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Chapter 399 - Call 2

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Chapter 399: Call 2

『Wha… wha… what…』(A.D. Leader)

(((Acha ~ ……))) (Rena’s Trio)

You have gone and done now

Everyone other than Mile understood it clearly.

Eight Ancient Dragons, other than the young leader, are also in trouble.

『Ko, ko, ko…』(A.D. Leader)

(T.N: he tries to say “Kono” = this, but he repeats the “ko” words, hence Mile thought it the chicken’s sound, I can’t translate it to “c.o.c.k-a-doodle-doo” though)

(Isn’t that chicken’s sound?

By the way, I’ve heard that chicken’s ancestors are dinosaurs …) (Mile)


(((Ah~……))) (Rena’s Trio)

Rena’s Trio is holding their head.

Apparently, the fight was likely to start even before they talked.

But that’s where the older and experienced Ancient Dragon comes into play.

『Leader (Shidou-sha-dono), you should watch the stupid behavior of lower creatures with a smile. It’s a big dragon’s att.i.tude.』(A.D.)

『Mu… Well, that’s true』(A.D. Leader)


(The story that Ancient Dragon is smarter than humans, is that really true?) (Mile)

The question arose in the minds of the four girls in Red Oath, not just Mile.

But as Beredetes had previously said, the leader has a disease that peculiar to child dragon.

The “I am a strong and wise Ancient Dragon species, I will reign in the world and guide fools” disease.

His behavior seems to be affected by the disease.

Despite not being the age to call a child dragon, this seems to be the situation…

And the calm leader somehow started talking to Mile’s Group.

『Now for the main topic of this meeting.

We decided to give death to you, who have repeatedly defeated the Ancient Dragons』(A.D. Leader)

「「「「There was no meaning to calm down at all~lllll!!」」」」(Red Oath)

(…… Nano-chan. How many feet can Nano-chan fly in the sky?)(Mile)

Mile, who thought it was no good, secretly started talking to Nanomachine.

And Mile had a habit of using feet instead of meters for alt.i.tude because Misato’s father had an aviation-related job in her previous life.

【It is meaningless to be in a place where there are no creatures that can use us, so we aren’t at a very high alt.i.tude.

We are only up to the height at which birds and Wyverns fly】(Nano)

(If so, with my order can you go further up now?)(Mile)

【Yes of course!

At the direction of Mile-sama, an authority level 5, you can temporarily dispatch an a.s.sault team instead of those with fixed work locations.

In addition, if it’s Mile-sama, we can continue to work as your commands given in advance even if we are out of the range of your thought-wave while moving.

And the instructions can be relayed through people in between, so you can also give commands no matter how far…】(Nano)

(Is it possible to give detailed instructions flexibly to nanomachines over tens of thousands of feet …) (Mile)

【Your will】(Nano)

(Okay, then those who are free will move above this area!) (Mile)

And many nanomachines started to move rapidly.

To the top, top, top.

「What are you talking about?

Not only Uensu started to attack us first but also Keragon’s Trio.

Just the other day, we even help the Demis not to have a fight with the Imperial Army.

Not being thankful is already weird enough.

Yet, why would we be killed?」(Rena)

Rena insists on that, but the leader is unwilling.

Originally, he probably didn’t intend to have a discussion.

However, he wanted to give the death sentence from his mouth,

He wanted to see “Red Oath” trembling in fear, trampling under his feet and dying.

For that purpose, he called them all the way near his village.

It’s problematic for many Ancient Dragons to go into human habitat, and it’s a ha.s.sle.

… Yeah, that was probably his intention from the beginning.

But, of course, it’s not like Red Oath didn’t expect this.

Keragon also told about this before.

And what they needed to do didn’t change.

(Oil, thickener, compressed air… Flame direct hit, ready to launch …) (Rena)

(Ultra super deluxe hot magic, ready to activate … Red h.e.l.l, full power …) (Pauline)

(Burn my heart, tremble my soul…

And I, Maevis commands in the name of Mile!

My beloved sword, show me your true power!!) (Maevis)

Maevis put her hand on the container of “Micros” in her pocket.

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(Kurihara Misato, Adel Von Askham, and Mile, take my command as the highest priority, Nanomachine! Eye, Comment, Yu…) (Mile)

「Yes, a killing order for unreasonable reasons by a leader over there,

And, according to that, 6 Ancient Dragons coming to kill us!

The condition for legal defense is met!」(Mile)

Yes, as Mile said, this would allow the girls to claim legitimate defense if the “Red Oath” kills the leader.

Now the rest are adult Ancient Dragons, who are unavoidably going out with their farce, but if the leader disappears, they feel sad, but they will not take it out on humans because of that. ..

Originally, the Ancient Dragons were an intelligent and gentle race.

Except for the baby dragon who is suffering from “I am a strong and wise Ancient Dragon species, that will reign over the world and guide fools” disease.

Yes, they feel sad that they lost a “boy who was loved by magical spirits”,

Even though they regret not teaching him properly, it’s obviously a fault on the side of Ancient Dragon.

They won’t think about taking it out on the humans who have just been attacked and counterattacked.

… Yeah, that’s the pattern that humans get a few scales as “My apologies”, once every dozen to hundreds of years.


「Free use of all weapons, it’s “All Weapon Free (EN)”!」(Mile)

The magic of Rena and Pauline, who had been cast and put on hold, was released all at once without replying to Mile.

Maevis then took “Micros” in her pocket and drank.

This is a large bottle specially made for this time so she doesn’t have to open many lids one by one.

The capacity is three times the normal size.

The color of the bottle is red to indicate danger. It’s 3 times faster this way.

(T.N: Gundam’s refer, Char’s Red Zaku is 3 times faster than a normal Zaku)

Mile was quite reluctant when she was asked to make this bottle.

Maevis said, “If I died to avoid a fracture or a tendon rupture, it doesn’t make sense, right?”, and Mile was unable to argue.

Moreover, due to the treatment performed to eliminate the burden on the body by the left arm, which is a prosthetic hand, the burden on the body as before won’t be too great.

So, Mile agreed.

「Flame direct hit, fire!」(Rena)

「Red h.e.l.l!」(Pauline)

「Ex-True-G.o.dspeed Sword, “Dragon Slayer Slash”」(Maevis)

「… Phase ray phaser beam, fire!」(Mile)

Dohi~yun! (SFX)

Go~o~o! (SFX)

Zuba~sha~a! (SFX)

Chi~yun! Chi~yun! Chi~yun! (SFX)

Then, The “Human Dragon War” broke out …

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