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Chapter 395 - Defense Battle 9

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Chapter 395: Defense Battle 9

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Mile Chapter 395: Defense Battle 9

(T.N: After searching, I found Kera in Keragon has the meaning “Mole cricket”, which makes his name means “Mole cricket Dragon”, which is why Mile has such thought at chapter 394)

(T.N: It seems like I made a mistake, the beastkins/devils call themselves Demi-humans while the Empire calls them Sub-humans)

『So that’s the case…』(Keragon)

Once Mile explained everything to Keragon, he was convinced right away.

「Yeah, that’s why this ancient ruin here, which original had no supplies or machines to the point where only the physical underground s.p.a.ce and lumps of rust remained, suddenly restarted again.

It seems that the Scavenger came here and made some golems and something else, but that doesn’t seem to be what the Ancient Dragons are looking for.

Perhaps, you’re looking for something left over from long ago like records?」(Mile)

Keragon nods to Mile.

「So you don’t have to make the demi-humans fight the scavengers and golems anymore, right?

It only ends up causing casualties to the demi-humans.

In the worst-case scenario, the scavengers and golems might perceive Ancient Dragons and demi-humans as enemies and spread that information to their counterparts across the continent, right?

If that happens, it will be difficult to research the ruins.」(Mile)


「If that happens, you’ll be the one responsible for it.」(Mile)


「Keragon, the destroyer of the world」(Mile)


「Hey, don’t bully him so much!」(Maevis)

Saying so, Mavis lightly bopped Mile on the head.

「Reaching out to the Ancient Dragon is chivalry…

Or rather, it’s thick, hey!」(Mile)

*Ehehe*, While looking at Mile and Maevis laughed, the Demi-Humans’ face became stunned.

No, it would surely be.

From the perspective of human beings, people are clinging to the Ancient Dragon, which is a high-ranking ent.i.ty just like G.o.d.

It’s unthinkable to say nuances like “Please give me a break.”

… No, if you say that, the existence of a human being that makes the Ancient Dragon take a humble att.i.tude, is abnormal in the first place…

「So, what do you say about this…」(Mile)

『Hmmm, everything is true.

Our activities are already known in these nations, and these are especially those who are deeply involved with us… and our benefactors.

We will withdraw from this site as a “miss”, then we move to search and survey other candidate sites.』(Keragon)

Keragon suddenly became dignified in talking to Mile in front of the Demis, but it was a little too late…

「Ah, but weren’t the Keragon-san’s group belonging to a combat unit?

Why do you do the same thing as Beldetes-san, a newbie?」(Mile)

Keragon shrugged his shoulder and answered Mile’s casual question.

『…Three of us, Ancient Dragons had lost and ran with our tail between our legs against 4 young human girls?

Don’t make me say it~tttttttttttt!!』(Keragon)

「「「「We are sorry……」」」」(Red Oath)

『But this is troublesome…』(Keragon)

「Eh, What’s wrong?」(Mile)

Keragon changed the topic but it didn’t seem to be a very good topic.

Mile asked further…

『No. But of course, we must report this case to the leader.

Because this is the main activity of the Ancient Dragons now.

And what do you think “that Leader” will do when he hears your name again…?』(Keragon)

「「「「Ah~……」」」」(Red Oath)

Even in the previous case alone, since the Ancient Dragons were repelled twice, it would not be strange for a short-tempered and stupid person to immediately issue the next punishment squad.

Perhaps the other Ancient Dragons have desperately persuaded him to stop so the third squad hadn’t come.

However, if the girls repelled the Ancient Dragon for the third time…

No, but this time the girls didn’t fight the Ancient Dragon.

And although the girls didn’t disturb the investigation of the ruins,

After this, the Demi would report about the scavenger and golems’ att.i.tude toward “Red Oath”.

Who knows what “that leader” would think when he heard it.

And Keragon also has his duties and obligations,

Anyway, he has made sure to promise “I personally will never do anything against you” again like the last time.

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But he can’t make false reports to his tribal leader, patriarchs, or elders.

「Well, for the time being, Keragon-san will return to his village to report and we will wait for the result of what happened…

We have the escort duty for merchants…」(Mile)

Mile casually answered Rena, but…

「It’s not that!

No, it’s really important, but what I’m talking about is what to do here.

I wonder what would happen to this country, which has a lot of troop preparation and munitions supplies.

They have been trying to attack other places but they have a problem with Demis, so they stopped and switched to domestic combat preparation. And now, the threat suddenly disappeared.

However, they have Armies ready for deployment and military supplies collected.

Big merchants who have been prepared for the war economy, buy more supplies and sell them to the army at high prices.

…What would they do if the Demis suddenly disappeared from here?」(Rena)


First of all, the invasion of other countries will soon begin.

To the northeast of this country, to the kingdom of Tyrus, the home of the “Red Oath”, to the north, Mile homeland, Brandel Kingdom, and to the northwest, the Vanorak kingdom.

「Yes, what should I do ……」(Mile)

「You don’t have to care about that, right?」(Merchant)


The merchants talked to Mile, who had trouble about what to do.

「Originally, this country has always been preparing for war for years.

What happened here just interrupted them for a while, so sooner or later, they would resume.

The reason was that the seniors of this country were worried, they afraid the Demis living in other countries became upset all at once.

For that reason, they tried to solve the problem in this place.

After finished, most of the prepared troops at this place are no longer needed.

So it was just a matter of time. It’s not something that makes you sick」(Merchant)

「Hmmm, certainly it’s just like what you say…

But then, after all the Demis pulled up, Imperial soldiers will come here to investigate, right?

To find out what the Demis had been doing here.

Then the battle between the Imperial Soldiers and the Golem began…」(Mile)

From the perspective of the general public, or rather from the Kingdom of Tyrus, the fighting of the Imperial soldiers with the Golems should be welcome.

While fighting golems, the soldiers of the Empire would be damaged, albeit only slightly, eating the military budget and adding extra work.

However, due to Mile’s nature, it is impossible to overlook the wasteful use of the golems under her control even if they are just nominal.

「Umu~mu~mu~mu~mu~mu. AH, that’s it!」(Mile)

Pi~kon (Light Bulb SFX)

As if the cla.s.sic cartoon expressions could be hallucinating above the head, it was a light bulb flashed, along with Mile’s smile…

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