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Chapter 418 - Rivals’ War 2

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Chapter 418: Rivals’ War 2

「Stop joking around」(Rena)

「You should only sleep-talk when you are sleeping」(Pauline)

「Mile belongs to Red Oath, outsiders have no right to steal her from us」(Maevis)

Rena’s Trio is very agitated.

(Th-This is……) (Mile)

The situation was bad but Mile had something that she had to say here. And Mile who was quiet until now was saying…

「…Everyone, please stop fighting over me」(Mile)

(Hooray! (Yatta!)

I finished third place, the line I want to say someday!!

No way, to think I can meet such a conspiracy…) (Mile)

*Mufu* Mile has a satisfied face.

「「……」」(Rena + Marcella)

「「「「…………」」」」(Rena + Maevis + Marcella + Monica)

「「「「「「………………」」」」」」(Rena + Maevis + Pauline + Marcella + Monica + Oriana)

「「「「「「What’s with that face enjoying other people’s affairs」」」」」」(Rena + Maevis + Pauline + Marcella + Monica + Oriana)

…Everyone was angry with her…

* * *

「Anyway, you girls are just her “old friends, when she was a student” and we are her “current friends and comrade”.

It’s good to meet once in a while and talk about the old tales to deepen fellowship.

But it’s terrible when she doesn’t have enough time to play with friends whose expiration date has long pa.s.sed.」(Rena)

「Yeah, you girls are just normal students, did you learn how to fight with the guidance of Mile?

Unlike us, who walked the same path as Mile and improved our fighting ability dramatically by her teaching and real battle.

Even if you can fight with Orcs and Ogres, can you fight the Beastkins, the Devils, the Wyvern, and the Ancient Dragon at the front line?

…Yes, you’re not strong enough to fight with Mile…」(Maevis)

「When you were still children, she was on good terms with you just because she happened to be in the same cla.s.s.

It would be a nuisance to Mile-chan if she was stuck to those people forever.

We are Mile-chan’s hands and feet」(Pauline)

「「「What…」」」(Wonder Three)

Rena, Mavis, and Pauline’s words are too harsh.

Even Maevis, who is kind and never forgets to care for others, speaks rather harsh words.

…But they are all true, considering the safety and future for Mile and Marcella’s group, it was a sincere word that thought of other people.

Rena’s Trio had heard about Marcella’s Trio from Mile, they knew that Marcella’s Trio wasn’t the type of people who were good at fighting in the wild.

Unlike the Rena’s Trio, who have no other choice, each of Wonder Three has a modest future, such as marrying a n.o.ble family, marrying a merchant, and senior officials from a public office or aristocratic family.

There is no reason to become a hunter, a bottom job who risks their lives.

And they are much weaker than the Red Oath. They will hinder Mile if they act together. The naive ladies, Marcella’s Trio may take a pity the humanoid enemies, or they might be captured as hostages and Mile must surrender.

Meanwhile, Rena’s Trio has steeled their hearts, they won’t bother their friends if they get taken as hostages.

However, can a Naive n.o.ble’s daughter (Marcella), a merchant’s daughter (Monica), and an ordinary village girl have such a determination?

However, Marcella’s Trio didn’t just stay silent, taking all those attacks, they also counter-attacked as well.

「「「Said the one who lost to us last time…」」」(Wonder Three)

「「「Uuu…」」」(Red Oath)

Yes, when Red Oath and Wonder Three met for the first time, Mile joined the Red Oath side in a 4 vs 3 battle. And Red Oath was completely defeated against Wonder Three.

No, that was the room of the Girl dormitory at Ekland Academy,

It’s a battle full of constraints, not to be noticed by people on both sides, the floor below, and not to hurt the opponent or destroy the room or furniture, using restraint magic and physical language.

It was like “Cat Fight”.

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But still, the conditions are the same for each other,

We don’t have to be so impatient to make a lot of money.

It’s enough if we can earn money to enjoy our everyday life.

Meanwhile, you all want to improve your rank, you will take requests to kill strong monster opponents or an interpersonal battle that Adele-chan may not want to do.

Are you going to get Adele-chan to do those “dangerous jobs”?」(Oriana)


Rena’s Trio can’t argue against Oriana’s point.

Apparently, Rena’s Trio realized that they couldn’t beat Marcella and Oriana in the quarrel, so they decided to take the last resort.

…It is too early but the “last resort” has already come into play.

「Mile! Just say it: “I will act as a member of the Red Oath!”」(Rena)


Suddenly got involved, Mile was confused.

Maevis and Paulin also stared at her with the belief that Mile would naturally choose them.

(Aha. Ahahahahaha) (Mile)

Choose one side of your important friends.

Mile couldn’t do that.

Marcella’s Trio, the very first friends in her whole life including her past life.

Rena’s Trio, the comrades she found together with her life.

Both are her precious friends…

(Wha… what should I do…?) (Mile)

After being frustrated and worried, Miley finally spoke out…

「…Everyone, please stop fighting over me」(Mile)

「「「「「「We already heard that!!」」」」」」(Red Oath + Wonder Three)

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