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Chapter 412 - Imouto 3

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Chapter 412: Imouto 3

Therefore, Mile’s group refused to stay at Merlina-chan’s house but asked for permission to set up a tent in the vacant lot next to the house.

Then, Mile quickly took out the tent, toilet, and bathroom from the item box and installed it.

…It is not a “bathtub” but a “bathroom”.

There is also a changing room, the peep preventing measures were perfect. Of course, the same goes for the toilet.

The name “fortification bathroom” and “fortification Toilet” aren’t just for show.

It can withstand a flock of Orcs’ attack so that you can safely use it without worry.

And there are things to do before bathing or going to bed.

…Not going to the toilet either.

No, of course, they need to go to the toilet before going to bed.

Naturally, it is a meal (dinner). And for that, cooking.

When the girls are tired or when they don’t have time, they will just eat the pre-made foods (it’s warm like it was just made)

Otherwise, they will make it on the spot every time.

For meat that is pickled will taste familiar.

Mile used “processed meat”, but they do it all the time in cooking programs, so there’s no problem.

When Mile’s group starts to grill meat with a simple oven set up in front of the tent…

「It smells delicious…」(Merlina-chan)

While saying so, Merlina-chan came out of the house.

「Jackpot (Hook line and sinker)!!」(Mile)

「…You, you set up a furnace on the windward side, now that I think about it you’re burning the sauce deliberately…」(Rena)

Aware of Mile’s strange spirited voice, Rena retorts.

Maevis and Pauline already gave up and shrugged their shoulders lightly.

…They got used to it.

It was just that.

「Now now, help yourself」(Mile)

「…Is that okay?」(Merlina-chan)

Merlina-chan shily asks, but there’s nothing wrong with it because it’s Mile’s plot.

「Please eat, please eat, pleat eat meat!」(Mile)

Mile Vol 5 Page 03

「「「…………」」」(Rena’s Trio)

It was the usual Mile…

Somewhat scared, Merlina-chan ate yakiniku with sauce on the plate that Mile handed over.

「Delicious (Oishii)!!」(Merlina-chan)

And children coming out from everywhere, then adults coming out after that.

Apparently, the children were looking at it from behind their doors because it smells so good.

And when they saw Merlina-chan ate Yakiniku so deliciously, they couldn’t stand the temptation and jumped out.

Their parents rushed out after them.

「Everyone, it’s okay to eat! Of course, it’s free!」(Mile)

Mile’s words cheered up the children.

「However, only children are free!

Adults are charged!」(Pauline)

Adults felt disappointed (down) with Pauline’s words.

It is natural.

Why do the girls have to serve food for free to villagers who have no connection or relationships?

That, of course, also applies to children.

But well, for Mile, other than using it on a daily basis, these foods are also a means for her desire which she doesn’t usually say about.

…And Rena’s group was originally child lovers.

And indeed, not even Mile seemed to have intentions to feed adults free of charge.

Mile’s aim wasn’t to let the children eat.

That is just a means.

Yes, the real purpose is to have fun and be surrounded by children.

In order to fully enjoy the dreams that she couldn’t achieve in her past life…

She died as Misato when she was 18 years old.

Misato had already been treated specially by people when she was around the age of 4-5, so Mile wanted to regain her “fun childhood life” after ages 4-5 in Misato’s stead.

That’s why Mile is committed to playing with lolis.

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…Of course, she is going to get back everything from 17 to 18 years old, because she is now at that age.

「Ah, Lyre, your clothes have sauce!

Come on, here…

Ah, Anzerna, your strange habit of messing hair again…」(Merlina-chan)

And Mile was making noise again.

「Aaaah! She even gave off the same aura as Keiko」(Mile)

* * *

「Stop causing too much trouble for everyone!」(Rena)

「I’m sorry…」(Mile)

After extraordinary dinner (BBQ party) with the children was over,

Red Oath cleaned everything up and pulled back to the tent.

And Rena rebuked Mile.

「But wasn’t Mile’s sister taken over by her paternal grandfather?」


Yes, if it’s Mile’s “younger sister”, it should be her step-sister, the daughter of the second wife.

And in fact, because her father gave birth to her, Priscus should be Mile’s half-sister.

Mile didn’t tell Maevis’ group about the name “Priscus”, so she explained the outline of that.

「No, my Imouto is the little girl in the neighborhood!

You know, like girls often tell Maevis-san, “Onee-sama” and so on!」(Mile)


When Mile said that, Maevis couldn’t say anything back.

No, in fact, it’s normal for a younger child in your neighborhood to call you “Onee-chan”.

There are various ways such as “Grande Soeur and Pet.i.te Soeur” in Maria-sama ga Miteru. It’s not strange.

Mile has uttered various dangerous things, but no matter how many hints of that degree she leaks out, no one can think of Mile of anyone other than the Viscountess of Askham, let alone someone from another world who had died and reincarnated.

So this time as well, everyone just thinks it as:

“She had a cute Imouto who loved her when she was a kid… Mile is still a minor and is a fine “child” in many ways… So she was just confused when she encountered a girl who looked exactly like the one she knew…”

So everyone just leaves it as that.

…Mile’s eccentricity has been improved.

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