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Chapter 299 - King Palace

Report Chapter

Mile Chapter 299: King Palace

『As expected, it was really so…』(King)

In the royal palace, the king had received a report from the officer who was dispatched to investigate.

Normally, there was no opportunity for the low-rank officer to report directly to the king but he insisted to report directly to gain the king’s favor.

He changed what Raik said, things that he didn’t confirm himself, etc. to what the king wanted, or reported it in a predictive tone.

…In short, “G.o.ddess hasn’t appeared. The report back then was just made up story of a unit’s commander to escape responsibility”

The conclusion that the officer, himself created.

『No matter how many monsters we pushed over the border, there wasn’t much damage to them.

On the contrary, our damage was large.

It wasn’t strange that the soldiers made statements to escape their responsibilities.

Okay, we will immediately carry out another invasion operation.

This time we will cross the border, advanced to the edge of the forest in their side.

All of the monsters will be pushed to their land』(King)


Not only the officer but also the n.o.bles, the military commander raised their surprised voice.

『But, Your Majesty, military transgression is considered as an act of aggression! Unlike what we have been doing until now…』(Military commander)

The king just brushed off the commander.

『What’s wrong with that?』(King)

『Haa!?』(Military commander)

『We will expand our territory.

For now, we will merge that forest and the territory beyond it to our country.

We will be ready soon!』(King)

『Ha… haaaa~!』(Military commander)

It’s an open war.

Expand the territory of your homeland and get the wealth and labor of other countries.

As it’s not a defensive battle but an invasion operation, plunder, and new territory will be obtained. In addition to territory, the existing n.o.ble family or a new n.o.ble will be found with their achievements.

The n.o.bles were surprised but it wasn’t a bad deal for the n.o.bles.

Those who die in battle are mainly the soldiers and recruited soldiers.

It’s not strange for the commander to command from behind. In case of losing, they only need to surrender.

By doing so, they can return to the country safely if the country pays the ransom later.

n.o.blemen are treated better even as prisoners of war.

During that time, they only need to worry about『the condition of their body tomorrow』

So, compared to the merits of winning, those possibilities aren’t a big disadvantage.

Although their relationship with the neighboring countries wasn’t very good. People wouldn’t think they will start aggression suddenly.

So, the neighboring country, Marein Kingdom would be late in response to the sudden invasion.

『 That forest has become a barrier of nature which prevented us to fight for territory for many years.

But that’s it for today.

“Put the army in front of the natural barrier to protect the land” is the basis of military affairs.

If we considered the middle of the forest as the border, then we don’t have an advantage compared to them.

However, if we took all of the forests to our side, we could use it effectively as a barrier.

After that, we will concentrate our force to the front, we can collect the resources from both the forest and mountain range.

Then we will cut down Mafan next.』(King)


* ********************************

『It seems to be “that” though…』(Pauline)

Pauline says so while looking at a sticker for mercenaries in the guild branch of the capital city.

Red Oath would not have any new movement until that officer reported to the King. Therefore, the girls stayed in the capital and slowly doing various requests to kill time. They have checked the request board and information board every day.

And that sticker is…

『The recruitment of mercenaries.

Meal allowance, combat allowance, achievement allowance.

You can get the details in National Army Mercenary Department』(Notice)

Of course, even though it doesn’t say anything about crossing the borderline.

Everyone at the guild knows that. So are the army and the royal palace.

Just like usual, this time, it was a call for hara.s.sment with the name『Revision of the last Monster Pushing Operation which ended in unwilling results』

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There’s no misrepresentation. Hunters or mercenaries have no right to object the action of the military.

Rena answered immediately.

『Then, it’s okay.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you really want to get the request.

Because in that case, you are just like the soldiers, who are heading to the battlefield knowing the risk to fulfill their duty.

Still, it’s better to avoid the area with soldiers when you are moving.

After all, the request is to move to the other country right away.

You’d better choose a different way if you want to go back』(Hunter)


『 Isn’t that fine? Don’t you get it?

If we are inside the enemy, we could easily get information and it would be easier to sabotage them …』(Pauline)

While searching for an inn after leaving the guild branch, the evil-looking Pauline said that, but Rena shook her head.


If we get a contract and get hired, we can’t betray the employer unless it’s an obviously illegal act, a breach of contract, or a forced out-of-contract act.

It’s not illegal to hire mercenaries for war, and it’s an inter-state issue whether they declare war or not, regardless of the hired mercenaries.

Even if the soldiers attack us, it’s a personal matter, unless the employer ordered it, it’s still not a breach of contract.

So, unless the officer forced us to do something illegal or out of contract, we can’t turn our back to our employer.

Isn’t that bad?』(Rena)


Pauline seems to be a type that accepts lie and betrayal for the right thing, but Rena seems to be a type that obeys the norm as a hunter.

And Maevis, needless to say, is a shameful act as a knight, and a shameful behavior is unacceptable.

Mile is…

『 Rena-san, isn’t it just “That’s it, this is this” or “Make a shelf in your heart?”』(Mile)


Anyway, “the plan to be hired by the military” seemed to be dismissed.

『Well, anyway, we won’t accept deaths or injuries which may be caused by us even indirectly.』(Mile)

Rena’s Trio looked at Mile with the face like “I expect you’d say something like that”

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