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Chapter 411 - Imouto 2

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Chapter 411: Imouto 2

With a demon-like figure, Mile pulled out her sword, rushed up and shouting.

Following after her, Maevis also pulled out her sword, and behind them, Rena and Pauline started casting attack magic.

…ran away.

The man who was holding the little girl’s arm escaped first, the other guys also fled after him.

It was easy to chase, slash, or shoot them down with attack magic, but without checking the circ.u.mstances, the girls held back.

…It would be bad if they overdid it with mistakes.

Like: In fact, the little girl is a criminal or she just had a quarrel with her lover…

No, that probability was almost zero, and the girls can crush the those men at anytime.

The population in this countryside isn’t dense, it can be done easily with Mile’s detection magic.

And if those guys weren’t just common pa.s.sing-by pick-ups, then they’d come to this village again soon.

The girls could just do it at that time.

Well, it’s unlikely for an old man tried to pick up a 10 years old little girl.

…By the way, the definition of “little girl 幼女” in modern j.a.pan is

“Young girl before entering elementary school”

For Mile, the range seemed to increase a little more.

「…So that’s why…」(Maevis?)

According to the 10 years old loli that Mile’s group helped,

Apparently, those men were trying to kidnap her.

It seems that they have been coming to the village often and gathering for extortion.

At first, things weren’t that bad because they didn’t kill people or seriously injure anyone.

They were just somewhat violent, stealing, and robbing.

However, this small village doesn’t have enough surplus of food to feed them.

No, even if the villagers have it, there’s no reason to give it to the bandits.

Food, liquor, money… and lastly woman.

What they want is escalating one after another…

Finally, the villagers couldn’t stand it anymore and began to refuse their demand.

Then they were about to kidnap the loli…

Perhaps they would take her as a hostage and demand various things.

Alternatively, they may have intended to sell her off to an illegal slave trader.

「They weren’t good bandit! Why didn’t you deal with them first?」(Rena)

Rena gritted her teeth and said that but it was no use saying it to such a small child. She has to tell adults…

And Mile clapped her hand.

「That’s it, “Boiled frog theory”!

Throwing a frog into boiling water, it will escape immediately, but if you slowly raise the temperature by heating a pot containing water and the frog, it will lose the timing to escape, get boiled and die!

…No, it’s just a metaphor used in economics.

In fact, of course, it already ran away, the frog…」(Mile)


Mile hadn’t completely returned from being angry,

But it seemed that she could manage to listen to and a.n.a.lyze the story heard from the loli.

It’s not like Mile to be this angry and frenzy. Of course, there was a reason.

「I see. They tried to be less harmful as possible at first.

In that case, the villagers wouldn’t bother to report it to the Lord or request the Guild for something trivial.

After that, the situation will gradually get worse…」(Maevis)

「So, they were pretending to be some small villains at first」(Pauline)

Apparently, Maevis and Pauline seemed to understand.

And, up until now, those bandits didn’t seem to care much for children, but now they tried to kidnap a girl around 10 years old.

…Perhaps it’s about time to “reap”,

In other words, they will harvest up to the roots and move to the next village.

Yes, attacking the village, robbing all food, money, and everything that could be sold for money, kill all the disturbing villagers.

And the next targeted village will continue to think like “Oh, thank goodness. Our village just had some small fry villains, who didn’t kill people like that group of brutal bandits in the next village”

And repeat the same thing.

It was a common occurrence.

But if the villagers don’t bother about the situation to resist, ask the lord for help, or ask the Hunter Guild or Mercenary Guild,

It was unrelated to “Red Oath”.

Even if all members of “Red Oath” are nice, things have limits.

Without trying to stand up and seeking help,

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The villagers were just waiting, hoping someone would help them someday.

Mile Vol 13 yone_13_119

「Why did you suddenly weep?」(Loli)

The girls didn’t understand, they were confused…

Well, it was clear to Rena’s Trio that Mile was completely into this little girl. For that reason, no one expected Mile to say so.

「It can’t be helped… we will send/escort this child home」(Rena)

Even though the surroundings of the village are forests, it seems that wild plants and herbs are exhausted in the immediate vicinity of the village.

The little girl came a little away from the village, but not so far.

It’s only about a dozen minutes on foot but the girls should send her home just in case.

The possibility that those guys are waiting isn’t zero.

In the first place, Mile is completely interested in this loli,

She won’t take no for an answer.

* * *

「EH, WHAT!? To think my daughter was in danger, Thank you very much for helping her!!」(Merlina’s parent)

When Red Oath escorts the loli, Merlina-chan home, her parents are really grateful.

(T.N: Merlina. as a girls’ name has its root in Old French, and the name Merlina means “blackbird”. Merlina is a version of Merle (Old French). STARTS/ENDS WITH Mer-, -na.)

Yes, that’s right. If things went south, the bandits might do awful things to her or might sell her somewhere.

However, seeing someone bowing their heads too much will make you feel uncomfortable.

「Well then, we will take our leave…」(Rena)

Merlina-chan parents might be able to look after her, so for the time being, please keep an eye on her and be careful not to leave her alone.

Rena’s group tried to say so and leave, but…

「No, that’s no good!

It’s already dark, so please stay with us tonight!」(Merlina’s parent)

The father invited the girls so, but to be honest, it was much easier and comfortable for Red Oath to use their usual tents and beds, rather than being cramped in a small house.

Besides, even if they put up with the bath, they are reluctant to use the toilet in the countryside.

Their bodies that have become accustomed to the comfortable toilet made by Mile, they couldn’t even feel comfortable in the bathroom of the inn in the city, let alone something like this.

Human beings, once they taste the (average) luxury and comfort, they can’t (go un-average) let it go again.

…Yes, storage magic, delicious food, portable toilet, and portable bathroom…

Of course, although it’s “portable”, only Mile can carry them.

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