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Chapter 291 - Elves’ Escorts 8

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Chapter 291: Elves’ Escorts 8

『Move the bones back to their original position,

Combine and mend the fragments,

Stretch and mend the tendons,

Repair the blood vessels and nerves,

Restore the muscles,

Enhance self-healing ability,

Kill bacteria…』(Mile)

Behind Mile, Pauline also cast a similar spell on Ratol of the Blue Meteor.

Rena, Etoul, and Shararil also cast the ordinary 『Healing magic of this world』

『No way……』(Etoul)

『Why these two can cure so beautiful and so fast…』(Shararil)

Etoul and Shararil look stunned, seeing the healing magic of Mile and Pauline.

『I ask you please, don’t look away and concentrate on the treatment …』(Graf? Clark?)

Because Etoul and Shararil are distracting, the healing process is interrupted, Graf and Clark scream.

* **********************************

『…And what does this mean?』(Mile)

Maevis is 『Dogeza』on the ground while Mile is preaching.

『I’m sorry, I looked down on the Orcs and was off guard…』(Maevis)

『It’s not that!

Why did you use three of them!?

Normally you only need to use one.

Even in a desperate situation, you can only use two and you must be really careful in that case.

That’s what I said… Did you forget the instruction?』(Mile)

Maevis couldn’t forget it. After the Battle against the Ancient Dragons, she must endure a few hours from Mile’s h.e.l.l Preaching.

『Oh, but if I cause trouble to everyone in “Blue Meteor”…』(Maevis)

Maevis doesn’t know that Mile may also repair any kind of defects.

So, to her just now, the possibility of someone in the Blue Meteor dies, retire due to injury, etc. Even though Mile and Pauline are excellent at healing magic, they might not be able to cure.

That being said, Mile also has this weakness.

Mile is also a person with the thought 『If I cause others to lose 100 yen, I’d rather lose 1000 yen instead』or 『In order not to let others wait a few minutes, I’d rather go the meeting place several minutes ahead and waiting』


『But you can only use up to 2! With 3 of them, you can’t stand the shock of a nervous strain and you may really die!』(Mile)

Of course, when Mile first pa.s.sed Micro to Maevis, Maevis was listening carefully to the explanation. Even at the time of the preaching before, Mile also repeated it many times.

However, to Maevis, the life of 『Blue Meteor』 can’t be replaced. So, even Maevis desperately apologizes for Mile while understanding everything, but her face doesn’t show any signs of regret, shaking or remorse.

If the situation is similar, she will repeat the same thing again.

That’s because she is a knight, no…a girl with knight’s aspiration named 『Maevis von Austin』

… No matter how she says, it will be useless.

Thinking so, Mile gives up and shrugs her shoulder.

In other words, even if Mile is in similar situations, she will make a similar choice. As she is aware of that, there’s nothing more to say.

(After that, It’s Maevis’ life and responsibility…) (Mile)

Even if she thinks so, it’s unbearable to know your companions die because of the medicine you give them.

(Did I fail?) (Mile)

Mile regrets having given Micro to Maevis, but she can’t take it back now.

Maevis suffered from a difference in power because she didn’t get a cheat like the Rena and Pauline. And Maevis was so pleased to take up the Micro…

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(After all, it’s my fault …) (Mile)

Hearing it, Graf raises his surprised voice.

『You’ve fought together to protect the employer and you protected Maevis with your body. Because you had shown a sincere att.i.tude, we weren’t so childish to continue being mean toward you!』(Rena)

Rena said so with quite an att.i.tude, but it was rather obvious what she was trying to hide. Apparently, she seems to be really grateful for them to protect Maevis, but she isn’t good at saying it into words.

『Ha ha, in that case, sorry to bother you and thank you very much, we are saved…』(Graf)

Graf laughed as if he somehow felt Rena’s feelings.

Pauline, Maevis, and Mile thought in their hearts.

(If you could act mature like this and you were willing to protect the other party as their shield, why didn’t try to make a good impression from the beginning? They will never be good with women…) (Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

However, there are many clumsy and stupid men in this world.

Although they can’t appeal their good points, they are still the good guys even they look like the bad guys from their outer appearance. In that case, they had to wait for a woman to be aware of their good points…

(These men, they must be single. No, I can’t decide it by myself. They might have a wife or a girlfriend. But if I ask them about it, they might think that I’m interested in them. It’s troublesome. Well, I’m somewhat concerned but I can’t afford to ask) (Rena)

Rena looked at the three girls, who were somewhat irritatingly suspicious…

『Hey, hey, Mile-chan …』(Etoul)


Suddenly Etoul talked to her and Mile replied.

『Mile-chan, when this request is over, aren’t we going to be our exclusive escort?

Oh, of course, the other three can come together to help with our research and accompany us to the investigation…』(Etoul)

When Mile looked closely, Etoul’s eyes doubtful shone.

Hearing an unexpected invitation, Mile was somewhat hesitating to reply. Then Pauline talked in a loud voice.

『…Rather than asking Mile-chan to help with your research, you want to study Mile-chan, right?』(Pauline)


Etoul and Shararil are lost at words.

『As expected…』(Pauline)

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