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Chapter 295 - Move 2

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Mile Chapter 295: Move 2

『We are about to cross the border soon』(Mile)

Three other girls didn’t say anything back to Mile.

Well, it’s not a problem for hunters to cross the border in the forest or mountain area and not using the highway unless they have received a request against the other country.

This is because hunters have no obligation to pay taxes to the country except in special cases.

Of course, if a merchant does such a thing, he will receive severe punishment.

『Oh, I think we should camp today. We will probably reach the edge of the forest tomorrow』(Mile)

Mile said so because she has previously confirmed the end of the forest from the sky.

And the girls’ movement speed doesn’t change much as they move without luggage.

And the evening of the next day, Red Oath reached the outer edge of the forest, just as Mile said.

They hunted a few Orcs on the way as Pauline’s expression was grimaced. (Walk with extra luggage)

The group camped just before the outer edge without leaving the forest.

Normally, it’s safer and more comfortable to camp after going out of the forest, but as for Red Oath, things like『safety』are not of concern.

Besides, if they camp outside the forest, nearby residents might spot them.

The flames for cooking will be visible from a great distance.

Actually, just because they were found doesn’t mean that something bad would happen.

However, in this world where monsters and bandits’ attacks are daily occurrences, there are few people who purposely reveal their existence to their foe. They can not die early and leave their offspring.

So naturally, in this world, there are many cautious people. Yes, the so-called “Selection/Evolution”

As usual, Mile took the tent out of the item box, followed by a brief whistle, a chair set, a table, the cooktop, and ingredients.

Pauline chops ingredients and makes soup.

『Dance! Dance in the heated mix!

Urya! Urya! Urya! Urya!』(Pauline)

Because it’s possible to cook while heating water and ingredients in their bowls, it’s not necessary to take out the pot or even to wash the pot.

Rena was looking at it and complained.

『 As expected, this is more convenient.

We took that escort request to have a taste of an average C-ranked hunter group.

But I still hate how bothersome it is in various ways』(Rena)

Yes, because it was weird to show Paulin’s boiling water magic using molecular vibration to those elves duo. That’s why during the escort mission, the water boiling role was entrusted to Rena using fireb.a.l.l.s, not Pauline.

…Even though it was unexpected that the elves were still dumbfounded.

Anyway, now the girls can use magic freely.

『Wind Edge!』(Maevis)

From behind, Maevis was using Wind Edge to cut off the four limbs of the Orc which Mile brought of her item box.

She thought that “it wasn’t magic but the power of Ki”. Maevis was told to camouflage it as wind magic when using in front of other people.

However, they have told that Maevis couldn’t use magic. If the Elves saw Maevis could use Wind Edge, Mile wouldn’t know what would happen.

Then Maevis stopped using Wind Edge to cut the Orc’s stomach because Wind Edge might tear off the internal organs. She cut that part directly with the knife. It was important.

As fur can be sold, it also has to be peeled off with a cutting knife.

…If she doesn’t use daggers for cooking or peeling, someone is gonna be noisy.

『『『『If there were no outsiders, it was a pleasure and nice…』』』』(Red Oath)

Yes, the days they don’t have to care about other people’s eyes staring at them.

『Maevis, I’ll use the clean magic and the warm shower magic later, so you don’t need to worry if you get a bit dirty!』(Pauline)

『Oh, I’m saved!

Well, I won’t hold back and eat whole-heartedly tonight!』(Maevis)

Of course, Rena and Pauline are taught by Mile. They can use clean magic and warm shower magic. So they don’t have to worry about getting dirty with sweat or blood of prey.

Maevis can also receive this benefit.

… However, if there are other parties and clients here, it’s another story.

* ***********************

『Let’s go』(Mile)

The next morning, after finishing the simple breakfast and storing the tent, Red Oath went out of the forest and went straight on.

If there is a village or a town, it will be away from the edge of the dangerous forest.

After walking for a while, the girls came across a small diameter.

It must be used by the villagers near the forest so that they can go harvest wild vegetables, fruits, herbs, moss, and hunt animals.

If you follow this, you will arrive at the nearest village.

Mile didn’t find the village for rest, she just wanted to confirm the damage situation so far.

Mile got information at the guild branch in the last city where they stayed.

As a result, there seemed to be no deaths in this country on the last monsters pushback case and that there was considerable damage to the army, a few casualties to the hunters, and some damage to the fields in the village.

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She knew that.

『Ah, yes, ahaha…』(Mile)

In the past, town people used to have three meals a day, as well as n.o.bles.

The hunters who get dangerous work, also work hard until noon with an empty stomach condition.

If they eat too much at the first lunch, their stomach becomes full and an injury in their belly will be fatal wounds. It’s a stupid act.

So, starting with Mile, all four of Red Oath had only lived three meals a day until now… Acting with others on a time-constrained commission, except a few times.

If they are alone, it will take almost no time for a simple meal.

It’s just because they have lunch and sandwiches from Mile’s storage.

And it’s also a secret that Mile’s storage can keep the food fresh (warm) without worry about the weight.

『Well, let’s just ask those children for information』(Mile)

Mile didn’t intend to stop at the village, but it would be fine to just talk a little.

Thinking so, Mile rushed to the children and made a call, but then the children solidified. The boys and the older ones build a wall, hiding the younger ones and girls behind.

…It’s a state of alert.


After reincarnation, regaining memory and entering Ekland School, Mile thought that she got a good relationship with the children so when the children behaved like that, she was somewhat shocked.

『Oh… Mile-chan, please take out 2-3 pieces of Orc meat』(Pauline)

『Eh? ye…yes …』(Mile)

Although Mile didn’t understand, she took out three pieces of Orc meat from storage as Pauline told.

And Pauline explained to the cautioned children.

『As you can see, we are hunters of this kind.

The reason we are empty-handed isn’t that we can’t catch our prey but we have a master of storage magic.

We got plenty of other prey and collectibles.

So we don’t need all the herbs, fruits that you have collected』(Pauline)

『『『Ah……』』』(Mile’s trio)

Half of them are Minor (or look-alike).

A group of girls rushed out of the woods and came closer to the children who carry goods.

…With weapons in hand.

『『『Well, of course, they will be wary …』』』(Mile’s trio)

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