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Chapter 334 - Earth-Dragon Subjugation 1

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Mile Chapter 334: Earth-Dragon Subjugation 1

『So you just arrived in this city?』(Rena)

“Red Oath” and “Mithril’s Roar” are talking on the way to the site of the Earth-Dragon subjugation request

The place where the earth dragon appeared was a place about 2 hours on foot from the capital city. Because it might the place where the Ancient Dragons came waiting for the “Red Oath” in the capital city, it’s natural to be close.

『Ah, when we planned to take an inn, we told them that we are an A-Rank Hunter Party to get favourite treatments.

Then they asked us “Are you here to receive the request for dragon extermination?”

We don’t know what is it about…

And when I showed my face to the guild, you were there,

We were watching the situation and joined in, you knew the rest…』(Glen)

『Then, the Ancient Dragons…』(Mile)

『Ancient Dragon? What’s that about?』(Glen)

According to Glen, who answered Mile’s question, “Mithril’s Roar”, who seem to have just arrived in the city a little while ago, they don’t know anything.

So Miles explained the situation in detail.

『I see.

So what the inn told us was not this request to hunt the Earth Dragon but the request to survey the Ancient Dragons…

But what’s with that?

Except for those B rank hunters who have received a nomination request to survey the Ancient Dragons, is this guild all right?』(Glen)

It’s the guild branch of the capital.

There are not only B-Rank Parties but also veteran parties as well.

Except for those who are going on a training journey, having an exclusive contract.

Not having any veteran parties going in and out of the guild for days is just impossible.

So, they just don’t want to show their faces to the guild.

They are afraid of suddenly getting the life-threatening nomination request…

『Any Dragon without wisdom is just a big lizard. It’s not a big deal …』(Glen)

Yes, as Glen says, even the Earth Dragon’s name is similar to the ancient dragon, but its ability differs between heaven and earth.

Although they can use “breath”, their intelligence is just like a lizard to the last.

Their outer skin is no better than the Lizard, it’s not strengthened by magic.

In other words, it just has a big body and is somewhat powerful.

But if you learn their habit (traits?), it’s not that hard to beat with many people… like multi-parties of B-Rank or higher.

Even if you can only damage it little by little (it’s not very effective – pokemon refer), it can be defeated as long as you can keep up. However, if you can’t damage it at all (but nothing happened – pokemon refer), it doesn’t make any sense to continue attacking.

Therefore, it was a foolish act to receive an order for the subjugation of the Earth Dragon with only one C-Rank party or lower.

(The soba noodles at the food cart are also “Soba”

Kanda Matsuya‘s soba is also “Soba“.

But those two just happened to have the same name, they are completely different foods.

In the same way, the Ancient Dragon and the Earth Dragon happen to have the same name, “Dragon“, they are completely different…) (Mile)

As usual, Mile silently thought about random things again.

『Speaking of which, what kind of monster is the Earth Dragon?』(Rena)

『You girls, you can’t be serious…』(Glen)

The “Mithril’s Roar” was astonished Rena’s question.

『Usually, for the subject of the request, you must check its characteristics and weak points, etc., and the strategy…

It was a sudden order this time. However, even for those who rarely come across, you should always learn the minimum with guild materials…』(Glen)

Glen somewhat angry told Rena so. If he doesn’t shout even with such a big mistake like this, can the girls reflect a little? Can they grow at all…?

(T.N: You might want to argue but I also agreed with Glen. Cluelessly doing things will result in a lot of mistakes and danger. Red Oath is still fine because they have Mile)

『Well, of course, this is also the first time, we take such a request.

Whether it’s an Ancient Dragon, a natural dragon, or a fire dragon, it’s not something you’ll come across normally.

Most of the hunters wouldn’t see the living dragon species.

Of course, including us.

So, we just know by reading the material.

Oh, Wyvern is different.

Because they fly in the sky, it’s easy to witness.

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But that’s just “We saw it flying”, it’s different from who actually subjugated it…

So, except for Glen, a muscle brain, who didn’t care about that at all, everyone is silent… That’s not unreasonable.

Actually, other hunters also don’t think “Red Oath” is bad. On the contrary, it’s a super-amazing newbie party, they even felt glad that they were able to witness the birth of the great party.

…They just felt a little awkward and difficult to talk to. That’s it.

『… So what did you do after you went on a training trip? Isn’t it nice to talk to this uncle?』(Glen)

『『『『Eeeehh~…』』』』(Red Oath)

He was going to fight with the dragon species soon, but there was no fragment of tension.


『…and then the Ancient Dragons told us

“We just came here for a little errand,

We do not intend to bother humans.

We are going home again,

Tell that to humans”… something like that』(Mile)

『『『『『『…………』』』』』』』(Mithril’s Roar)

Mile told all the events after going out on a training trip. Like: fighting devils, engaging with aristocratic families, fairy hunting, lunatic kidnappers, mutant Orcs & Ogres, etc. The “Mithril’s Roar” was all mouth-agape.

Even so, Mile has omitted all the serious parts. Such as chasing the Imperial Invader from Askham territory and the battle with the Ancient Dragon. The content Mile talked about isn’t wrong, but Mile revised it for guild reports. It’s an edited scenario…

Of course, there are no newly written short stories or special benefits SS (Screen Shot).


He is surprised.

Glenn seems to be in the middle of something that can’t come up with other expressions.

And conversely, the young swordsman and two magicians who seemed to feel a little better for some reason.

…Apparently, they thought

“If these girls are like this, it can’t be helped that we lost against them.

It wasn’t that we are weak, but they are just abnormal. That was it!”

And they felt a sense of relief.

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