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Chapter 360 - Departure Strategy 3

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Chapter 360: Departure Strategy 3

「This is the royal capital of the Tyrus Kingdom, where Adel-san has registered as her hunter base ~desu ~wa ~ne.

Let’s go to the Guild branch.」(Marcela)

「「Hai… Ooh」」(Monica + Oriana)

Monica and Oriana are about to reply just as they did before, but then they rush changing back to the hunter style.

Yes, among hunters, there are various hunter-specific phrases and customs.

In case they confront the enemies with some intelligence so that the enemies don’t know who is in command,

Hunters have the same att.i.tude between party leaders and joint party leaders as well as others,

They don’t use honorifics for employers other than n.o.bles and royalty.

Mile and Marcela are inevitable.

That’s the kind of tone that they have, so it’s pa.s.sed on as “the individuality of that type way of talking.”

However, Lena is a little too sloppy.

She should show more consideration in the way she speaks.

*Kara~ran* (Doorbell SFX)

As always familiar, the doorbell of the Hunter Guild unified standard rang and everyone’s gaze changed all the way to the entrance.

Then, they fixed on the people who came in without returning to normal.


There are three children between the ages of 12 and 13.

Moreover, everyone is lolis (little girls).

There are some women-only parties in this city.

Influenced by a remarkable party.

…People feel sorry for the men who try recruiting women to their party.

So women-only parties are not so uncommon in this city.

However, if all of them are lolis and magicians without a vanguard, that’s another story.

In the first place, it is a problem that such a child alone already has decent equipment.

This means that you do not register as a hunter now, but you are already registered and working as a hunter.

…… And the faces that they don’t know.

That means these girls came from another city.

…only lolis.

What that means…

「“Wonder Three”, we are in the middle of a training journey ~desu ~wa」(Marcela)

「「「「「「As expected!」」」」」」(Everyone)

The hunters and guild officials had spoken out loud what they thought in mind.

However, that will not help …

Only lolis, small group, all magicians, no vanguard.

Hunters and guild officials in the city were reminded of such a new party.

…It was too much.

But they thought:

((((((Such a party, too think there are more than one!)))))) (Everyone)

And this Wonder Three party was even worse than that guy.

There are only three members.

Only magicians with zero vanguards.

No one seems to be an adult.

No one seems to be a messenger (Maevis/Rena), no one seems to be fat and black (Pauline), and three lolis are ignorant.

One loli seems to be a n.o.ble or rich daughter.

At first glance, they are just ordinary people and do not seem to be good at fighting with martial arts or magic.

((((((Die! They will die soon!

Or, be deceived immediately and sold as an illegal slave!!)))))) (Everyone)

No wonder everyone thought so.

Or rather, it was too much Farfetch’d and they didn’t even want to cheat or eat.

((((((…………)))))) (Everyone)

And there is nothing to say about the atmosphere and silence in the building.

「Well then, Let’s check the request board ~shimasu ~wa ~yo」(Marcela)

「「Hai (Yes)!」」(Monica + Oriana)

Monica and Oriana walk to the request board together, responding to Marcella’s words.

This time, they inadvertently replied with “hai (yes)” instead of “Oh”, but that’s not a big deal.

And Marcela’s Trio and others look at the request board carefully.

Marcella’s Trio isn’t stupid, unlike Adel.

So, the girls know they are unusually young as a C rank hunter, the number of people and the type of job balance is terrible,

Hunters and guild officials who did not know the girls were well aware that they were seen or entangled with strange eyes.

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So, they were convinced to some extent that the air in the guild had become strange since they came in…

By then, the girls thought that it would not be bad to gain an experience of Orc hunting that they had not yet experienced.

…They only have Goblin and Kobold hunting experience for several times and also with other parties, which is a bit too embarra.s.sing for a C-rank party.

They think so, but it’s a little meticulous to say that “Wonder Three” can inexperiencedly defeat orcs.

Above all, having no vanguard against power-type opponents was usually a suicide act.

…“If normal”.


Marcela is excellent eyesight because her eyes are large,

She noticed five young men in their late teens who had been standing next to the request board from a while ago.

… Accurately, in one request card that one of them holds…

「Excuse me, young gentleman, may I see what in your hand?」(Marcela)

「Ye…ye…yes (Hai)」(Hunter)

A young man, about 16 or 17 years old, became nervous and gave out his request paper to Marcella in a hurry.

His att.i.tude towards a loli who is about 3-4 years younger than her is trivial,

Being a guild in the spotlight, it’s clear that the girl giving out a “n.o.ble Aura”

And that experience didn’t exist anywhere in his childhood memory, such an elegant and pretty girl smiles and says that to him,

There can be no choice but to offer unconditionally.

「…As expected, it’s a request to get Orc materials ~desu ~wa ~ne.

Earlier, I felt like I saw the word “Orc” at a glance.

If you don’t mind, may you let us, who don’t the experience of hunting Orc, have a joint-request with you?

Of course, we are studying here, so we don’t need any payment ~iri ~masen ~wa

That’s right, as long as we have enough Orc materials to report, that’s enough ~desu ~wa」(Marcela)

Originally, Marcella’s Trio only plans to take a very small part of the materials (edible meat) that can be brought back no matter how many Orc they would hunt.

And it will be the same for the male hunters.

There’s no way five people or so can carry a whole Orc from the forest to here.

In terms of effect, they had no financial loss.

On the other hand, the fact that they have three magicians for free is convenient and useful, both as a force, as a healer in the event of an injury, as a water barrel, and as a furnace igniter.

Every party is eager to include one magician if possible.

Most important… the most important is they are all beautiful lolis (young girls).

「「「「「I’m honored」」」」」(5 Male Hunters)

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