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Chapter 304 - Strengthening (Training) 3

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Mile Chapter 304: Strengthening (Training) 3

『Thank you very much!』(Maevis)

Maevis said thanks to everyone with her tattered appearance.

Today as well, after Customers have returned,

It was the training with only Disciples,

It was Maevis’ one against all training for the last few days.

The Disciple Brothers started cleaning up the Dojo, some of them go to the well in the backyard to bath and change their clothes.

Even though Maevis was treated as a Disciple, her master, Radimar, scolded Maevis when she said she would do the same.

As if he could let Maevis, who is paying a lot of money, clean the Dojo.

Even it’s normal for men and women to train together, taking a bath or change clothes half-naked is off-limit.

Maevis would clean her body and change clothes when she returned to her inn.

So Maevis left the dojo a bit earlier than her Disciple Brothers.

And Maevis thought while going back to the inn.

(Today, there was not much progress…

With my initial schedule, the remaining training days are 2 days.

Should I extend it?

No, I worry about Mile’s group.

Well, what did I learn this time?

Certainly, I have learned plenty of things.

Not only Clean Sword Art taught by my three Nii-sama,

But tactics, skills, and dirty tricks used by hunters and bandits.

The ability of interpersonal war against soldiers etc.

I have significantly improved.

Master (Oshisho-sama) and Disciple Brothers (Ani Deshi) have taught me so many things with a few small gold coins fee.

No, more than that, I have learned many important things…) (Maevis)

Maevis, who was about to give up half-hearted, remembered what Mile said before.

『Maevis-san, when you give up, the fight is over!』(Maevis)

(What was I thinking? Honestly.

Everyone has spent the important party budget for my training,

This is the most valuable time for my training. Master and Disciple Brothers used their precious time for this.

Just think about giving up is a waste of everyone’s goodwill.

It’s not I only have two days left but I have two more days.

If it’s Mile, she will surely think so!

Think! For the next 2 days, how can I become stronger?

It won’t be easy to get another opportunity for one against all interpersonal training.

Don’t waste this opportunity!

Think, Maevis von Austin!!) (Maevis)

And, various ideas run around Maevis’s mind.

『Oh, that. Actually, there is a way I could win …』(Maevis)

Maevis recalled what Mile has said to her before the battle with her (Nii-sama) older brother.

『You just need to get used to the speed.

Your muscles can be strengthened by the power of the mind.

Pain is just a danger signal.

So, you can just ignore it thinking “I know it already!”

Let’s make a shelf in the heart!

Speed can be a boost to power.

It’s just like the power of rotation

A cat is fine too (Neko ~tte ~iidesu ~yo ne)』(Maevis)

(T.N: Stop Mile-chan, you caused confused to me as well)

A swarm of words with a sense of sight somehow rush to her brain.


『……This is it!』(Maevis)

Maevis raised her voice, shouted so and she rushed back to the inn, quickly cleaned up her body, changed and rushed to supper dinner.

No matter how rushing you are, neglecting the care of your body and meals isn’t good for a knight.

For the knights, their physical is really important.

They need a solid body to show their allegiance to the Lord.

And after all preparations, Maevis brought her beloved sword to the bed, firmly gripped its handle and unsheathed it.

…That all she needs for her mental power and delusional power.

She kept doing it until she mentally exhausted and went to sleep die to lose consciousness…

* ************************************

『…Please allow me to use this today』(Maevis)

After the normal training was over and when the Disciple Brothers prepared for the last Maevis’ All out attack training, Maevis took out some from her luggage.

『this is……』(Radimar)

『Yes, my sword, a real sword, with cloth wrapped around it』(Maevis)


After staring at Maevis’s eyes, Radimar said.

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『If you wrap the cloth like this, I think you don’t need to worry about injuring your Disciple Brothers.

And don’t forget, you have me, your master and many Disciple Brothers here.

When in trouble, you should rely on everyone.

No, go forth. Your friends are waiting for you!』(Radimar)

『Yes! Everyone, thank you very much.

I will never forget this favor.

Well then, I will be going!』(Maevis)

Deeply moved, Maevis left the Dojo.

Tonight, she will stay at the inn and travel for the town where Mile’s group is in the morning.

『…Here she goes.

Even just a short time, I enjoyed it…

Well then, my Disciples, clean up quickly and change your clothes!

We will go out to drink.

It will be my treat!

I feel so good today.

You can go all-out (drink to your heart content).』(Radimar)

『『『『『Oooh !!』』』』』(12 Brother disciplines)

His wife, who only cares for money, has a bitter smile.

That means she approved the drinking party.

The Disciples started cleaning the dojo as quickly as they can.

『Later, let’s find out which country the n.o.ble family Austin is.

If she makes a name, we can use it for our advertis.e.m.e.nt.

And when she is in trouble, I will give out a little help.

And when she becomes a bride…

…Let’s give her something for celebration』(Radimar)

『Yes yes (hai hai)…』(Radimar’s wife)

Even his husband said so, but of course, she knew that “a little help” means that the rest of his “life”

『Oh, if our daughter is alive…, no, nothing …』(Radimar)

『Yes yes (hai hai)…』(Radimar’s wife)

Maevis von Austin sleeps with her beloved sword.

What kind of dream does she have?

Her happy sleeping face that didn’t know that the time of the trial was approaching. (Flag from FUNA sensei)

For Shironeko: you must say “Ha ha ha I won” to win

For everyone else: “Fu fu fu, you lose” to win

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