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Chapter 374 - Business 1

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Chapter 374: Business 1

「Well then, we will open the store here」(Merchant)

It’s been three days since the merchant entered Imperial Territory.

Until now, they haven’t gotten any new information after crossing the border. And until now, they haven’t been doing any business, they just headed for the Imperial City.

And this time, everyone decided to do business for the first time in this city.

Talking about business doesn’t mean they are doing a lot of business with an imperial merchant.

If they do that, they will lose your sale in a few transactions, and if they lose the goods they brought from the kingdom and buy the goods of the empire, you will have no reason to roam the empire without going home. People will be suspicious.

Selling what you buy in the empire in other cities of the empire can be a little lucrative, but it’s not something that merchants from other countries would have to stay in the empire.

It’s more profitable to do business in your own country or in another country than to do business in a poor empire.

The mission of this corps was to collect information and gossip from the people in Empire while earning time in retailing with the general public.

Gathering information from n.o.blemen and large merchants would be done by professionals in that area, and it was not the role of this corp.

「Now, please remove the horse and connect it to the tree around it.

We will prepare for the store by removing the cargo hood.

Everyone in “Red Oath” should be alert and paying for work.

Don’t leave us along in preparation for our store.

It’s dangerous and requires a lot of tricks, so it’s annoying …


No, I’m sorry for bothering you with such tasks……」(Merchant)

His real thought leaked, but it would certainly be annoying if an amateur did it poorly.

These merchants have somewhat become “Merchant-like”, but they only have practiced the minimum beforehand.

They were taught by real merchants and the owner of these wagons…

Yes, the cargo in the center of the carriage can be unloaded and sold from 2 sides, but if the hood is removed, most of the products can be used as the exhibition stand itself.

The structure was quite well thought out.

In fact, Rena has some knowledge of this type of “transformed store wagon” but she was silent because only one of the four could help her.

「While we are doing business, if you can come run quickly whenever we have any trouble, then it’s fine if you are wandering around, taking a light nap and resting.」(Merchant)

Merchants’ leaders said that, of course, there was something for Red Oath to do, especially Pauline.

… Yes, that’s it.

「The mobile store “Saintess Store” will open again!」(Pauline)

「「「Hi Hi Sir! (EN)」」」(Mile’s Trio)

Yes, from here, it’s not the hunter’s response “Oh!”

Mile’s group, who was familiar with the story of Nihon f.u.kashi and responded to the words of a certain genre.

The powerful battle starts!

Mile looks around.

As it is still early in the morning, traffic is low.

Aim for the moment when no one is watching …


Do~n! (SFX)

Mile Vol 8-3

Next and slightly behind the three wagons, a familiar large tent appeared.

And a chair and a long desk in front of it, in a place that matches the position of the wagon.

Mile quickly entered the tent.

Perhaps to pull out the sale goods inside.

If there is a place that is shielded from the public, she can slowly select items and pull them out.

The merchants are not surprised.

They were already up to date as it was already shown many times during the camp.

After a while, Mile flew back and forth from inside the tent and began to pile up various wooden boxes and bags behind the long desk.

…The other girls feel bad but leave these work to Mile alone.

No, it was too heavy.

Mile can carry it lightly but squatting down to lift, carry, and lower it elsewhere is quite hard.

It’s hard for teenage girls.

… So they leave it to Mile.

The right person in the right place.

They can help Mile in areas she isn’t good at.

Rena’s trio convinced themselves with that thought …

While Mile was carrying, Rena’s group put a sample of products on the long desk.

While merchants sell various products, that is, high-mix low-volume sales, Red Oath aims to narrow down the types of products and sell low-mix high-volume products.

There was no efficient display stand, and it was troublesome to learn the prices of many products.

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Of course, ma.s.s-selling was “total the amount sold in each region”, and the intention of selling at one location so that it was not so unnatural, at most about half a wagon.

Go~n Go~n!

「 It hurts!」(Pauline)

「What are you doing, Rena-san?」(Mile)

Rena suddenly his the other two in their head with his cane,

Pauline screams and Mile complains.

「You should be careful not to say it, right?」(Rena)

「「Ah…」」(Mile + Pauline)

Indeed, the girls had agreed that they should not say anything carelessly on their own.

Moreover, although the current conversation may not have been heard, there are people in the city nearby.

What Rena and Maevis said was acceptable, but the words “researcher” and “selected person” would be completely OUT (EN).

「I’m sorry…」(Mile)

「It was imprudent of me…」(Pauline)

Mile and Pauline obediently admit their fault and apologize.

At first, there was no customer in the Red Oath’s side, which had only a few pieces of wheat, salt, wine, and other items on the desk. Everyone seemed to have something interesting. They are swarming towards the merchant’s wagons and seat side by side.

It is natural.

No matter how essential, wheat, salt, and sake are not uncommon.

There is certainly a shortage, but it’s not entirely un-obtainable.

And the fact that other countries’ merchants have spent many days on rough roads with a large difference in height means that extra transportation costs and labor costs have been added, and especially heavy and bulky ones are expensive.

Labor costs, employment costs for escorts, depreciation of horses and carriages, and a surcharge in preparation for the risk of all being lost several times by bandits and monsters.

Due to these additions, the price of goods shipped from other countries will increase by several percents.

Even if the selling price in other countries is cheaper, it is meaningless if the price increases by 50% or 60% for transportation.

So it was natural for people to flock to find bargains, interesting things, and unusual things.

… However, none of the “Red Oath” seemed impatient.

They probably have a chance later and even if it doesn’t sell here, there’s no problem.

All they have to do is keep it in the item box and sell it when they go to a place that sells higher than the purchase price.

In addition, there will be times when the weather will be bad and the war will lead to a rise in supply-demand.

…… An item box in which stored items do not deteriorate.

It was a foul …

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