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Chapter 303 - Strengthening (Training) 2

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Mile Chapter 303: Strengthening (Training) 2

Mile Vol 9.12

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Mile Chapter 303: Strengthening (Training) 2

After that, Red Oath left Maevis attending the Dojo and left the city.

After all, everyone seems to get interested in the 『Former Court Magician』and his powers, teaching methods.

When they left, Mile told Maevis “if there is something, please call right away!”

Mile is worried but the security of this city isn’t bad and normally there’s no bandit aiming at a swordsman hunter in the city. If they lose, they might lose their lives and even if they win, they will make the hunter guild into their enemy.

The distance between this town and the next town, where Mile’s group travels to, is two days and one night. There is no rumor that bandits appeared for the last several years.

Maevis’ short-term intensive training contract is five days.

Maevis won’t extend it any longer. It seemed that it was enough for Maevis to be aware of her current ability and the part that she lacked.

And that part should be trained and trained slowly again… with Mile.

The master of Dojo was overjoyed.

First of all, it’s a customer to earn money.

After a little trial training, he realizes Maevis has considerable abilities, an honest swordsman.

Until now, the short-term clients are only dirty swordsmen.

After a long time, he finally gets a worthy student.

Not to mention, she is a beautiful young woman with a sharp and firm look, the effect of attracting customers is outstanding.

What’s more, if those three girls attend the Magician Dojo, their Dojo will get 15% of three small gold coins for each person per day. If it works well, maybe they will get 6 to 7 small gold coins or a little less than 10 small gold coins.

It wasn’t unreasonable for the Dojo owner and his wife to be overjoyed.

* **************

『G.o.d Speed Sword!』(Maevis)

Bash! (SFX)


『That’s it (Sore- made-)!』(Referee)

Maevis finished the mock game with her Disciple Brother. (Ani Deshi)

In this dojo, graduated students who followed the Dojo Master’s teaching are called 『Disciples』and short-term trainers are called 『Customers』, they are clearly distinguished.

After the training, 『Customers』 don’t have to do anything with this dojo while the 『Disciples』 have to do various ch.o.r.es.

The master of Dojo was called 『Shisho』, and the official disciples were called 『Sensei』, they were different from the fellow students.

Therefore, 『Customers』 aren’t allowed to call the 『Disciples』as 『Disciple Brother』

However, for some reason, only Maevis was treated as a 『Disciple』after the first-day training and was allowed to call them『Disciple Brother』

The disciples didn’t seem to feel offensive either, and they loved Maevis as their 『Disciple Sister』(Imouto Deshi)

Maevis was overjoyed with such a world she experienced for the first time.

(Disciple Brothers!

The people walk along the path of the sword together like the siblings of a big family!!) (Maevis)

Yes, Meavis seems to think of the current situation so.


(Young and beautiful girl!

Dignity, her swordsmanship, talking, manner, etc.

She seems to be a daughter of a wealthy aristocrat,

She is honest and has a good personality.

Someone with a high chance of success in life, great value!!) (Radimar’s Wife)

(She encourage the Disciples (Deshi)

Short-Term training applicants (Customers) also increased!

Not to mention she is a serious and hard-working girl.

Furthermore, although her concentration can only last for a short time,

She can use the continuous attack technique called “G.o.d Speed Sword” at an astonishing speed.

Too bad, she only learns here for a short time!

She is in the middle of the trip with her friends, it can’t be helped.

She seems to be full of chivalry, she won’t accept any evil thing, she will surely become a respectable person in the future.

In the end, she will become a wife of the great aristocrat.

We can use the fact that she is our disciple for advertising…) (Radimar)

Everybody was thinking of something selfish.

However, there is no problem, as everyone is happy.

『Master, how strong is my strength as a hunter?』(Maevis)

After the training, Maevis asked a too straight question,

Dojo Master Radimar knits brow,

After thinking for a while, he answered.

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『Hmmm …

『Are you looking down on your Disciple Brothers?』(Radimar)

『I’m never looking down on my Disciple Brothers』(Maevis)

『 Do you think you can win?』(Radimar)

『No, but it’s my training so that I can win.

In order for me to catch up with my friends even just a little…』(Maevis)


Master Radimar is silent and thinking.

『…Are they that strong?』(Radimar)


Even the healer magician, who is the weakest of the three can still instant kill a few A-ranked swordsmen…』(Maevis)


Behind him, the Disciple Brother, who are listening to the story were frozen.

『Please. I don’t want to be a burden…

I don’t want to be just luggage!

In order to do so, I have to cross the wall!

I have to cross the wall with all cost!!』(Maevis)

A line of tears flowing down Maevis’ cheeks.

Everyone here is warriors.

They knew the days of suffering from the wall of strength. Staying behind in regret and envy, looking at their friends travel far away. Every day, they wanted to die because of their own self-hatred.

On the day, they regretted that they could not protect what they needed to protect because of their lack of power, and they kept hitting their head against the wall.

There are a lot of people with such experience.

『…To catch up with those three magicians

For the Disciple of my Radimar Dojo…

No, for swordsmen to not lag behind.

You must do her best in training.

Even with just 3 small gold coins per day as the fee, we will do our best to a.s.sist you』(Radimar @ Maevis)


『All of you, we will help our lovely Disciple Sister with best abilities. For the honor of our Radimar Sword Dojo, and for our purpose as a swordsman.

YOU HEAR ME?』(Radimar @ Disciples)


And, the special training of Maevis began.

For Maevis, it was both h.e.l.l and paradise for fulfilling her desires…

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