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Chapter 287 - Elves’ Escort 4

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Mile Chapter 287: Elves’ Escort 4

Two elves and escort hunters go through the woods.

『This is the area where people haven’t entered』(Etoul)

Everyone is just silently listening to the employer, Etoul.

However, it doesn’t mean that this is the land where people have yet to set foot here or a place that violent monsters will come out.

It’s just simply 《Unless anyone requests, no human will come to such a place》

That’s it.

Even if you bother to come to a place like this, it doesn’t mean that you may find a rare prey, collection that more profit compared to the outer edge of the forest.

Besides, manually transporting hunted monster and animals out of the forest requires tremendous effort and time…

It’s much better to hunt at the outer edge.

So, there are no Hunters (adventurers) or hunters (normal animal hunting) who came to earn money like this.

The purpose of this time is 《Study on the plants of scientific value, investigation of the distribution of minerals, confirmation of breeding situation of monsters, etc.》

There was not much market value in any of that.

So 《Blue Meteor》 was pushing the helping for collection to 《Red Oath》

Meanwhile, they were trying to hunt monsters or animal to sell meat, horns, fangs, nails, etc. at good prices as materials.

… Of course, after securing the safety of the client. Well, they aren’t that rotten.

But they overstepped their bounds to think that they could freely use Mile’s storage magic.

『Let’s start the investigation cooperation』(Etoul)

When Etoul announced so, everyone stopped walking in two rows and spread sideways while slowly observing the plants, stones on the ground.

Of course, they didn’t bend their back, they kept their spine straight.

If they do it all the time for searching, their body will scream later.

The target plants and ores have been described in advance by showing pictures, and as for animals and demons, they only record those that they encountered naturally and they don’t need to seek for it.

Until recently,《Blue Meteor》 have a.s.sumed the lead, but now they are on the sideline. They must clear the branches, gra.s.s, and trees as they move, so it’s quite difficult to keep the eyes on the ground and the speed is low.

However, there’s no need to earn travel distance this time for research purposes, there’s no problem if they go slowly so that they don’t overlook.

『Rena-san, 1 o’clock, 2 meters!』(Mile)

『…Oh, there it is. Etoul-san, over here!』(Rena)

Do not collect anything you find. It doesn’t make sense. For research, they need to record everything, such as where it is growing, how it gets the sunlight and other plants that grow together. It’s also necessary to decide whether to collect or leave it alone.

Of course, everything will be decided by the employer.

『Pauline-san, 1:30 o’clock, 1.5 meters!』(Mile)

『I found it. Over here, Shararil-san!』(Pauline)

『Maevis-san, 12 o’clock, 2.3 meters!』(Mile)

『Discovered! It’s the third goal.』(Maevis)

Each member of 《Red Oath》 found the target plant one after another by indicating with the distance decided by Mile, “How to divide the direction seen from oneself and call it”

『…Aren’t you amazing?

Usually, we would overlook more than half of them,

Sometimes, we barely found anything.

With this, I have to change the oversight calculation correction value』(Etoul)

Shararil had a wry smile as Etoul said so.

And when I heard that, Graf of 《Blue Meteor》 shouted.

『That’s not true! Don’t you think it’s strange?

She may see if she finds it herself, having good eyes, or she is used to collecting materials.

But why can she find anything around her with even looking?

She may have glanced at them, but before that, gra.s.s and trees will be in the way!』(Graf)

However, the two elf employers completely ignored Graf.

Of course, the members of 《Red Oath》also did the same.

『Say something!』(Graf)

The graph yelled at 《Red Oath》because the girls ignored them one after another. Even though they didn’t plan to find it in the first place. But Etoul responded even before《Red Oath》

『…Isn’t there an unspoken rule that hunters don’t peek at each other’s feats or abilities?』(Etoul)


It’s not a written statement, but no hunter breaks this tacit understanding.

If they break, it’s as good as proclaiming《I will use you and I will suck sweet juice from you》

It’s an unacceptable act that other party might pull out their sword.

After Etoul said so,《Blue Meteor》 could not say anything more than that.

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Mile’s group just shrugged their shoulders lightly as they were listening to it.

That’s all the researchers know after examining. It’s not something great.

However, having noticed it from only a few cases in a short time is quite a highlight.

When Etoul and Shararil thought so with a smile.

『…along with Yotsume gra.s.s and the copper ore, right?』(Mile)

『『Eh……?』』(Etoul + Shararil)

Etoul and Shararil are dumbfounded.

Until now, various attempts have been made to cultivate Lyren gra.s.s.

Of course, like planting around the Tafina tree, various soils, fertilizers, medicines, and enhanced magic, etc..

Among them, has anyone planted a plant other than the Tafina tree together and put an ore containing a specific metal on the side, etc. ?

… No, there wasn’t such a story.

Perhaps the people might have tried to use something like crushed other minerals mixed with soil with other plants, but at least there wasn’t such a combination.

『… but why did you think so?』(Etoul)

Etoul was a little upset asking Mile so.

Tafina tree and Yotsume gra.s.s aside,

Thing such as ore containing copper is often buried in the ground,

Even if it is exposed, it’s covered with soil or moss, hidden in gra.s.s, and not so visible.

If you look at the ore, an average girl can’t tell whether it’s ore containing copper.

A common copper ore is chalcopyrite, and its content is about 1/200.

It’s something an amateur can glance and《Ah, it’s the copper ore》

However, Mile answered Etoul’s question.

『Eh, no, because it was displayed so in search magic …』(Mile)

『『Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!』』(Etoul + Shararil)

Shironeko Shock.gif

Because everyone stopped, 5 members of《Blue Meteor》also came closer to check. The employers were standing still with their mouths opened.

The 《search magic》 that everyone knows was by no means like that.

Yes, for those other than 《Red Oath》…

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