Too much difficulty…

So Mile talks with Wonder Three, talking with Red Oath, then talking with Wonder Three, then talking with Red Oath.

She was so busy like he was in a state of h.e.l.l…


Ordinarily, both Marcella’s Trio and Rena’s Trio should have been able to take proper measures.

However, because of this case,

Both of them have the att.i.tude that they are intimidating or restraining, or they are trying to find out how the other party is thinking.

It wasn’t an atmosphere of being angry or having a good time chatting.

In addition, since this Joint Request hasn’t yet ended, it’s still forbidden for Mile to give advice on how to work as a hunter, how to fight, and magic-related advice.

This makes it’s impossible for Miles to act as a hostess.

It would still be difficult even without such restrictions…

Despite they were jealous of each other,

For the time being, both parties are in the position of “friends of Mile(Adel)”,

Furthermore, they are the same novice parties of only young maidens (although “Red Oath” recently graduated from “Novice”).

After a while, they started talking to each other and Mile felt relieved…

* * *

They finished the meal the next morning and immediately returned home.

6 people other than Mile must carry large luggage (sandbags simulating prey meat) so they don’t eat full.


「…It’s heavy…」(Rena)


Even it was only a sandbag, Marcella carried out to the limit due to poorness,

Seeing that, Rena, carrying the same amount of sandbags, wobbled in agony.

「Pi~i! (Whistle SFX)

Rena-san and Marcella-san, Pi~i!

If you carry that much, you will be attacked by monsters and bandits without being able to fight back!

And if you do that, you won’t be able to tomorrow and a few more days after that with muscle aches.」(Mile)

As might be expected, Mile couldn’t keep quiet about this.

Perhaps she thought that she didn’t favor anyone because it was a common mistake for both parties.

「「Ah…」」(Marcella + Rena)

Perhaps they understand their mistakes, Rena and Marcella reduce the number of sandbags so that they can carry.

And Mile stored the extra sandbag.

Even if it’s just a sandbag, they won’t throw it away because it takes time to prepare a bag, go to the place where there is sand, stuff it, and sew it together.

It may also be useful someday…

And then, the group finally returned to the inn.

「…I’m tired……」

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「That’s right…」

Rena’s Trio was really surprised because they thought that Marcella would say “I’m better than you”.

When it comes to “which party is stronger” of course, Red Oath can say with confidence that they are the ones.

However, when Marcella said about “Hunter’s ability”, Red Oath was overly clumsy for the past three days.

They expected Marcella’s Trio would poke there and claim that Wonder Three was better when they couldn’t argue against it.

But Marcella didn’t. She even admitted their loss…

(I wonder if she gave up on Mile…) (Rena)

It’s no wonder Rena thinks so.


「Everyone is aiming for A rank with excellent ability,

And you can make a lot of money, right?」(Marcella)

「…Eh, yes…」(Rena)

Marcella talked about everyone’s “goal”.

「In that case…」(Marcella)

「In that case?」(Rena)

「Everyone is working hard to become an A-rank hunter and earn money.

While Adel-san doesn’t want that kind of thing, she just wants average/ordinary happiness.

As a C-rank hunter with us, she can go around the world while relaxing, doing interesting things, and having fun.

For a while…, yes, about 10 years.

Then we are 23 years old.

Then, if we returned to our country after becoming rank B, we would appear to have been training hard. And at that time, the two princes would probably have been married to other n.o.ble girls, so Adel-san would also be safe.

As expected, they would not be able to force Adel-san to be their mistress or lover, anyway, there’s no need to worry.

At that age, we wouldn’t be forced to marry anymore…

After that, in Adel-san’s territory, each of us will catch a good man that we love.

The four of us are good friends who would stay together as a big family…

Well, the whole thing would be explained that four good cla.s.smates set off on a fun and brilliant adventure!」(Marcella)

…Glittering… (Kira Kira)

The eyes of Mile shined.

(((She has done it now~!!!))) (Red Oath)

Rena’s Trio was surprised that Marcella pulled a fast one on them.

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