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Chapter 290 - Elves’ Escorts 7

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Mile Chapter 290: Elves’ Escorts 7

(Dead!) (Maevis)

If Maevis strengthened her body with the power of “Ki”, she won’t go down with just one hit like this.

In her head, past events flowed at great speed as images.

Conversation with her parents,

The imitation of the training of the sword with three elder brothers when she was still young,

Seeing her brother’s knight official ceremony and she swore that she would be a knight on that day.

Meeting three friends the hunter training school.

She can’t fulfill her dreams, she can’t repay to her family and her friends, she left them behind. She will be killed by “something like Orcs”. That’s how it ends.


Because I looked down on the enemies “something like Orcs”.

I was only a bit strong thanks to Micro, the power of my mind, and the specially made sword. I was overly confident in my power and headed right in the middle of the enemies.

Because I was thinking of solo battle without cooperating with my friends} (Maevis’ thought)

It seemed to be a long time, but it was actually very short.

If she really has time to remind of the old memories, why not use that time to avoid the Orcs’ attacks?

Actually, only the image of the memory flowing in her brain is getting super-accelerated

Yes, it seems that other thoughts and her body haven’t become faster.

(Sorry and thank you, esteemed mother, 3 onii-sama and everyone …) (Maevis)

Dosu~! (SFX)

Gan~! Dogo~! Baki~! Bushu~! (SFX)

There are a lot of sounds the meat being cut and the bone is broken… around Maevis.


What reflected in the eyes of the stunned Maevis is:

Swordsman Ratol stood before Maevis and stabbed one of the Orcs who attacked Maevis.

Besides him, Graf did a full-swing with his great sword down on another Orc.

Clark stabbed his rapier at another Orc.

Archer Kesbart used that chance to swing his dagger at the Orc’s neck.

And lastly, Mareiwen cast magic to stall the Orcs.

Everyone prioritized attacking the Orcs who attacked Maevis over protecting themselves, so they were injured by the attacks from Orcs they were fighting against. Even though they are injured, they can continue to fight.

The pain is just a signal to let you know your body is in a dangerous state.

But they are like 『Well, we already understood that! We can just ignore it. We can’t afford to stop fighting in the midst of battle because our body is in danger.』


『 Don’t give up!』(Clark?Ratol?)

『d.a.m.n it!!』(Ratol?)

Ratol is too close to the Orcs and is forced to move in between the Orcs and Maevis, so he is now in a bad position and can’t swing his sword.

After pulling out the sword from the body of the Orc, he uses the handle of the sword to hit the Orc in the eyes and when the Orc is stunned, he pressed the blade in its neck.

Even if it’s not a sharp blade like the j.a.panese sword but when pressing like that, it still can cut deep into the Orc’s neck to kill it.

Other hunters also finished their respective opponent or pushed back around Maevis.


『I will go now!』(Mile)

At this point, Rena finally realized the situation and reacted immediately.

Because enemies and allies are mixed, she can’t cast magic attacks from afar. So Mile goes full speed to Maevis’ group.

『Earth Javelin!』(Rena)

『Ice Spear!』(Pauline)

Rena and Pauline, with their single attack magic on hold, eliminate two Orcs ahead of Mile.

It’s not a big deal for Mile, but killing two Orcs will reduce the danger of the Vanguards.

『Ice Needle!』(Etoul)

『Ice Arrow!』(Shararil)

And two more attack spells were released from Etoul and Shararil.

After making sure that there are no Orcs left on this side, Pauline follows Mile.

After Mile goes away from this place, this group needs Rena who is good at attack magic than Pauline who is good at healing magic.

They can’t leave the clients alone, so the girls need to keep a strong attacking magician to defend here. There’s probably no oak left, but still, they have to prepare for it just in case.

This is the escort mission, the client’s life is the first priority.

『d.a.m.n it, such a shameful display.

No, that doesn’t matter anymore!

If any happens to the Blue Meteor because of me, I…』(Maevis)

There is a little distance between Maevis and Orc thanks to the Blue Meteor.

And without missing out on that opportunity, Maevis opened the lids of the three “Micro” bottles from her pocket and drank all of it at once.

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『For now, just kill the pain (pain killer), I can heal it later, I beg you, Micro!』(Maevis)

She threw up blood and fell down.

『『『『『Huuuuh!?』』』』』(Blue Meteor)


Mile ran over to Maevis, using her right hand to support Maevis while hovering her left hand over Maevis’ body.

Yes, she used the Nanomachines to scan Maevis’ body like a medical Tricorder (in Star Trek).

『Broken fractures of the ribs,

Broken ribs pierced and damaged lungs,

Right arm fracture,

Ligament injury,

Achilles tendon rupture,

Many other damage points…

You drank too many!』(Mile)


For a moment, Mile wanted to complain but she decided to do it later.

Somewhat later but Pauline also arrived. And Rena judged that Orcs have been defeat, also brought the employers.

『Pauline-san, heal Ratol-san!

He might have bone fractures, but be careful of internal organs damaged and bleeding in the brain as well.

Rena, Etoul-sam, and Shararil-san, please treat the other people!』(Mile)

『I… I understand!』(Pauline)

『Understand …』(Rena?)

Maevis is the one with the most serious injury, so Mile will handle her treatment.

And Pauline will handle the second one, Ratol.

Other hunters just got some bruises and abrasions, or at most a slightly broken bone, so they just need to be healed with ordinary healing magic.

They may also doublecheck with Mile and Pauline just to be on the safe side later.

Elves are usually good at healing magic, so probably the person who gets healed by Rena will be the most unfortunate one.

…Well, even so, Rena can use healing magic a little better an average person.

A normal magician, who says “I’m not good at fire magic”, normally can’t use fire magic at all.

『I’m sorry. I uttered a rant without thinking. Forgive me …』(Graf)

Most of Maevis’ injuries except broken ribs aren’t due to the Orcs’ attacks, but Graf, who doesn’t know about 《Micro》, thinks Maevis has fought against the Orcs with her serious injury. He had a face full of thoughts and regrets.

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