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Chapter 413 - Imouto 4

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Chapter 413: Imouto 4

It’s morning.

Basically, it’s time for an ordinary person to sleep.

Red Oath is weak in the morning due to the “j.a.panese f.u.kashi” story at night.

It’s late to show up at the guild.

Rena is like:

“We are not in trouble with money, we can take care even the most difficult requests, so we’d better leave the easy requests for the newbie!”

However, it’s just a few days that they stopped calling themselves “newbies”, it’s impossible for Pauline to give up the easy to earn money request to another party.

…Today simply because they stayed up late, everyone couldn’t get up early…

And, in the city, even if they are oversleeping or skipping work, people might not notice it, but in a rural village, they stick out like a sore thumb…

By the time Mile’s group got up, the villagers had gone to work in the morning, it was about time they came back to have breakfast and lunch.

In some countries on the Earth, it’s common to start eating between 10am and 11am, it was a little earlier than Lunch and later than breakfast.

Since the girls have two meals a day, it would be good to say “brunch”.

Mile doesn’t think deeply about that.

And even counting the villagers there are very few people, Red Oath who wake up at this time attracted the attention of the villagers.

The children have been getting up and working hard, such as farming, collecting in safe nearby areas, and babysitting younger brothers and sisters.

「「「「…………」」」」(Red Oath)

Perhaps it was a little embarra.s.sing for Rena so when she left the tent, she reluctantly retreated back into it.

「…I can understand that the hardworking villagers look at us as over-sleepers with disappointed eyes, but didn’t their eyes look at us a little strange?」(Mile)

Yeah, as Mile said, the kids were looking at the girls with a normal smirk, but the adults seemed to be somewhat irritated.

「Ah, probably because we didn’t treat them meat yesterday」(Pauline)

「「Eh?」」(Mile + Maevis)

Mile and Maevis were surprised with Pauline’s words, Rena remained unchanged.

「Because we gave a treat for the kids, right? Meanwhile, you said adults must pay and there was no one buying anything…

However, while letting the children eat a lot of food for free, we didn’t let the adults eat foods for free, so they treated us as bad guys and enemies?

Moreover, we even helped children?」 (Skip this)

(T.N: This one is the biggest mess of dialog I have ever seen, I don’t understand why she must repeat it over and over so I cut it like below)

「Because we gave a treat for the kids but you charged the adults and there was no one buying…

And because of that, they treated us as bad guys and enemies even though we helped the children?」(Rena)

The villagers must have been told about the fact that Merlina-chan was about to be kidnaped last night to be careful. So they must have known that Red Oath has saved Merlina-chan.

「Villagers are like that.

Even if we don’t have such a duty and they don’t have such a right, they still want to get whatever profit they can get.

They thought that it’s natural for wealthy people to give them profit.

Those who don’t give them anything are villains and they can kill the said people and take it for themselves.

…Thinking so, it’s not strange for villagers to attack a small number of traveling merchants in a village.

By the way, such a village won’t appear near the royal capital … because they would get suspected.

Anyway, because “We didn’t give them foods even though we had plenty of food” so we are “villains” from the perspective of the adults in this village.」(Rena)

「No, no way…」(Mile)

Hearing Rena’s explanations, Mile hung her head down and Meavis also seemed depressed

「Well, of course, not all villages, and of course there are humble people in this village.

Until now, there were many villages with many decent people, right?」(Rena)

Indeed, it was exactly as Rena said.

So far, they have only met some Idiots, there were no malice villagers, human or dwarf village.

「So, what should we do?」(Maevis)

「Eh, what should we do?」(Mile)

「From now on, we will decide about our actions!」(Rena)

As usual, Mile has an extreme difference between good and bad, Rena feels a little irritated.

「To the villagers who may not know anything about us, even if we brought up the problem with Bandits, they won’t listen to us.

Well, they wouldn’t think we could beat the bandits, that’s why they’d rather avoid it. Because if we failed to beat the bandits, the bandits would be angry and take revenge on the villagers.

Besides, there’s a problem before that. Free request isn’t going through the guild and there’s no penalty. So they were afraid that we would free as soon as we received the advance payment. But when they asked to pay later, they might cheat by saying “Sorry, our village doesn’t have money to pay. I hope you help us with mercy…”

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You can bet one gold coin」(Rena)

「「「How did it come to that?!」」」(Rena’s Trio)

The three rebuked Mile at the same time.

「If we capture them alive, even if we don’t get the request’s reward, we can make a lot of money by criminal slave sales money…」(Mile)

「LET’S DO IT (Yarimashou)!」(Pauline)

Pauline gave an immediate answer.

「The tale of 4 hunters save the village from the bandits…」(Mile)

「LET’S DO IT (Yarou)!」(Maevis)

Maevis also gave an immediate answer.


「Bandits beating…」(Mile)

「LET’S DO IT (Yaru wa yo)!」(Rena)

…Piece of cake

Pauline loves money.

Maevis loves to be cool and be appreciated by people.

And Rena loves to beat (kill) bandits.

Furthermore, Mile had told everyone the adapted story “The Seven Hunters” in “j.a.panese f.u.kashi Talk”. There was no blind spot.

「For the time being, shall we bring up the free request to the villagers?」(Maevis)

「It’s useless.」(Rena)

Party leader Maevis said so but Rena immediately denied.

「If we do that, the villagers will proudly tell everyone later:

“Even if you don’t pay, the hunters will still help you for free. Why would you need to pay then, are you stupid?”.

If such a rumor spreads, many hunters will be inconvenienced. And people heard the rumor would think that’s us, Red Oath…」(Rena)

「「「It’s the action of our free will」」」(Mile’s Trio)

Yes, that was the only option.

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