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Chapter 404 - The Empire’s Suffegrin

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Chapter 404

The Empire’s Suffegrin

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“What did you say!? The armory is completely empty!?!”

At a certain garrison of the Imperial Army, the commanding general flew into a rage at an outrageous report from his men.

“Y-yes. This morning, I was going to grab a weapon for practice, but the entire place was bare. Never mind a sword or spear, there wasn’t even a single arrow left… ”

At his subordinate’s account, the general could only sit in stunned silence.

It’s no wonder.

To put it simply, a large number of enemy or bandit forces had entered the garrison and had carted off an enormous amount of arms without any resistance.

“That’s impossible!!”

The general’s retort came as no surprise.

If he acknowledged such a thing, it would mean that their security system is tantamount to a scarecrow and that the bandits could’ve silently slit their throats in their sleep, but had simply overlooked them in compa.s.sion.

…There was no way the general could concede such a thing.

However, reality is a difficult thing to deny.

“ … ”

No one dared to speak to the brooding general, who was silent himself.

Of course, it should be noted that this is the military. The soldiers naturally had a right to own and manage their personal equipment—swords, spears, etc.—so the weapons in the armory were mostly spares or for training, coupled with a handful of siege weapons. However, that doesn’t mean that losing them is not a problem… Mostly, it’s a matter of responsibility.

“What were the guards doing!? Were they all having forty winks!?”

“N-no. The patrols were all on guard, and there are many people who can confirm this. Besides, it’s impossible in the first place to just carry out a large number of weapons and armor without making noise, never mind not being found out.

The general’s subordinates argued such. Their reasoning was sound, and there was nothing wrong with anything they said. The general internally agreed with them too. However…

“In that case, how do you explain this!? What am I supposed to report to my superiors!?!”

It seemed the yelling was unavoidable though.


“How come the new ballista is disa.s.sembled into pieces, with all the metal parts gone?”

“The iron ties of the scaling ladders have disappeared?” [1]

“All the iron components in the wagons are nowhere to be found? Only wood is left?”

“Did all the metal armor disappear? Even leather armor sets lost their metallic parts?”

As the extent of the disaster slowly came to light, the soldiers, too, let out a collective retort:

“What the h.e.l.l is going on!?!?”

Weapons, armor, metal products, oil, and other a.s.sorted goods simply vanished into thin air from various warehouses owned by the Imperial Army.

Many things also disappeared from the storehouses and personal residences of merchants, but these were small enough losses that, even if the owner realized they were gone, it would be a minor inconvenience at worst.

…Such was not the case for military warehouses.



They were completely and utterly empty: systematically stripped without a shred of mercy.

Is it because Mile said to do so?

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Or was it because the nanomachines snuck in a suggestion?

…Materials! Supplies!

In order to mine and refine substances, equipment and materials were needed. In order to obtain this equipment, more supplies were necessary. But in order to produce materials and supplies, equipment was required. A cla.s.sic catch-22.

Levies from intelligent creatures were only permitted to the extent that they do not cause much trouble. That was nowhere near enough for future activities…

At the other scavenger’s dilemma, the messenger scavenger gave a wonderful piece of news.

…There are sources of materials with no permission restrictions…

And so, they went. To dig, that is.

All in the belief that the day of glory will come…

(Hey, nano-chan… )

[Yes, what is your query?]

(Is it possible to raise the authority level of lower-ranked people?)

[If you reach level seven, you may raise level one individuals to level two. However, it should be noted that this only applies to select, nominated individuals, and does not work at a racial level… ]

(That’s what I expected. Well, if someone raised it recklessly, they’d be out of control. If it’s lowering someone’s level though, the effect would be much smaller, so it’d make sense that the restrictions were lower… ) [4]

Mile was mulling over this in case of an emergency, but it didn’t seem that things were that rosy.

[Please do not abuse your right to suspend authority. In this case, it was a reasonable option in order to keep the situation peaceful since the other side used it first, and because the ancient dragon child has caused the command center no shortage of problems… ]

(Eh? But doesn’t nano-chan create magic regardless of whether it’s for good or evil… ?)

[We do in regards to ‘magic,’ the execution of instructions for the manipulation of physical phenomena via thought waves. In this case, it does not qualify as ‘magic,’ per say, as it was a verbal instruction to us nanomachines regarding authority levels, so the terms of agreement are completely different.]

(Somehow, that sounds kinda difficult… )

[Yes, it’s quite troublesome indeed… ]

(Well, g’night… )

(Have a good night, Mile-sama… )

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