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Chapter 400 - Human Dragon War 1

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Chapter 400: Human Dragon War 1

『『『『『『GYA~AAAAAAAA!!』』』』』』(6 A.D. Warriors)

It was a direct hit.

No creature can attack the Ancient Dragons.

So, Ancient Dragons don’t desperately train their bodies or train their skills.

Even if they don’t do that, there is no one who can fight Ancient Dragon properly.

Therefore, even if they are Ancient Dragon elite warriors, they are still not good at combat.

Their battles are mainly like team matches, or “against other Ancient Dragon”.

It’s just a friendly match, far from the crisis of life.

Yes, that’s what human beings call {excellent in interpersonal combat but only as “dojo swordplay”.They have no experience of actual battles and they think they are strongest}, something like that.

Therefore, their defense magic is like a board on the front, or stretching like a curved shield,

It was very different from the all-round barrier used by Mile.

So, the result is…

A big “Hop-up” before the Ancient Dragon like an anti-ship missile, it jumped over the barrier magic shield that the Ancient Dragons created.

Rena’s “flame direct hit” raided the Ancient Dragon from above.

Another name would be “What the h.e.l.l happened? Harpoon*?”

(T.N: a jet-powered, radar-guided U.S. Navy cruise missile)

Paulin’s “Red h.e.l.l” envelops six Ancient Dragons in a red mist, regardless of barriers.

Maevis rushed through the gap under the barrier and slashed the legs of the Ancient Dragon.

…Lastly, Mile’s Phase ray beam easily pierced the barrier and hit the body of the Ancient Dragon.

Since it was weakened by the barrier, it seems that it was not powerful enough to penetrate the body of Ancient Dragon, but it seems to have been damaged to some extent by breaking through the magic coating and scales.

『Gyo~hi~ii~i!』(A.D. groans)

『It hurt, it’s painful, it’s hot, hi~ii』(A.D. groans)

『Ah, ly legs, my legs~』(A.D.)

The Ancient Dragons seemed to have suffered a great deal of damage, but they weren’t as confused like Keragon’s group before.

Despite being properly attacked, the Ancient Dragons originally had a magical protective film on its body, their scales also had magical power and considerable strength.

Furthermore, unlike the Keragon’s group, who were not able to withstand pain and distress because they were injured, these six warriors seemed to have some tolerance.

Make you wonder if they are the best selection…

Perhaps because of this, although they were quite upset, they seemed to have healed themselves by healing magic, plus wind magic and water spells to blow away foreign substances such as fire and capsaicin components.

『Hey, isn’t this different from what you report?』(A.D.)

One of the warriors roared to Keragon and Beredetes…

『What the h.e.l.l are you talking about?

Didn’t we explain it properly?

I wonder who were the guys making fun of us and laughing without believing it.』(Beredetes)

『That’s right!

Who was the one making a fool of me and suggested removing me from the Warrior corp again?

Ain’t it you guys?』(Keragon)


Beredethes and Keragon retorted so and the warrior shut up.

『It doesn’t matter!

Anyway, the rusult clearly show even the full-scale attack of human beings doesn’t really work for the decent warriors of Ancient Dragon! “Tis but a scratch”』(A.D.)

((((EHHHH?)))) (Red Oath)

…It doesn’t work, he said?

The Red Oath thought so.

Then, Keragon, who isn’t a proper warrior, shrugged his shoulders.

Even so, the Ancient Dragons were very nervous.

Except in the case of very limited conditions in the history so far. That is when the Ancient Dragon side is still a young baby dragon and the other side is a regiment with a large number of large weapons such as ballista or a brigade-sized army. There is no example that the Ancient Dragon has been defeated by other creatures.

Even in this series of incidents,

As a result, no Ancient Dragon actually died,

All of them have returned safely without being seriously injured (Mile’s mercy)

They encountered the enemies who were a little strong and got hurt a little then reporting it in a big incident.

It’ no wonder the Ancient Dragon thought so.

Yes, those who lost were actually hurt a little.

So the Ancient Dragon back home had no sense of crisis just like the humans got scratched by puppies and kittens.

And of course, while the Ancient Dragons were busied trying to convince themselves so, “Red Oath” has already cast their next attack magic in their head.

Up until now, the girls have been lucky about Ancient Dragon related things. The Ancient Dragons were off-guard against them.

They didn’t really take it seriously from the beginning, all Ancient Dragons so far.

After all, they were quite naive when facing small lower creatures.

But this time, the leader is present and he orders kill humans from the beginning.

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Even if the Ancient Dragons aren’t serious at first, it won’t be long before they become serious.

Refractive index manipulation, ice crystal arrangement, s.p.a.ce curvature, focusing magic, ready to launch!」(Mile)

The nanomachine dedicated to Mile relays and transmits her command.

To the top. To the top. To the top…

「「「Firing!」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Do~hi ~yun! (SFX)

Go o~o! (SFX)

Hi~yun! (SFX)

All of Pauline, Rena, and Mavis’ attacks landed, but the six defensive Shields of Ancient Dragons block them all.

And this time, their defense magic shields were stretched all around.

It was completely prevented.

But if the target this time is only one Ancient Dragon, with this ma.s.s attacks, surely…

…Danger must be eliminated.

The possibility that the Ancient Dragon can be defeated by only a few people cannot be overlooked at all.

So the 6 Ancient Dragons breathed in all at once. For a deadly attack.

From previous example, Mile’s shield can only withstand 3 Dragon Breath but this time is 6 of them.

And just before the Ancient Dragons tried to breath…

「”Sunshine Destroyer~rrrrrrrrrrrrrr(EN)”!」(Mile)

Zuba~sha~aa~a~a!! (SFX)

A sword of light pierced the ground from the sky and slashed the earth.

… And then, the slashed earth became a magma as the rocks melted, and it surrounded all around the 6 Ancient Dragons.

Mile Vol 13 yone_13_023

Even if they are surrounded by the magma river, it doesn’t matter as long as they fly into the sky.

However, the Ancient Dragons forgot to breathe out their Dragon Breath. They exhaled the breath they had inhaled, and stunned…

FUNA sensei’s Note:

With this chapter, I finally reach 400!

It has been three and a half years since the serialization began.

Longer years than my high school life.

And it will be aired soon. (TV broadcast starts in October.)

… Right now, everything is nostalgic … (T_T)

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