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Chapter 359 - Departure Strategy 2

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Chapter 359: Departure Strategy 2

「It’s finally over ~wa ~ne…」(Marcela)

After troublesome rituals and reminders, vowing to His Majesty the King, and then vowing to the third princess, who they serve directly,

At last, Marcela’s Trio could take a breath in their room.

Originally these are the room of the maids,

Three rooms have been set aside for the new female Royal guard squad, three rooms are given for three groups of three.

Because they are the princess’ escorts, they gave the Royal Guard a place near the room of Her Highness, the maids were moved to a slightly distant room.

The servants did not complain and probably didn’t dare to complain, for the security of Her Highness.

Today is a break and free time, and basic education and training will begin tomorrow.

… Yes, it was “as planned”.

And Marcela’s trio knew this word.

They heard from Adel, their best friend, and Monica wrote it diligently in “Adel Dictionary”

“The plan isn’t decided, until a decision”

Yes, “plan” is just “plan”,

If it’s not a decision, it’s not confirmed.

*Knock Knock*

And again, it is not in the official “plan”.

However, for Marcella’s Trio, the knocking sound that was “as planned.”

* * *

「So, as planned, or so it seems…」(Morena)

After a brief meeting, Morena, her Highness the Third Princess concluded.

Morena, who used to talk to Marcela and others with a relaxed face, tightened her expression and told everyone in a firm tone.

「Well then. I hereby give order to my exclusive female Squadron 1st Squad 3rd Group, alias “Special search squad”

In the name of the third princess Morena, I order.

The search for Adel von Askham, the current head of the Viscount Askham who has disappeared,

And brought her back to her home country, the Brandel Kingdom.

Go forth, swear your allegiance to me, My swords

Special search squad, code name, “Wonder Three”!」(Morena)

「「「By your will」」」(Wonder Three)

Then, after Morena left the room, Marcela’s Trio took off their Royal Guard’s uniforms and lined them up on the bed as they did at school.

This way, the maid will later wash and put it into a closet.

They changed into plain clothes from the school and equipped their weapons.

They also put the sword standing in the corner of the room.

There’s no way they could bring such heavy and hard to use things.

All three can’t use swords properly, and from now on, their first priority is to protect themselves.

This is just useless luggage.

They only equip with what Morena bought for them on the squad budget,

Only one staff and one dagger for each of the three.

The dagger is used as a spare weapon

And because it’s a convenient thing that can be used as a knife when they go through the forest or as a kitchen knife when cooking,

They put it on their waist.

Of course, the magician is vulnerable to sudden strikes and close combat,

It also has the meaning of “alternative protect charm” so that no one tries to pick a fight with them.

If they have a dagger that can come out quickly anytime, some of the villains may hesitate to attack because they can fight back.

And the staff is, of course, the basic equipment as a hunter’s magician.

A weapon that focuses on casting spells, doesn’t cost too much of the brain’s resources, also strikes and drives away enemies from close range.

Also, it’s something that even young and weak girls can equip,

And when it doesn’t seem to cause a fatal injury with just one blow, their opponent might not be on guard.

It’s like getting the G.o.ddess of victory in battle, it’s effective enough to fight the enemy.

And then Marcela declared that everything was ready, wearing a bag and a water bottle.

「The goal, Adel von Askham. “Wonder Three”, sortie!」(Marcella)

「「Ooh!!」」(Monica + Oriana)

It is a hunter-type shout.

It is natural.

Because they are hunters.

……“Royal Guard 3rd Group” is a n.o.ble name, that is, only a nominal one, and has been practically closed for a while.

Just half a day. It was a short soldier employment time.

* * *

And a few hours later.

The three have already left the Imperial City and have been walking on the streets relying on the stars.

They continue to walk all night and will rest a little earlier tomorrow.

That’s why they slept a lot last night.

It will take quite a few days before Marcela and Monica’s families, who delighted by the strong connection with the royal palace, begin to be suspicious that their daughter doesn’t appear at home at any time.

It is widely known to the private sector that the Royal Guard’s new education is difficult.

And Oriana’s family wouldn’t wonder anything if their daughter didn’t return home for a year or so. (Working for the country to repay the scholarship)

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The guild has been told that Marcela’s Trio will be working for the Royal Palace after graduating from school.

If they can save honor and money, their family will be convinced.

The night is still long.

Even after dawn, they were supposed to keep going until afternoon.

After that, get in a place early.

They have been waiting for one year and eight months. They finally arrived on this day.

Together with their best friend, Adel, on an adventure journey.

Their heart and body excitement was unlikely to subside after half a day or so.

「It’s finally time ~desu ~wa ~ne…」(Marcella)

「It’s finally time ~desu ~ne…」(Monica)

「Yes, It’s finally time ~desu…」(Oriana)

「Everyone, let’s go」(Marcella)


* * *

「…I also wanted to go ~desu~ wa~ yo!

Yes, this is… this is… this is… this is… this is… this is… this is… this is…

I wanted to be together with you ~desu ~wa ~yo!!」(Morena)

In a bed, one girl bites on sheets and regrets.

「Not fair, everyone has it good.

They are on a fun journey…

After this, I will need to reveal all of this plan to otou-sama, okaa-sama, nii-sama and Vince, ministers and Royal Guard Squad,

Those who helped to put Marcela’s Trio into the female royal guard squad,

I will be scolded by many people!

They will forbid me to go out, cutting on my spending money and increase my studying time!

I can’t play anymore!

It’s a poor lottery!

It’s unreasonable!!」(Morena)

Morena can cry.

However, she knew everything and got on the story of Marcela, so she couldn’t complain.

Marcela and Adel, Morena has the ambitions to make one or both of them her sister-in-law, the dangerous bridge.

For now, she can only wait for the results.

Believing so, the third princess Morena spent a peaceful half-day until everything was revealed.

Never mind that Marcela’s Trio was planning such a betrayal…

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