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Chapter 423 - Joint Request 2

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Chapter 423: Joint Request 2

「…Well then, let’s get started…」

With a grumpy face, Rena announces the start of the subjugation.

Of course, Red Oath skipped lunch.

They can’t waste too much time, but they can’t just hunt and dismantle edible prey right now.

Even if you thought it was just simple hot water, they still couldn’t drink it without a cup.

Now that they have no time, they have to give up on it. As expected, although they drank water, since they had no cup or water bottle, they drank it directly from the water-creation magic, and most of it overflowed, it was inefficient and it was terrible.

It’s not a big deal because there are two magicians with a lot of magical power, but if this is an ordinary magician or something, you have to put up with thirst to save the magical power for battle.

However, while most people still eat two meals a day, it was good that Red Oath has the habit of taking three meals a day. So they had a proper breakfast before this.

Even if they tried to avoid being full, if they were having breakfast, skipping lunch wasn’t a big deal.

In fact, until now, there were times they had to skip lunch depending on the mission.

Yes, for three members of Red Oath, this was actually more mental damage than physical damage.

Why didn’t the three of them even notice such an easy thing?

If Mile didn’t follow, they might have noticed.

However, as soon as it was decided that Mile would come with them, they were naive enough to a.s.sume that “Ah, (average) as usual”.

And at night, they must deal with dinner and camp.

As expected, they can’t skip dinner. And tomorrow’s breakfast as well.

It will greatly hinder tomorrow’s actions, and if they do poorly, it could lead to unexpected failures.

To do that, they have to do something by night.

「Maevis, Pauline, we will collect any edible wild gra.s.ses or tree nuts on the way…

Also, Maevis, I will ask you to sc.r.a.pe the wood before dinner and make something that could be used as a cup.

So we will start camp preparation a little earlier」(Rena)

As expected, Rena immediately took measures and whispered softly to Maevis and Pauline.

Kokuri. (Nod SFX)

Then Maevis and Pauline silently nod.

It is terrible to say that they want to speed up camp time, but it is unavoidable.

Mile often said that. “We can’t change the call of our stomach”…

* * *

「Horn Rabbit!」(Monika)


「We will hunt it! Pauline!」(Rena)


Monika reported on the horned rabbit sighted.

Marcella instructed to go through and Rena instructed to hunt.

Therefore, “Wonder Three” was on the sidelines, and “Red Oath” immediately moved.

Pauline stopped the movement of the horn rabbit by wind magic and Rena stopped it with ice magic instead of fire magic, which she is good at, to prevent fire,

Maevis drained the rabbit’s blood out quickly.

「「「…………」」」(Wonder Three)

Marcella’s Trio is silently watching, but of course, everyone was thinking about different things.

(Why would they went out to hunt something that doesn’t cost much money…

Ah, is it for dinner…) (Monika)

(That level of prey, they could pretty much anywhere later…

If they hunted food at the beginning of the hunt, it would become extra luggage when they hunter a big prey later…) (Oriana)

(Ara, they definitely don’t want to skip dinner, so they can’t afford to make an efficient plan. As soon as they saw their dinner, they thought they had to secure it.) (Marcella)

“Wonder Three” with a pitiful face, silently watching the action of “Red Oath”.

And from that situation, Red Oath could vaguely guess what Wonder Three are thinking,

…In other words, Rena notices her impatient mistake and blush.

Yes, they can hunt those things later, and if they catch a big one, they can use a part of it for dinner.

After all, they can only take back the part that sells at a high price.

The six girls know how much they can carry.

Therefore, today, tomorrow’s prey will be dismantled, the best part that can be brought back will be cooled with ice magic, and the others will be thrown away.

Just cooling, not freezing completely.

Suppress the damage at low temperatures and let the aging progress a little.

If it’s too cold, it will be severe when they take it home.

In reality, Mile will bring back those “discarded parts” with storage magic, and everyone will share the sales money…

In the end, because Red Oath was worried that they couldn’t hunt prey later, they wasted some extra time and had to carry extra luggage.

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Well, Rea Oath was originally empty-handed so carrying a little meat wouldn’t hurt that much, so Marcella’s Trio had no complaints.

It shocked Rena’s Trio far beyond Mile’s imagination.

Then, when shocked, Rena’s Trio glanced at Mile, and Mile looked away.

That further hurt Rena’s Trio.

…At least, she should act silly as usual.

Only if she didn’t notice anything and had a blank face.

And when Red Oath got a little distance to Wonder Three at the front and Mile at the back.

Rena whispered to Maevis and Pauline about her thoughts.

「They are weak.

So it was necessary for them to avoid strong monsters.

So Mile needed to teach that magic when she left them.

But we’re strong and Mile doesn’t leave us.

So she didn’t have to teach us that magic, which was never allowed to spread. That must be it!」(Rena)

Kokuri (Nod SFX)

Kokuri (Nod SFX)

Maevis and Pauline silently nod to Rena.

Yes, that must be it.


「Soil Spear (EN)!」(Monika)

「Ice nail (EN)!」(Marcella)

「Water cutter (EN)!」(Oriana)

Do~su~! (SFX)

Busu~busu busu~busu busu! (SFX)

Su~pa~n! (SFX)

「「「Eh…」」」(Red Oath)

「Soil Spear (EN)!」(Monika)

Although the Orc’s fighting power was completely lost, it still survived Monika’s “Soil Spear”.

So Monika shot a second one, almost without a gap.

The second shot was too fast, even if she cast it in her head at high speed…

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