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Chapter 292 - Elves’ Escorts 9

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Mile Chapter 292: Elves’ Escorts 9

Pauline continued.

『Generally speak, you might plan to use Mile-chan’s stupid capacity storage magic or discover the secret of her magic of wonder.

But if it’s money or honor, Mile-chan can get most of what she wants.

Despite that, she is living as a hunter with us this way.

Please think about it carefully.

Do you think she didn’t get such invitations until now?』(Pauline)

『『UU……』』(Etoul, Shararil)

If you think about it, what Pauline said is really convinced.

『Well, but you girls are acquaintanced with that Kulereia!

She won’t miss such a good subject for research!

She must absolutely determine to eat you up!

If you are taken by that de amateur girl, it’s better for us to study on you and get good results…』(Etoul)


Rather than letting you hand over your own skin to that Rotten Road Researcher to enjoy herself, I’d do it with my hands…』(Shararil)

『『『『『『『Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi!』』』』』』』(Red Oath + Blue Meteor)

Not only Red Oath but also Blue Meteor retort to the dangerous remark.

『No, I mean to research you from head to toe with these hands, of course …』(Shararil)

『『『『『『『……………….』』』』』』』(Red Oath + Blue Meteor)

『And anyway, Mile-chan is not interested in that!』(Mile)

Pauline shouted so, but the two elves still didn’t give up.

『We aren’t talking to you, but to Mile-chan!

Well, Mile-chan, let’s live with us!

We can teach you Elven magic, you know?

It’s magic unique to the Elves and is unknown to humans. If it’s Mile-chan, we can teach you a lot, Elders should allow it as well…

Well, as a special friend, it’s possible to invite you to Elf Village!』(Etoul)

『Hmm …』(Mile)

That was an invitation too delicious for Mile.

Not the magic of the elves but the “Invitation to the Elf Village”


She will go!

Etoul and Shararil smiled when thinking so. Mile finally spoke

『…please go through the manager!』(Mile)

『『『『『『Manager?』』』』』』(Blue Meteor + 2 Elves)

They didn’t understand the meaning at all and were puzzling…

『 Isn’t the best time for talking the dinner time?

When it is still bright, I think we’d better concentrate on searching.

The battle with the Orcs took quite a lot of time already…』(Graf)


Red Oath and the Elves agree with Graf.

『Graf-san, if you are always behaving like that, you might be popular with women…』(Mile)

『Be quiet! That’s unnecessary care!』(Graf)

Graf yells involuntarily at Mile.

With how he acts, it’s clear that he doesn’t have a wife or a girlfriend.

* ************************************


This is the last dinner of this survey request, so Mile happily treats everyone a good meal.

Tomorrow’s breakfast will be an easy meal, lunch will be light eating while waiting for the pick-up carriage outside the forest.

Besides, since tomorrow’s dinner can be eaten in the city, they can just have a light meal in the daytime.

And it’s Red Oath’s intention to especially focus on the dinner as thanks to everyone in 『Blue Meteor』who protected Maevis.

Certainly, even if Mile didn’t die, even if Mile can cure most injuries.

However, the fears and pains under rapidly smashing from multiple orcs would have been deeply ingrained in Maevis’s body and mind (mind-break) and Maevis might be able to continue working as a hunter.

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Besides, Maevis might die immediately if she received so many simultaneous attacks.

And I only made one vegetable dish at a time.

…It’s just today is a celebration and a tasting party of new dishes that I make many of dishes like this』(Mile)

Mile denied Ratol so.

『Ah, that’s right…』(Mile)

Suddenly, Mile reminded of something.

『Everyone didn’t ask me anything about the medicine Maevis used.

I thought you’d rather ask a lot about it…』(Mile)

Blue Meteor heard it and shook their heads.

『First of all, there is a ban on asking about other hunter’s abilities. And that was some secret drug, right?

The fact that no people know about it until now, so it means to be a secret.

Besides, it seems you can only use it with a good healing magician as a backup.

Given Maevis’ state back then and the fact that there are two healing magicians with better healing than the Pope, I can understand that it’s not something that ordinary hunters can use.

Maybe we’ll die in the first place if we use them?

That’s a stupid thing』(Clark)

The answer of the swordsman Clark makes Mile speechless.

『As expect of veteran hunters. You really think it through…』(Mile)

Mile was worried that Blue Meteor would be interested in Micro and was thinking of an explanation to make them give up. But Mile didn’t even need to explain anything.

(These people really think things more properly than I thought.

But why did they have such a shameful demeanor…

There is nothing wrong with it…

But well, even though they are pretty good people, they definitely won’t be popular with women…) (Mile)

That was Mile’s impression…

『So, Mile-chan, won’t you take another request…』(Etoul)

『No, that’s enough already!!』(Mile)

Mile was starting to feel tired of Etoul and Shararil, who didn’t give up.

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