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Chapter 286 - Elves’ Escorts 3

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Mile Chapter 286: Elves’ Escorts 3

Mile Vol 5

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Mile Chapter 286: Elves’ Escorts 3

After everyone got off the carriage and the luggage was unloaded, the carriage returned to the city.

They will come to pick the group at this place two days later.

Then everyone started preparing food.

It is almost noon,

If you plan to go into a dangerous forest, you’d better start preparing your food at this moment, it’s a bit early but it’s better to finish it here.

Everyone only had a light breakfast or skipped it. There is no fool that eats breakfast until full before getting on the carriage. It’s not simply just some pain in the b.u.t.tocks, they will also be shaken a few hours riding the carriage.

It was one of the reasons they decided to have lunch early.

Normally, the highway will be well maintained. But this is a road to the forest of a local city, there’s no reason for it to be well maintained. Just riding on a carriage can be quite tiring.

So, this mealtime also serves as a break for strength recovery.

Because of that, they didn’t eat anything like preserved food, but a freshly cooked meal.

…However, it’s still just a《outdoor freshly cooked meal》.

Something like a simple soup, ingredients, and dried Kudzu Vegetables boiling in hot water. Some meats and bread.

However, it is still a fancy meal for those who travel in the forest.

This time, the carriages return after bringing everyone here, the employers can’t afford to provide food for the hunters they hired.

It’s ridiculous to hire a large number of hunters to carry the hunters’ food. So, in this kind of request, the contract also includes that the hunters must prepare the meal by themselves.

This time there are many magicians including the employers so they don’t have to worry about water.

That’s why for this first meal, the employers provided everything to make soups.

The food itself is divided into three portions, the employer, 《Red Oath》 and 《Blue Meteor》

『Etoul-san, Shararil-san, please have a taste?』(Mile)

Mile pulled out chopsticks, frying pans, etc. out from the storage.

Then, she pulled a dish with pre-made Orc-meat Sandwiches and side-dish pickle.

The two were happy to receive it.

Just like Dr. Kulereia, they aren’t vegetarians just because they are elves.

They can eat meat to their heart content just fine.


『What is this, it is coating with something spicy.

It suppresses the fatness of Orc-meat while making the taste of the Orc meat…

And the moist feel of the bread, it gently stimulates our tongue and gums…』(Shararil)

『Are you some kind of Gourmet Reporter!?』(Mile)

Mile retorts to the comments of Etoul and Shararil.

『Oh, let me have some meat』(Graf)

『I want two sets』(Clark)

『Me too!』(Ratol)

『I want three sets』(Kesbart)

『I’m okay with one. As long as it has delicious meat!』(Mareiwen)

『『『『……………..』』』』(Red Oath)

. . .

Shironeko Gif 19.gif


『Why did you clean up the pots and chopsticks…?』(Clark)

『Eh? Huh?』(Ratol)

Pauline mercilessly sentenced to the dumbfounded 《Blue Meteor》

『 Each party was told to prepare food on their own, right?

Didn’t you hear that when you met?』(Pauline)

『『『『『Huh……?』』』』』(Blue Meteor)

Certainly, there was such a thing in the contract contents.

And of course, 《Blue Meteor》 also prepared their own food.

Hard bread, dried meat, dried fruit, portable preservation food.

But that was in case of an emergency.

The Storage Girl would not be killed or be taken away.

She held a large amount of food and even when she ran out of it, she could easily hunt for more prey.

And the girls would give the food out cheap or free.

…That was the information that 《Blue Meteor》 had heard from the soldiers and merchants.

《Red Oath》 didn’t hide Mile’s storage, so those previous clients when drinking alcohol judged that it was no big deal.

《Blue Meteor》who heard that also judged that it would not be a problem as long as they joint party with 《Red Oath》

『… how much?』(Graf)

Graf thought that he could pay if it was just a few small silver coins…

『No, the 3 days and 2 nights have just started,

we need to save the ingredients.

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We have to make sure that we have enough for ourselves.

『Anyways, because you had such an att.i.tude toward us so don’t expect us to treat you well.

Well, but it’s not betrayal or criminal acts,

You were only trying to use us, made us some fools because we are the newbies.

We will fulfill our duty as a joint request party. I will give all the battle support, healing magic, and all the things related to performing the commission.

… but there will be no special service by kindness!』(Rena)

Rena gave a summary.

『Ehhhhhhhhhhh… Hey!? What’s with the difference in treatment with 《Evil G.o.d Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》?

You shared your prey, reward. You also let them eat with you.

The army soldiers and merchants said so …』(Graf)

『Ah, of course,

Those seniors are equal to us …

No, they tried to protect us even if they needed to become our shields.

Besides, in the first request pushing back the monsters,

Even though they didn’t feel comfortable with the reward and the request,

They still received it because they were worried about us.

With good men like them, isn’t that natural that we treat them well and give them special service?


The five men were sunk to the ground under the attack of Pauline…

『But it seems like there are some military soldiers and merchants in Mafan city have a big mouth.

Look like we have something to do when we return to the city.

Hey, Graf-san, can you tell me the names of the soldiers and merchants who big mouth about us?』(Pauline)

Zokuri (Startled)

…So scary.

The creepy smile of the only girl with big breast in this girl group is so scary.

However, they also have hunter status.

『I can’t expose our Source of information!』(Graf)

『Hohou …』(Mile?)

『Hohou …』(Rena?)

『Hohou …』(Maevis?)

『Hohohou… hohohohohohou~!』(Pauline)

『You are so scary! And what’s with the last one?!』(Graf)

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