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Chapter 350 - What Lies in the Mountain 6

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Chapter 350: What Lies in the Mountain 6

“Red Oath” had been waiting for a few days since the children told them the men appeared almost regularly.

In the meantime, Maevis teaches children swordsmanship for self-defense,

Realizing that some of the children have magician talent, Rena teaches simple magic,

Somehow, Pauline is holding a cla.s.s on “how to live without losing to the Public’s harsh wave”.

As for Mile, she cut trees, building a robust treehouse that could keep out the rain and the wind and the beasts.

Donated to the children the cheap swords collected from bandits in the item box or the hoe that was in there for some reason.

The joy of the children who received the swords and hoe was tremendous, not to mention the house.

I’m just worried that I’ll be glad like a puppy that was too happy.

Mile was just worried about the children but she was glad seeing the children happy

… But the delighted children suddenly became serious and consulted with Mile anxiously.

『What if the golems and Shakashaka-sama come and stare at the sword and hoe …?』(Child)

Shakashaka-sama is a scavenger.

…Certainly, it seems that you can hear the onomatopoeic sound of moving quickly with six feet…

And, apparently, the children seemed to consider scavengers higher than golems.

『Well, no matter how much they like metal, if you give all the metal you get, your living level will not improve at all forever, right?

You can’t even have a pot or a kitchen knife …』(Mile)

Because the other party is a child, Mile spoke in a “child-tone”

It’s a normal childlike way of talking.

(T.N: It “Desu-macho” doesn’t really mean child-tone but I change a little for easier to understand)

In fact, Miles, after meeting rock golems and scavengers before,

She had been studying them in various ways.

She had some expectations about their existence.

『The golems are collecting metal, but they don’t seem to want to force them away from humans. They don’t seem to actively attack hunters wearing metal even when they counter-attack the hunters.

They just gently remove the metal you were wearing and take it away, it doesn’t seem to finish those who have lost resistance… even though the humans attack first,

Well, is it a penalty for an adversary?

I don’t know if they think the loser’s property will become the winner’s property.



『Actually, I don’t think they care at all if you don’t give all the metal products.

Occasionally, it would be enough to give them a useless piece of metal.

It would be nice if ưe could show that “I don’t intend to be hostile, I’m in a good relationship”, not just for rent …』(Mile)

The children seemed to be convinced of Mile’s explanation.

And to rea.s.sure the kids, Mile gave them a few pieces of “metal goods that they would never use again” that had slept in the item box just in case.

Yes, a pan with a hole that was burned after a huge failure, a rusty sword that a thief had, and a copper coin cut into four pieces by a demonstration of the copper coin cutting shows…

The sword was broken down, just in case, just in case.

It would be difficult for children to use such things that they don’t know when to break for hunting.

When Mile broke the rusty sword, the children screamed, “Ah!”

…it seems they were going to use it as a weapon after all.

Dangerous and dangerous, Mile stroke her chest.

If the children die from such a thing, it won’t be just the level of leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

And four days after the “Red Oath” boot camp, they came.

『Here they came (Kita)!

14 humans!』(Mile)

Mile regularly sent out the searching magic waves, stopped her cooking process and reported to everyone.

『Then, as planned …』(Mile)

『『『Shall we do it?』』』(Rena’s Trio)

When “Red Oath” said so, The children said worried faces.

『『『『『Can you do it after cooking?』』』』』(Children)

In just four days, the children seemed to have depended too much on Red Oath…

* * *

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First of all, Red Oath decided to see the men in action or fighting.

Since there are 3.5 humans per golem, if they are hunters who are about the top quarter of the C rank and can cooperate well, it seems to be equal…

So if they fought properly and escaped, they might just manage to only get minor injured, but if they miss the timing to escape, a few people will die.

『Will they be okay…』(Rena)

Rena’s group looked troubled.

The men aren’t committing any crime yet, they’re just fighting the golem, a monster, and they’re kind enough to leave food for the children.

Overlooking the golem killing the men in front of their eyes is against the policy of everyone in “Red Oath”.

But the golems in this area also good monsters.

If you don’t try to attack them here, it’s a profit monster that can hunt and reduce ferocious monsters without attacking humans.

And if the golems in the area were annihilated or reduced below a certain number, the vicious monsters around here would again increase, putting children at risk.

And in the first place, this battle is what men wanted.

It wasn’t that they were attacked while traveling, but they came to attack the Golems with some purpose.


Until the golems perceive themselves as enemies and disturb the children,

Do we need to intervene on our own?

What should we do?

『『『『U~mumumu~mumumu…』』』』(Red Oath)

Then the men noticed the approaching golems.

『It’s the Golem!

The number is … 4!』(Man)

『Not good, it’s too much!

Run for your life!!』(Another Man)


And the men run away in the opposite direction all at once.

『『『『What’s with that~ttt~?!』』』』(Red Oath)

It was too much. The girls’ jaws were likely to come off…

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