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Chapter 406 - Leisure Story The Burning Man 1

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Chapter 406: Leisure Story The Burning Man 1

T.N: Sorry to break it to you but Kevin just appears this one time in Side-Story (Leisure Story)

Shinonome, If you are that bored, try to fix these 3 chapters at once. And once again I will steal, ahem, self-edit with your translation

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「Ah, it’s so boring… 」

Shortly after Red Oath finished the request escorting the camouflaged merchants (aka spies) to the Albarn Empire back and forth, Pauline wanted Red Oath to take a long vacation because she wanted to visit her home.

Their usual rest time (vacation) only takes about a week give or take, Pauline and Maevis won’t have enough time for a 2-ways trip visiting their home. Thus, Red Oath took a long vacation of 3-weeks.

Pauline and Maevis returned to their home.

Rena went to pay respects to her father and Red Lighting Bolt Party’s graves.

…And, Mile couldn’t return, so she has a lot of free time.

「Something I can do alone and will take time…

Fairy hunt. …Yay (Yatta)

Take care and teach cute girl every detail. …I really enjoy my time with Mareeta-chan (Chapter 2 Extra)

Ah, maybe I should sneak into school “again” and check up on her…」(Mile)

(T.N: Yes, “Mata/again” in raw, Mile, what has you done? Why didn’t you show it to us in Novel)


Almost… no, Mile was totally a stalker…

Stalker… fulfilled her hope(望み) and desires(欲望).

「That’s a Tarkovsky(*) movie you’re talking about! And that only happens in a “Room”, a “Zone” I tell you! And no, it’s not a perverted film, but a proper work of science fiction!」(Mile)

(T.N: Andrei a.r.s.enyevich Tarkovsky was a Russian filmmaker, writer, and film theorist. He is widely considered one of the greatest and most influential directors in the history of Russian and world cinema.)

Suddenly, Mile screams something that no-one in this world understands.

Apparently, Mile seems to have a.s.sociated with something arbitrarily.

(T.N: break the 4th wall and Tsukkomi to us/Funa)

「But 3 whole weeks, I have too much free time.

Everything in the Capital City can be done on a regular weekly vacation or even when I’m not on a vacation…

Ah, there is one. Shall I go for a lone journey?」(Mile)

Normally, it would be too dangerous for a young girl (Shoujo) to travel alone in this world.

Let alone the bandits and thugs around the world, even an average traveler might have a bad idea (l.u.s.t) if they see a cute and powerless young girl travel alone.

Or when you travel through the poor rural areas where Villagers can barely eat.

…Among them, there are malicious villages that attack the traveling merchants or where wanted-criminals hide.

In other words, it’s a world full of danger, it’s not sane for such as a young girl to travel alone.

But it has nothing to do with Mile.

Yes, something like this (common sense) doesn’t matter.

「Alright, time to hit the road (*)!」(Mile)

(T.N: yup, I like this so I steal from Shinonome, the raw is just “let’s go/Ikuzo”)

Thus, Mile was traveling alone.

While humming the dubious Enka song in the language if this country…

* * *

「Umu~mu, Good progress, good progress…」(Mile)

Bandits and suspicious people approached her several times, but each time Mile ran away.

Yes, at “full speed”.

Just when you thought her image looked blurred and then before you know it, *Hi~yun*, she was already far away. (T.N: after-image)

…There’s no way anyone can catch up to her.

Yes, if she caught them, turned them to the city, went through the procedure, she would get paid. But it was troublesome and took a lot of time so she decided not to do it.

If she was involved in each and every one of them, the vacation would be over in no time.

Even though it’s three weeks, a week in the world has only six days, so there are only 18 days in total.

But well, if it’s only Mile, it will only take a few days to move. Even if she walks normally.

As a last resort, Mile could just launch herself in the air and use gravity-altering magic “Cavourite” to fall horizontally, she would arrive in a moment. (s.p.a.ceX bfr)

But that would be distasteful and would ruin the experience of traveling.

So, like any average girl, she was just walking… twice as fast as usual.

She moved southwest from the Capital city.

Mile Vol 13 Map 2

Following that direction is the place where the three countries’ borders crossed. The Tyrus Kingdom, the Homebase of “Red Oath”, the Brandel Kingdom, Mile, no… Adel’s motherland and Albarn Empire.

More like the place where they are facing each other, the Tyrus Kingdom + the Brandel Kingdom VS Albarn Empire.

The Tyrus Kingdom and the Brandel Kingdom watch each other’s back and keep an eye on the Imperial Army that crosses the border.

…Yes, only “in case the Empire really invades their country”


If it’s not a full-scale invasion from the Empire as a whole, but just the Empire’s n.o.bles on the border having skirmishes using their own territorial armies, there was no need for the other kingdoms to get involved.

If such a thing was done, it was natural that the kingdom to whom the invaded territory belonged would launch a counter-offensive against Imperial territory with the support of other countries too, making the whole affair in danger of escalating to an all-out war at a national scale.

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For things as small as skirmishes, n.o.bles were expected to do something on their own, or maybe request for a.s.sistance from their own country’s national army.

Every time there’s a skirmish, his land will take all the damage.

While the other n.o.bles only send a token force to drive off the invaders, or something like that.

And the baron himself can’t object to other n.o.bles either since they also need to take care of their own land.

There’s nothing he can do about the location of his territory either…

And every time, the fields will be trampled and young women will be taken away.

It’s the worst imaginable territory there is.

And in such a messy situation, bandits will also try to attack, the soldier or mercenary of that land will need to fight almost on a daily basis.

All for the measly sum of six small gold coins per day.

To make matters worse, your employer is only a small, weak baron.

While your opponents are a territory full of starving peasants willing to fight to the death for their next meal.

You gotta be kidding me (ふざけんな/Fuzaken na)!

At any rate, if you accept, you’ll get put at the front as a disposable p.a.w.n.

Naturally, no one at the Mercenary Guild’s gonna accept it.

The same goes for us hunters!」(Hunter)

He completely rejected it.

Well, the hunters here wouldn’t expect a young girl, who looks around 12 years old, to take such a request, so it’s more like they are teaching the junior young hunter.

It’s an unfamiliar face and of course, it’s not the age to go on a training journey.

She is alone, so she must wear the used-equipment that her parents bought for her.

Or maybe she is about to register as a hunter.

And a boy party from mid-teens to late-teens was glancing at Mile.

Perhaps they intended to solicit her as soon as she finished registering.

The equipment worn by Mile isn’t too bad for a newbie,

It means that her parents aren’t troubled with money and are willing to help their daughter becoming a hunter.

… And Mile was undeniable cute.

Yes, that how it was to the hunters around here.

Then Mile went to the reception desk, but what she told to the receptionist onee-san was…

「Um, I’m taking the request for mercenary recruitment from the neighboring country!」(Mile)


A loud collective cry echoed throughout the guild. Well, it couldn’t be helped…

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