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Chapter 387 - Defense Battle 1

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Chapter 387: Defense Battle 1

「If you do such a silly thing, it would be a war with any country!

Even if you can temporarily suppress the sub-human,

Other clans in the country and neighboring countries will attack.

And based on the old treaties, the human armies of neighboring countries may also attack.

Fearing that the fight with the Ajin will spread all over the continent again.

Furthermore, an ancient dragon might see you break the treaty,

If he is in a bad mood again…, that’s suicide!

Moreover, even though your country is already in such a state,

Didn’t you just invade the Brandel Kingdom the other day?

What on earth are you thinking…?」(Mile)

Hearing Mile’s words, Mr. Vebdel shrugged his shoulders with a troubled face.

「No, even if you say so, it seems that the sub-human was the one who provoked first…

It seems that it was only recently.

That’s why the country stopped preparing their “Munya-Munya (むにゃむにゃ)“ plan for other countries.

It seems that the plan has changed in a panic…」(Vebdel)

(T.N: Munya-Munya is the censored words like *beep* in English)

「「「「EEEHHH」」」」(Red Oath)

As one might expect, words like “invasion” or “raid” are omitted.

What Mr. Vebdel said was a little confused.

Normally, the human side doesn’t care much about the habitat of the sub-human, they’d rather aim for rich land and rare treasures.

Elves and dwarves rarely do that, even they are counted as the same human species.

Probability because of long life, maybe.

They have little interest in expanding the territory, they’d rather focus on protecting the current living environment,

Or maybe they don’t like the fight …

And, there should be almost no case that the sub-humans start the battle.

Unless they do that to rescue their friends, who were taken away by slave hunters,

Or to recover the robbed treasures of their tribe,

Or to revenge their friends, who were killed by humans,

Anyway, it was only when humans made the cause.

「「「「The Empire must have done something heinous and criminal …」」」」(Red Oath)

So it was natural for Mile’s group to make that conclusion.

「No, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

…Only this time though. Really!」(Vebdel)

In other words, that’s always the case besides this time.

「Most recently, the sub-humans suddenly occupied a place that wasn’t their home, they forced out the human species that lived there.

It seems that they gave the people there some time to take out household goods and all, but this is obviously against the “old treaty” and is an act of aggression.」(Vebdel)

It’s a little strange to call the people who live in the empire as invaders,

But even if they live in the land of the Empire, the Sub-humans are not “empire people”

They don’t have the obligation to do military service nor obey the orders of the Emperor.

Also, they have no right to be protected by the country.

To put it simply, they are foreigners who live on their own.

To put it badly, it’s the same as the animals and monsters that live in the forest.

So, even though we have a relationship of equal rights just like the human species at present, but when they cause such a scene, the situation will go out of control and the battle breaks out with just a few cues, because of the persisting sense of discrimination and disgust.

And it is up to the country’s upper layers to whether trying to suppress it or stir it up and attempt some political use…

In the first place, if they don’t understand the reason for the incident or how it started, they can’t do anything about it.

Was it somebody’s plan and something wrong, or was it a misfortune?

However, “Red Oath” had something in their mind.

In particular, the “fighting opponent” that Mr. Vebdel talked about

Instead of individual race names such as devils or beastkins but “Sub-human”, which is a general term for both.



「 It may be that……」(Maevis)

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「「「「…………」」」」(Red Oath)

By the way, Ble Seaweed was taken by Mile herself when “Red Oath” went to the seaside town, which was later processed and dried by magic.

In addition, a large amount of Ulva Pertusa and Kelp is also secured.

* * *

「We heard an amazing story……」(Maevis)

「Yes, Even if it’s not particularly secret」(Pauline)

「Of course, that’s about it, other teams should already get the information…」(Rena)

As Maevis, Pauline, and Rena say,

If they didn’t get that information, the merchants (intelligence agent) is incompetent to acquire information from the n.o.ble, officer, infiltration operative.

「Or rather, this is the information the Empire wants other countries to obtain.

A way to say “We are not bad even though we start fighting against the Sub-humans”,

They want to let other countries know that it was the Sub-humans who have broken the treaty.

And, if possible, they should shout out like that.

Rather, in a natural way, in the form of information that the upper management of other countries obtained themselves.

If people in this country speak, it may be said that it is “false information”

But if it’s the information that other countries obtained through intelligence activities,

they can’t complain to this country for false information.」(Mile)

「「「Ah, I see……」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Rena’s Trio is convinced with Mile’s a.n.a.lysis.

「So, they don’t plan to keep it a secret,

You’re a little well-informed, you know …

What shall we do then?」(Rena)

「Well, for now, let’s tell our employers…」

「Our employers may hear about this story

They are probably hurrying up and gather information about that area…」

「I suppose we will return after going there…」

The three girls answer Rena’s question one after another.

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