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Chapter 340 - Troublesome Hoi Hoi 2

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Chapter 340: Troublesome Hoi Hoi 2

『Speaking of which, that debt is …』(Mother)

『I see …』(Mile?)

Mile and Maevis are strong in combat but weak against lolies (young girl), cannot afford to leave the mother and the loli alone.

After applying recovery magic to the twisted little girl’s arm, they escorted both the mother and the loli back and then asked her about the situation.

Pauline and Rena’s face like “Ah…”

『In other words, you can’t return the borrowed money, right?』(Pauline)

『Ye, yes…』(Mother)

The mother nodded to Pauline’s remark.

『It’s a common story …』(Pauline)

A common story

It was a trivial, too many of such stories.

『Pauline-san, how can you say that?』(Mile)

However, no matter how common the story is, it’s still an important part of life for this mother and daughter. So, Mile complained about Pauline’s way of thinking, which was a bit spa.r.s.e.

『Certainly, interest rates are higher than usual.

…But she borrowed it, the money.

Apart from writing the contract, they don’t give anything yet.

They borrowed from high interest-rate because they had no good collateral and there was no one else lending money.

And at that time, they were glad and grateful to be able to borrow money even under such bad conditions.

Is this wrong?』(Pauline)

『Ye, yes… well…』(Mother)

In response to Paulin’s question, her mother replied a little incomprehensible.

And Paulin’s question does not stop.

『When you borrow from them, you treat them as G.o.d, and when you need to pay, you call them a demon.

When they just want you to fulfill the contract…

Why do you think interest rates are high in the first place?

That’s because they lend it to those who have high repayment risk.

The higher the risk, the more people will not return the money they have lent.

Yes, there are so many people who do not return the borrowed money.

Well, if they don’t do a little hard picking (kidnaping), you will think that you can keep the debt as long as you can without paying.

And in order to keep them from out of business (bankrupt), they have to raise interest rates to cover the lost money.

If they lower your interest rate, they will not be able to lend to those at high risk of repayment, yes, people like you. They will refuse like any other lender.

So are you going to run away without giving back money to that kind money lender who also lends money to dangerous customers?』(Pauline)

Pauline is in a bad mood.

…It was not the “slightly bad” but the “worst.”

Apparently, there was always something to think about the hot reputational damage to the industry called “money lending” which is a legitimate business.

Certainly Pauline is not wrong.

If you borrow money but don’t repay it by saying “I don’t have the money” when it’s time to repay it, people will keep borrowing and the lender will go bankrupt. There must be no such stupid things.

It is bad to borrow and not return.

It’s not surprising that the power and police are on the moneylender side as a law-abiding person.

… Of course, that doesn’t mean that violence or human trafficking is allowed.

『Financials are always treated as bad guys.

The more the customers keep their promise, the more friendly those money lenders are.

Well, for those who do not return the borrowed money, won’t they have to take a severe method?

Otherwise, they can’t keep their business!』(Pauline)

『Well, that’s right.

Now I feel sorry for money lenders and those debt collectors.

In the first place, once the moneylender is destroyed, there will be no one left to lend money to unsecured customers.

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Many people don’t pay and if they urge people to pay, they will be treated like bad guys, and they will be killed or crushed by justice friendly people…』(Maevis)

That means, perhaps, if I do chain sales or bank transfer scams, aren’t they biting?

It’s “Blue Ocean” in the scam industry!) (Mile)

Mile is thinking about that, but of course, she doesn’t really do it.

…Besides, if she tells Pauline about those fraud techniques….

Mile was a little scared.

And when she looks at the state of Pauline …


That was the end of the fact that she defended the loan shark by using her speech. It will be a shock…

『… let’s crush it』(Pauline)

Too much cute, in fact, it’s 100 times Hatred

Apparently, she defends the loan shark a little because she thinks that it’s only a high-interest loan,

But it’s a very bad loaner, the borrower seemed to have no fault.

And she feels ashamed, it can be said that her face was lost,

Despite being self-sufficient in saying those things, Pauline was as good as eight.

『You don’t wait to hear the story to the end』(Mile)

Rena had a stunning face, Pauline showed a more disappointed face。

『It’s human sc.r.a.ps who borrow money but do not return,

For out-of-town customers who do not keep their contract, you can do harsh collections and some threats… No, it’s natural!

For it’s even worse for merchants to break contracts or commit scams from themselves,

You should erase them off the world, of course!』(Pauline)

『I see. Is that the merchants’ code and bad merchants should be erased?』(Mile)

Mile is satisfying with Pauline’s words.

And Rena hits Mile’s head.

『You are way too easily believing in anything, you don’t receive it at face value!』(Rena)

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