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Chapter 353 - What Lies in the Mountain 9

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Chapter 353: What Lies in the Mountain 9

After a while, it came back with *Shaka Shaka*… Scavenger.

「Here you go, Please pick up!」(Mile)

With that said, Mile pushes the metal on the ground all the way to the other party.

The scavenger expressionlessly staring at it, but either being “thankful” for the extra tribute or “give it all at once, will you?”

Then the scavenger looks at the metals that Mile has pushed further, looks again at the appearances of “Red Oath”

… After the scavenger grabs metal and about to leave, Red Oath tries to follow it steadily.

However, the golems block the front again, standing before “Red Oath”.

Apparently, it’s not an immediate attack mode.

「The gift is working!

Apparently, they seem to recognize us as friendly partners!」(Mile)

As Mile says, it’s normal that anyone who tries to go further will be subject to forced exclusion,

The golems’ att.i.tude seemed to refuse.

The scavenger stopped walking and turned around, thinking about what was going on.

「Can’t we follow you?

This will also contribute …」(Mile)

With that said, Mile took it out of storage.


The scavenger freezes when it sees “that” presented to him.


Yes, it was recovered from a rock golem that was killed during rock lizard hunting,

It had been left in Mile’s storage item box forever.

…A metal sphere in the center of the body of the rock golem.

After freezing, the scavenger picked up the sphere with the upper two hands and cherished it in his chest.

He grabbed the metal with his two lower arms and tried to leave.

… Apparently, the sphere was much more important than metal sc.r.a.ps.

Then “Red Oath” tries to follow again.

But the golems are standing before “Red Oath” again to block them.

「No good…

That cult founder was able to get in so I thought it was okay…」(Mile)

「I guess they easily don’t bring strangers to their homes」(Maevis)

Mile said while tilting her head and Maevis replied.

…That is correct.

「That’s it!」(Mile)

And Mile seemed to come up with something.

(Nano-chan, as the same creature companion, can you communicate with them?) (Mile)


How could we equate these things?!

Even if it’s Mile-sama, there are some bad jokes that can be said!!】(Nano)

(Ah, sorry! I don’t mean anything bad…) (Mile)

【While doing such insulting and you think you don’t mean anything bad!

Even if you say “There’s no offense”, there are things shouldn’t be said, you should think hard before saying anything in the future…】(Nano)

(Ah, how troublesome …) (Mile)

Are they serious or just joking?

Anyway, here Mile has to rely on nanomachines.

(Then, how about… I will make something up for you later!) (Mile)

【Ni yari… (speak…)】(Nano)

(Why there’s an onomatopoeia! … but not a speak …) (Mile)

Yes, they just vibrate Mile’s eardrum directly,

There is no “speak…”.

【I will now communicate.

These people are “far in the past” from Mile-sama,

The ancient language used by humans at that time, and data transfer formats used for high-speed information exchange between creations in this world,

Some information exchange methods seem to work …】(Nano)

And after 1-2 seconds.

【Mile-sama’s group have been granted permission to visit the facility beyond】(Nano)

(So fast!) (Mile)

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【Because it is a data transfer format for high-speed information exchange …】(Nano)

「How far are you going …」(Rena)

When Rena began to complain, the scavenger finally stopped in front of a door.

Despite having the technical ability to make it as easy as an automatic door,

Whether the operation is more reliable or energy saving

Maybe it’s a durable problem, all doors at this facility are manual,

Many rooms do not have doors at the entrance.

Isn’t it troublesome for a scavenger to open and close the door each time?

And this room has a door.

That means that it ’s not a room where scavengers come and go too often,

Or maybe it’s a “room with a reason to have a door”.

Mile doesn’t know why.

Then the scavenger lowered the door’s lever and pushed it open).

「Shall we go」(Mile)

Mile called out to Rena’s trio, who hesitated for a moment,

Then Mile entered the room following the scavenger.

Others followed her with a little caution.

「…This place is…」(Mile)

Mile stepped into the room, stopped, her eyes were wide opened.

What was there …

Intricately intertwined wiring.

A lot of metal lumps… as if attached… with distortion shape.

And settled in the middle of them, it was probably a clean electronic machine,

Now, it seems like various parts and auxiliary machines that are messed up are forcibly attached,

A device that has lost its original sophistication.

【Resource-saving autonomous defense system management system auxiliary device, third backup system.

It is just the terminal of the control system here.

… And the only surviving control system at the moment】(Nano)

The nanomachine vibrated the mile’s eardrum so that the word could be transmitted to the brain.

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