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Chapter 361 - Departure Strategy 4

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Chapter 361: Departure Strategy 4

((((((You’d better do it well ………))))) (Hunters)

The gaze of envy of other young hunters.

(((((Even if you die, don’t you dare let them get hurt!!))))) (Hunters)

Stinging glances from senior hunters and guild staff.

Well, it would be reasonable …

“Wonder Three” sitting at the table and having a light face-to-face meeting while receiving those gazes, and a party for boys, “Mana’s Drop”.

「We’re the C-rank party, Mana’s Drop.

However, we just got to C rank.

We have a heavy warrior (tank), light warrior, swordsman, spearman, archer & light warrior, so we want a magician …」(Mana’s Drop)

With that said, the party leader looks at the faces of “Wonder Three” with a l.u.s.tful gaze,

He has given up halfway on “Wonder Three”, who is on their training journey because they will not stay in this city.

However, this is not a local city, but a royal capital of the Kingdom of Tyrus.

It’s not weird that the girls might move their homes here.

And three magicians are obviously impossible to keep the party going.

They would either merge with other parties or fall apart and enter your favorite party.

There are many parties who want a magician.

… And there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be their party, Mana’s Drop.

So he planned.

「“Wonder Three”, we are also C rank.

We had skip registration with our magic ability,

We earned points by specializing in close-guarding aristocratic daughter of the same age,

We have only had a few battles with the monster opponents against Kobold and Goblin in joint-request with other parties, desu~ wa~ ne~……」(Marcella)

「「「「「Ah~……」」」」」(Mana’s Drop)

Hearing the description of Marcella, indeed, the “Mana’s Drop” appears to get the point.

The other hunters and guild staff who had listened to it seemed to be convinced.


「「「「「「So if you go on a training trip, you are going to die~eeeeeeee!!」」」」」」(Everyone)

At one tempo, an angry repercussed throughout the guild.

* * *

「Honestly, what in the world is this…

In the first place, why did the guild master of your branch silently let you go on a journey?

Don’t tell me you go without noticing them!」(Guild Master)

After that, the guild officials hurriedly called for the guild master, and after hearing the circ.u.mstances the guild master asked the girls have a talk in his room, “Wonder Three” was sermon-ed for some reason.

「In the first place, how could someone with several times hunting Kobold and Goblin in joint-request rank up to C rank!

It’s too crazy for your age! Yes!!」(Guild Master)

The girls are in trouble when he says that.

Certainly, after clearing the minimum age barely,

Soon after, there was a “Talk with Guild Master, which doesn’t seem to contain a few intimidating words” and the girls became ranked C.

In addition, the fact that they started from D rank in the skip system…

In other words, their special skills that can meet the requirements of skipping rank,

Even if they don’t attend the training school, they can become C rank so quickly.

… Actually, the guild branch here has a precedent of Mile (who is even younger back then), but that is because this country has training schools.

However, Wonder Three has Oriana.

Oriana had predicted such a situation and of course, she took measures.

「…Here you go」(Oriana)

That’s why Oriana took it out of her backpack stash and presented it to Guild Master…

「This… this is…」(Guild Master)

Yes, it was a certificate from the Guild Master of Kingdom’s royal city branch, that all Wonder Three members are C rank.

The signature of Guild Master and the guild branch seal are stamped.

… If this can be fake, it’s a terrible story.

And not only the proof of the C rank, but also the reason, that the girls made a great contribution to the guild by doing a lot of highly valued and important requests for n.o.bles and wealthy people,

It’s written that the girls are very excellent about “close-guarding high-status daughters”,

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It was enough to prove so that the Guild Master over here can’t complain.

「「「Uuu…」」」(Wonder Three)

Suppression results.

That’s the biggest weakness of Wonder Three, and that’s why they are thinking about doing it quickly.

But if they get banned, nothing will happen.

「 Don’t think bad of me.

This is to prevent inexperienced young hunters from wasting their lives, and this is the authority given to the guild master.

…Because it’s just for you, don’t stare at me so much ……」(Guild Master)

Marcela looks at the Guild Master with her face upturned gaze, but from other people view she is just cute and has no power.

Oriana had no change when Marcela and Monica desperately thought of a way to counterattack.

…No, she had already finished thinking.

「If that’s the case, it can’t be helped …

Let’s give up on that request」(Oriana)

「「Eh?」」(Marcela + Monica)

Marcela and Monica are surprised with Oriana’s statement.

The guild master also thinks “Did I succeed in convincing them somehow?”

However, although Oriana appears kind, timid, and thoughtful, she was, in fact, rather harsh in arguing, and was able to fire an instantly deadly attack.

…With a happy face.

「Therefore, we should reluctantly get the request of hunting goblin and normal material collection at all times.

In that case, post-processing and sales of materials are all we needed, without having to process orders in advance.

While looking for goblins, some wild orcs and ogres may come out and we need to fight for self-defense.

It has nothing to do with “normal request” nor hunt Orc for sale

And we would be seriously injured by the said wild orcs and ogres,

When Guild Mater, officials, and hunters of our home country where we registered asked: “Why is that …?”

We will reply: “we tried to receive a request jointly with a party mainly composed of vanguards, but since it was banned by the guild master, I could not help myself …”」(Oriana)

「STOP IT~TTTTTTTT!!」(Guild Master)

The guild master’s face turned red as he shouted at the young girls.

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